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New Hendra virus variant found in southern, western Aus

14 October, 2021

Hendra virus can be found across a broad region of Australia, with a previously unidentified type of the virus found in flying foxes in the southern and western states.

New infectious disease transmitted by tick bites in Japan

14 October, 2021

A previously unknown virus that can infect and cause disease in humans has been identified by scientists in Japan.

Breastfeeding hormone causes fatigue during pregnancy

06 October, 2021

The hormone prolactin — critical for milk production — acts in specific parts of the brain to reduce engagement in sustained periods of voluntary exercise in pregnancy.

Enzyme may be a major driver of pre-eclampsia

27 September, 2021

An enzyme called protein phosphatase 2 (PP2A) appears to be a major driver of pre-eclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy complication.

Overeating not the primary cause of obesity, scientists claim

23 September, 2021

The scientists argue for the 'carbohydrate-insulin model', which explains obesity as a metabolic disorder driven by what we eat, rather than how much.

Standing more may help to prevent chronic diseases

22 September, 2021

Standing is associated with better insulin sensitivity, independently of a person's amount of daily physical activity, sitting time, fitness level or weight.

Breast cancer ecotypes could guide personalised treatment

21 September, 2021

Researchers reveal more than 50 distinct cancer, immune and connective cell types and states which could assign breast cancers to one of nine cancer 'ecotypes'.

9/11's first responders face risk of developing COPD

10 September, 2021

Rescue workers and volunteers who attended the World Trade Center site are beginning to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Maternal voice reduces pain in premmies

02 September, 2021

The maternal voice reduces signs of pain in premature babies when they undergo life-saving medical interventions.

Vitamin D may protect against young-onset colorectal cancer

31 August, 2021

Consuming higher amounts of Vitamin D — mainly from dietary sources — may help protect against developing young-onset colorectal cancer.

Revealed: cause and treatment for rare autoinflammatory disease

26 August, 2021

The absence of a protein that activates the body's antiviral defences can cause a rare, rheumatoid-like autoinflammatory condition.

Diabetes drugs may reduce Alzheimer's risk

20 August, 2021

People taking certain drugs to lower blood sugar for type 2 diabetes had less amyloid in the brain when compared to people not taking the drugs.

Night shift linked to increased risk of heart problems

19 August, 2021

People who work night shifts are at increased risk of developing an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation.

Sleep disorders and plant-based therapy

18 August, 2021

With more than one in five Australians estimated to live with a major sleep disorder, research and interest in plant-based therapies as a treatment for sleep disorders is increasing.

Vitamin K lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

12 August, 2021

People who eat a diet rich in vitamin K have up to a 34% lower risk of atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular disease.

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