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Fungi-based meat alternative grown from food waste

19 September, 2022

Scientists have found a novel way to produce a fungi-based food product that has both the taste and shreddable texture of meats like chicken.

Magic Valley's cultivated lamb is free of animal components

09 September, 2022

Magic Valley's prototype — initially created in the form of burgers and tacos — is said to look and cook just like real lamb yet has the potential for a healthier nutritional profile.

Engine trouble delays NASA's return to the Moon

30 August, 2022

The launch of NASA's Artemis I was unexpectedly scrubbed after engineers could not get the rocket's engines to the proper temperature range.

Perseverance makes history with Mars rock discovery

29 August, 2022

Researchers from QUT are part of the team that has collected the first datable Mars rock samples, providing a benchmark for mapping the history of the Red Planet.

Ethanol in soil helps protect plants from drought

25 August, 2022

Adding ethanol to soil allows plants to thrive after two weeks without any water, offering a practical way to increase food production when water is scarce.

Captive coral can be bred on demand

24 August, 2022

AIMS researchers have successfully bred the next generation of captive-raised corals in an experimental aquarium outside of their natural reproductive window.

Retinal damage a marker of MS severity

17 August, 2022

Retinal layer thinning as a result of an MS relapse can predict the severity of future relapses and, hence, the likelihood of disability.

Bacteria in saliva may indicate PTSD in veteran soldiers

16 August, 2022

Researchers have found that people with PTSD and high psychopathological indications exhibit the same picture of bacteria in the saliva (a unique oral microbiotic signature).

Huntsman Telescope to help discover the fate of the Milky Way

09 August, 2022 | Supplied by: Canon Australia

Macquarie University recently unveiled the Huntsman Telescope, designed to 'hunt for' and study ultra-faint galaxies and astronomical objects in the Southern Sky.

Peptide 'fingerprint' enables earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis

04 August, 2022

Researchers created a method for detecting folding errors at early stages of neurodegenerative diseases, via the structure of dried protein and peptide solutions.

Melbourne-made nanosatellite blasting off in 2023

28 July, 2022

The SpIRIT spacecraft has been booked with launch service provider ISISPACE to blast off on the Falcon 9 Transporter 8 rocket in April 2023.

Dormant black hole discovered outside our galaxy

21 July, 2022

While similar black hole candidates have been proposed, this is said to be the first 'dormant' stellar-mass black hole to be unambiguously detected outside our galaxy.

2021 State of the Environment report "confronting": Plibersek

19 July, 2022

Tanya Plibersek described the 2021 State of the Environment report as one of the most important documents in environmental science, albeit one of the most confronting.

Bone scan reveals late-life dementia risk

15 July, 2022

A simple and common scan can reveal if people are at increased risk of developing late-life dementia, which is becoming increasingly common after 80 years of age.

NASA releases more images from Webb telescope

13 July, 2022 by Lauren Davis

NASA has released further images and insights from the James Webb Space Telescope, providing an unprecedented view into various cosmic phenomena.

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