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Retinal biomarker enables earlier MS diagnosis

12 July, 2023

Researchers have demonstrated that diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be significantly improved by measuring the thickness of retinal layers in the eye.

New phase of matter discovered

11 July, 2023

Physicists have discovered the 'chiral bose-liquid' state of matter, opening a new path in the age-old effort to understand the nature of the physical world.

Universe ran in 'slow motion' soon after the Big Bang

04 July, 2023

Einstein's theory of general relativity means that we should observe the distant (ancient) universe running much more slowly than the present day, but peering back that far in time has previously proven elusive.

Strongest evidence yet for low-frequency gravitational waves

29 June, 2023

Astrophysicists using large radio telescopes have found the strongest evidence yet for gravitational waves that oscillate with periods of years to decades.

Sustainable fuels made out of 'thin air' and plastic waste

27 June, 2023

Carbon dioxide can be captured from industrial processes — or even directly from the air — and transformed into clean, sustainable fuels using just the energy from the sun.

Milestone as phosphorus discovered on a moon of Saturn

16 June, 2023

Scientists have discovered phosphorus — an essential chemical element for life — locked inside salt-rich ice grains ejected into space from Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons.

Milestone as radio waves observed from Type Ia supernova

06 June, 2023

An international team of researchers performed detailed observations of a Type Ia supernova which exploded in 2020.

Predicting progression to life-threatening dengue fever

05 June, 2023

Scientists have discovered cell populations in blood which clearly indicate whether a person infected with dengue fever is likely to progress to life-threatening severe disease or not.

Mechanical signalling may be key to plant regeneration

30 May, 2023

Researchers in Japan have discovered the mechanisms involved in plant cell regeneration and how the plants create the correct type of tissue when damaged.

CSIRO telescope's new galaxy discovery causes questions

30 May, 2023

Researchers using a telescope owned by CSIRO have detected a 'fast radio burst' in a nearby galaxy that questions what we know about how the phenomena form.

Australia's first 'biopharm' set to develop biologics

30 May, 2023

QUT has taken a critical step towards establishing Australia's first 'biopharm' to make life-saving medicines and vaccines in plants.

Cranberry juice really could prevent UTIs

12 May, 2023

New medical evidence shows consuming cranberry products could be an effective way to prevent a UTI before it gets started.

Human 'pangenome' reflects global human diversity

11 May, 2023

Scientists have developed a human 'pangenome' reference — a collection of genome sequences that captures more human diversity than the Human Genome Project.

MGI, SAGC partner to advance Australian genomics research

11 May, 2023 | Supplied by: MGI Australia Pty. Ltd.

MGI and South Australian Genomics Centre have introduced the country's first commercial ultra-high throughput sequencer, DNBSEQ-T7.

Red giant caught devouring a planet for the first time

08 May, 2023

Astronomers suspected that in some cases red giants may consume nearby planets, but the phenomenon had never been directly observed before.

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