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State of the Climate highlights increased temps, heavy rainfall

28 November, 2022

The State of the Climate 2022 report shows an increase in extreme heat events, intense heavy rainfall, longer fire seasons and sea level rise across Australia.

Alzheimer's could be diagnosed before symptoms emerge

28 November, 2022

When both beta-amyloid and tau are present in the brain, it can no longer be considered a risk factor for Alzheimer's, but rather a diagnosis.

NASA's Artemis I test flight to the Moon is finally underway

17 November, 2022

NASA's Orion spacecraft is finally on its way to the Moon, over 11 weeks after its originally scheduled launch was scrapped.

Solar evaporator provides cheap soil remediation solution

14 November, 2022

The system can remove contaminants in as little as two weeks by using a super-efficient solar evaporation surface to rapidly draw water from the soil.

Troponin test improves heart attack diagnostics

11 November, 2022

Researchers have developed a new test that helps in separating heart attack patients from those whose cardiac troponin values are elevated due to renal insufficiency.

Climate change has pushed Earth to "code red": report

28 October, 2022

An international coalition of researchers has stated that the Earth's vital signs have reached "code red" and that "humanity is unequivocally facing a climate emergency".

Alzheimer's biomarkers detected in blood samples

24 October, 2022

Researchers have developed a method to detect build-up of amyloid β in the brain, a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, from biomarkers in blood samples.

50% of coral reefs may face unsuitable conditions by 2035

19 October, 2022

While the negative impacts of climate change on coral reefs are well known, this research shows that they are actually worse than anticipated.

Aussie startup plans to grow plants on the moon

13 October, 2022

The project will be the first step towards the goal of growing plants for future astronauts living on the moon and beyond.

Smart contact lenses enable cancer diagnostics, screening

29 September, 2022

The contact lens can capture and detect exosomes — nanometre-sized vesicles found in bodily secretions which have potential as diagnostic cancer biomarkers.

NASA successfully deflects asteroid in planetary defence test

27 September, 2022

NASA has succeeded in its first attempt to intentionally collide with an asteroid in space in order to deflect it — a technique known as kinetic impact.

Planting trees not always effective at binding CO2

23 September, 2022

International researchers are warning that forests on nutrient-poor land won't work as an additional carbon sink in the long term.

Fungi-based meat alternative grown from food waste

19 September, 2022

Scientists have found a novel way to produce a fungi-based food product that has both the taste and shreddable texture of meats like chicken.

Magic Valley's cultivated lamb is free of animal components

09 September, 2022

Magic Valley's prototype — initially created in the form of burgers and tacos — is said to look and cook just like real lamb yet has the potential for a healthier nutritional profile.

Engine trouble delays NASA's return to the Moon

30 August, 2022

The launch of NASA's Artemis I was unexpectedly scrubbed after engineers could not get the rocket's engines to the proper temperature range.

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