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Pig hearts kept alive outside the body for 24 hours

12 April, 2024

A major hurdle for human heart transplantation is the limited storage time of the donor heart outside the body, which is currently only routinely possible for six hours.

Maternal obesity may promote liver cancer in offspring

01 April, 2024

The offspring of obese female mice were found to have an 80% risk of developing cancer, compared with 20% for the control group.

Certain hormone drugs linked to increased brain tumour risk

28 March, 2024

Prolonged use of certain progestogen hormone drugs has been associated with an increased risk of developing a type of brain tumour known as an intracranial meningioma.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome linked to more cancers than we thought

13 March, 2024

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is a rare but devastating condition that puts people at extremely high risk of developing multiple cancers during their lifetime.

How lung cancer 'hijacks' immune cell metabolism

06 March, 2024

Lung adenocarcinoma cancer cells pull macrophages into the tumour microenvironment and alter their lipid metabolism to turn them into cancer fuel-suppliers.

Ultra-processed foods linked to 32 damaging health outcomes

05 March, 2024

Higher exposure to ultra-processed foods is associated with an increased risk of 32 damaging health outcomes, including cancer, heart and lung conditions, mental health disorders and early death.

COVID vaccine found to prevent neonatal complications

27 February, 2024

COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy is not associated with any increased risks in newborn infants — while COVID-19 infection puts pregnant women at risk.

Cannabis extract found to slow melanoma cell growth

23 February, 2024

A cannabis extract has shown positive results in slowing down melanoma cell growth and increasing cell death rates, according to an in vitro study.

Women with HPV at increased risk of death from heart disease

19 February, 2024

Women have a four times higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease if they have an infection with a high-risk strain of human papillomavirus.

Why is this tumour subtype so resistant to chemotherapy?

12 February, 2024

Patients with the diffuse anaplasia subtype of Wilms tumour tend to become much sicker and face difficult treatment because the tumour is often resistant to chemotherapy.

Re-engineering immune cells offers treatment for lupus

08 February, 2024 by Lauren Davis

Researchers have figured out how to fix a defect that causes lupus, by reprogramming the defective cells of lupus patients with protective molecules from healthy people.

Historical medical treatment found to 'transmit' Alzheimer's

02 February, 2024

A new study shows the first known evidence of Alzheimer's in living people that appears to have been acquired as a result of previous medical treatments.

Confirmed: flesh-eating Buruli ulcer spread by mosquitoes

31 January, 2024

Victorian researchers have solved the 80-year mystery surrounding the spread of Buruli ulcer, a neglected tropical skin disease.

Hormonal contraceptives increase cancer risk for some women

26 January, 2024

Taking hormonal contraceptives adds to breast cancer risk for women with BRCA1 gene abnormalities who have a heightened lifetime risk for this cancer.

Cannabis increases risk of unhealthy pregnancy outcomes

11 January, 2024

The full health effects of cannabis remain unknown, especially for specific populations — such as pregnant people — that might be at risk of health complications.

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