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ATP sensor helps to monitor disease severity

04 March, 2022

Scientists have designed a prototype biosensor that detects levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and lactates in a patient's blood.

Urgent action must be taken on climate change: IPCC report

02 March, 2022

Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruption in nature, according to the latest IPCC report.

Ocean acidification may not directly affect fish behaviour

28 February, 2022

The apparent severity of ocean acidification impacts on fish behaviour, as reported in the scientific literature, has declined dramatically over the past decade.

Blood tests may enable early ALS diagnosis

08 February, 2022

These tests would involve measuring the blood level of a substance that varies in concentration depending on which variant of ALS the patient has.

2021 one of the seven warmest years on record: WMO

24 January, 2022

The average global temperature in 2021 was about 1.11°C above pre-industrial (1850–1900) levels.

Decarbonisation tech converts CO2 to solid carbon

18 January, 2022

Researchers have developed a smart and efficient new way of capturing carbon dioxide and converting it to solid carbon.

Climate change driving Aus bushfire activity: CSIRO

06 December, 2021

Climate change has driven a significant increase in Australia's bushfire activity over the last three decades, according to new research conducted by CSIRO.

Diagnostic test for schistosomiasis on the horizon

01 December, 2021

To interrupt the spread of the disease, a test needs to be sensitive enough to identify people with low-level infections.

Bacteria engage sulfur to enable plant salt tolerance

29 November, 2021

A bacterium living inside the roots of some plants enables them to grow well despite salty conditions.

Blood tests predict chemo resistance in prostate cancer patients

22 November, 2021

The findings could enable doctors to detect early on if a treatment is working and switch to alternatives such as abiraterone or cabazitaxel if it is not.

It's on: the search for habitable planets around Alpha Centauri

18 November, 2021

A mission to discover new planets potentially capable of sustaining life around Earth's nearest neighbouring star system, Alpha Centauri, has been announced.

A urine test for intermediate-risk prostate cancer

08 November, 2021

A prostate cancer urine test can identify men at intermediate risk of aggressive disease, who can safely avoid immediate treatment.

Airborne microplastics directly impact climate change

04 November, 2021

Scientific consensus on human-caused global warming has evolved over time, with scientists now finding that airborne microplastic pollution is likely to affect climate change.

Some incense-burning temples don't meet air quality standards

22 October, 2021

Concentrations of fine particulate matter from incense burning in and around Hong Kong temples could be at least four times more than the recommended levels.

Saliva testing may allow early detection of HPV-driven cancers

21 October, 2021

Researchers investigated the efficacy of salivary HPV detection as a biomarker of HPV-driven head and neck cancers.

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