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Exposure to air pollution linked with poor mental health

18 June, 2024

A baby's exposure to air pollution while in the womb is associated with the development of certain mental health problems once the infant reaches adolescence.

A new approach to treating drug-resistant glioblastoma

14 June, 2024

A new study has revealed that glioblastoma acquires drug resistance through multiple pathways, highlighting the need for more precise treatments for this deadly disease.

Pomegranates may improve memory in Alzheimer's patients

05 June, 2024

Researchers have now shown that a substance found in pomegranates, strawberries and walnuts, called urolithin A, removes weak mitochondria from the brain.

Do tattoos increase your risk of lymphoma?

04 June, 2024

After taking into account factors such as smoking and age, researchers found that the risk of developing lymphoma was 21% higher among those who were tattooed.

Low stress resilience may increase psoriasis risk

30 May, 2024

Young adults who find it harder to cope with stress are more likely to develop psoriasis later in life, according to a large register-based study from the University of Gothenburg.

Bird flu update: raw milk risk, experimental vaccine developed

29 May, 2024 by Lauren Davis

US researchers have assessed the risk of H5N1 bird flu infection by consuming raw milk, while others have found an experimental mRNA vaccine appears highly effective in preventing severe illness and death.

Bird flu found in Victorian egg farm, returned traveller

23 May, 2024 by Lauren Davis

Two separate instances of avian influenza (bird flu) were reported in Victoria yesterday — one in a child who returned from overseas, and the other in the form of an outbreak on an egg farm.

Relapse risk predicted for little-known autoimmune disease

17 May, 2024

Often referred to as a cousin of MS due to shared symptoms, MOGAD is a little-known autoimmune condition where the body attacks a protein in the brain, resulting in a swollen central nervous system.

A pre-emptive approach to treating leukaemia relapse

25 April, 2024

The monitoring of measurable residual disease (MRD), medication and low-dose chemotherapy is helping patients live longer with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Melatonin helps to prevent obesity, studies suggest

24 April, 2024

In an experiment carried out in rats, chronic administration of melatonin prevented obesity to a greater extent than acute treatment and reduced visceral obesity by around 3%.

Parkinson's alters emotion-related bodily sensations

19 April, 2024

People with Parkinson's disease were found to have significant differences in all bodily sensations related to basic emotions when compared with the control subjects.

Softer tumours fuel spread of triple-negative breast cancer

17 April, 2024

A metabolic 'survival switch' controlled by the stiffness of triple-negative breast tumours can significantly influence how successfully their cancerous cells spread to other organs.

Pig hearts kept alive outside the body for 24 hours

12 April, 2024

A major hurdle for human heart transplantation is the limited storage time of the donor heart outside the body, which is currently only routinely possible for six hours.

Maternal obesity may promote liver cancer in offspring

01 April, 2024

The offspring of obese female mice were found to have an 80% risk of developing cancer, compared with 20% for the control group.

Certain hormone drugs linked to increased brain tumour risk

28 March, 2024

Prolonged use of certain progestogen hormone drugs has been associated with an increased risk of developing a type of brain tumour known as an intracranial meningioma.

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