Monolithic Polymers

26 June, 2001 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

BIA Separations pioneers in monolith separation technologies and manufactures a range of chromatographic and bioconversion supports called Convective Interactive Media.

Precision Balance

26 June, 2001 | VWR International Pty Ltd

The Ohaus Adventurer is a versatile, affordable, high-precision balance that offers laboratory users an economical way to perform a variety of functions.

Digital Microscopy

26 June, 2001 | Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd

Axioplan 2 imaging MOT is claimed to offer the research and routine microscopist a number of new features. This specifically applies to examinations which are mainly performed using fluorescence techniques, eg, the examination of chromosomes and living cells in genetics and cell biology. The microscope's benefits include its high-speed shutter, the motorised double TV tube, improved operation, and optimised motor control.

DNA Sample Prep Kits

26 June, 2001 | Merck Pty Limited

Montage Genomics Kits provide all necessary reagents and disposable materials needed to clean up DNA preps and provide high quality DNA suitable for sensitive genetic research applications.

LA-300 Particle Size Analyser

26 June, 2001 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Horiba's compact LA-300 laser scattering particle size distribution analyser uses a diode laser and measures particles ranging between 0.1 and 600 µm in diameter. It processes high-resolution data for display within 20 sec.

PCR Tissue Homogenising Kit

26 June, 2001 | Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd

The Omni PCR Tissue Homogenising Kits allow for rapid and complete disruption of cell lysates to expose intracellular contents and increase yields. The PCR tissue homogenising kits offer a choice of autoclavable rotor-stator generator probes in (disposable) plastic and (reusable) stainless steel to suit a wide range of sample preparation applications.

LIMS Implementation

21 May, 2001 | Thermo Electron Corporation

Thermo LabSystems has a full-colour printed case study on the development and implementation of its flagship LIMS product, SampleManager, by its Pathfinder global services group at AstraZeneca's pharmaceutical production sites in Sweden.

Bioscience Spectrophotometer

21 May, 2001 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced a second UV/Vis spectrophotometer dedicated to bioscience applications. The compact and easy to use BioMini is capable of nucleic acid analysis, protein quantitation, and spectrum measurement. The comprehensive nucleic acid module provides quantitation methods for double and single stranded DNA, RNA and standard Warburg-Christian.


21 May, 2001 | Merck Pty Ltd

Spectroquant Nova 30/60 Photometers have a diode array design with no moving parts. Barcoded sample vials eliminate the need to select methods and wavelengths manually.

Lab Reactor

21 May, 2001 | In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd

The Multi-Clave 10X combines simplicity, high-pressure, agitation, small size and high throughput in a laboratory reactor assembly.

Capillary Columns

21 May, 2001 | Grace Discovery Sciences

Econo-Cap Capillary Columns are claimed to be identical in construction, quality and performance to other premium lines of capillary GC columns.

Temperature Logger

23 April, 2001 | Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

HI 140 Temperature Dataloggers are suitable for chilled food, deep freeze and frozen food applications and are waterproof (IP68).

Microplate Pipetting System

23 April, 2001 | VWR International Pty Ltd

Bio-Tek Instruments has released Precision 2000, a 96/384 well automated microplate pipetting system.

Flash Chromatography Columns

23 April, 2001 | Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian has a range of prepacked disposable columns for flash chromatography. The columns help speed the drug discovery process by offering faster, more reliable purification, and by eliminating column-packing procedures.

Ion Analysis

23 April, 2001 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

The Dionex DX-80 Ion Analyser is a reliable, low cost instrument for the analysis of anions or cations. The DX-80 is preconfigured and specifically designed for routine ion analysis.

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