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Bringing children closer to nature helps improve lung health

11 August, 2022

Getting children closer to green spaces as they grow up could improve their lung health, according to a study of 3278 children living in and around Porto, Portugal.

Monkeypox named a Communicable Disease Incident of National Significance

28 July, 2022 by Lauren Davis

The declaration comes as an international collaboration of clinicians has identified new clinical symptoms in people infected with monkeypox.

Links found between soil pollution and heart disease

18 July, 2022

Evidence is mounting that pollutants in soil may damage cardiovascular health through a number of mechanisms including inflammation and disrupting the body's natural clock.

Hormone blocked to stop skin cancer recurrence

11 July, 2022

Researchers discovered how to reduce the recurrence of skin cancer tumours by blocking a naturally occurring hormone that causes drug resistance in melanoma cells.

Astrocytic urea cycle controls memory impairment in Alzheimer's

06 July, 2022

Researchers reveal the urea cycle in astrocytes as the link between amyloid-beta accumulation and memory loss, uncovering a therapeutic target to treat Alzheimer's.

Cancer survivors have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease

01 July, 2022

This suggests that survivors of cancer are a high-risk group that may need more aggressive cardiovascular disease prevention.

Recurrent pregnancy loss linked to stroke later in life

29 June, 2022

Women with a history of miscarriage and stillbirth have a higher risk of stroke in later life, according to new research.

Uterus transplant safe and effective at combating infertility

23 June, 2022

Transplanting a uterus is an effective and safe method to remedy infertility when a functioning uterus is lacking.

Skiers at elevated risk of skin cancer, dermatologist says

21 June, 2022

Australia's lack of pollution significantly increases exposure to UV — particularly at altitude — with UV exposure on a ski field up to 30% higher than at sea level.

Hypertension linked to irregular sleep, 'forever chemicals'

21 June, 2022

An increased risk of high blood pressure has been linked to irregularities in sleep as well as to higher concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the blood.

TB drug, coffee appear safe in pregnancy

17 June, 2022

The list of products deemed safe for pregnant women may be getting longer, according to two new studies led by Australian researchers.

Faster progression, treatment breakthrough for young dementia patients

15 June, 2022

A promising drug for patients with behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia, and younger people with Alzheimer's experience faster symptom progression.

Scientists getting closer to outsmarting malaria parasites

13 June, 2022

Researchers have discovered why malaria parasites are vulnerable to some drug therapies but resistant to others.

Antibiotic reduces inflammation in young CF patients

10 June, 2022

The broad-spectrum antibiotic, when used as a preventive therapy, helped to reduce lung inflammation in young children with cystic fibrosis.

Air pollution linked to heart rhythm disorder

03 June, 2022

Life-threatening arrhythmias are more common on days with highly polluted air, according to research presented at Heart Failure 2022.

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