Protein array

18 July, 2005 | Biacore AB

The HTS BioSystems FlexChip System provides an open, array-based platform for kinetic screening within academia and upstream exploratory research. The system will appeal to users who require the ability to simultaneously study the interactions of hundreds of proteins and peptides against a single sample. The FlexChip System utilises surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for label-free, real-time interaction analysis.

Graphic display pH meters

17 July, 2005 | Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

Hanna Instruments has introduced HI4211 (single channel) and HI4212 (dual channel) meters with Calibration Check.

CO2 in beverages

20 June, 2005 | Metrohm Australia & New Zealand

The CarboQC portable CO2 measuring instrument from Anton Paar is suitable for quality control on bottles and cans and for spot checks from tanks and the production line. It determines the CO2 content of soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine and mineral water.

Solvent recovery unit

20 June, 2005 | The Novasys Group Pty Ltd

Ofru Recycling has introduced a solvent recovery system with the ASC-150 that meets the ATEX European safety standard and contains an integrated steam heating system, rather than the conventional thermal oil heating system.

Electrochemistry meters

20 June, 2005 | Orion Pacific Pty Ltd

Thermo Electron Corporation has unveiled the Orion Star series, a range of meters, accessories and solutions for electrochemistry measurement.

21 CFR Part II compliant XRD software

20 June, 2005 | PANalytical

PANalytical has introduced software for its x-ray diffraction (XRD) systems that enable them to fully support 21 CFR Part II compliance in the pharmaceutical (and related) industries.

Hybrid spectrometer

20 June, 2005 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the LCMS-IT-TOF liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer, a novel hybrid mass spectrometer for biomarker discovery, metabolite identification and proteomics research.

Graphic display pH meters

20 June, 2005 | Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

Hanna Instruments has introduced HI4211 (single channel) and HI4212 (dual channel) meters with Calibration Check.

Flexible analog measurement module

20 June, 2005 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

Advantech has announced the release of the ADAM-4019+, an 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module. The new module is an improvement over its predecessor the ADAM-4019, it includes a 4~20 mA input range, and burnout detection function for detection of sensor failure.

Fermentation system

20 June, 2005 | Real Time Engineering Pty Ltd

The RTF-5 is a fermentation system from Real Time Engineering providing a standalone solution for benchtop fermentation.

Tissue culture dishes

20 June, 2005 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

Nunc has introduced non-treated tissue culture multidishes and EasYFlasks, for research on living cells where attachment is not needed.

Biopharmaceutical filtration

20 June, 2005 | Merck Pty Limited

The Pod platform is an innovative filter system for normal flow clarification and prefiltration applications. Designed for greater process flexibility and productivity, the disposable technology improves process speed, safety and economies in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

Proteomics suite

13 May, 2005 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Electron has introduced its Proteomicsn suite of solutions, which covers a wide breadth of proteomics applications from top-down analysis to bottom-up sequencing and from high-throughput protein identification to automated protein quantification and biomarker discovery.

Characterised biopolymers

13 May, 2005 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Wyatt Technology has combined its instruments to explore the material characteristics of the biopolymer, hyaluronic acid.

Nucleic acid purification

13 May, 2005 | Life Technologies

Invitrogen supplies a full range of products for nucleic acid purification - including DNA, RNA and fragment purification and purification/clean-up - for basic research clinical diagnostic, forensic or other needs.

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