Microwave synthesis system

16 January, 2006 | BEST Lab Instrumentation Pty Ltd

The use of microwave energy for controlled heating of small volumes of volatile liquids under pressure has revolutionised organic synthesis reactions in traditional organic R&D as well as drug discovery. Reactions which previously took days to complete now run in minutes and give much higher recovery levels. This allows scientists to perform many more synthetic reactions in a short space of time and then optimise recovery conditions quickly and automatically.

Peristaltic pumps

16 January, 2006 | Ai Scientific Pty Ltd

Watson-Marlow Bredel's 620 series pump offers high levels of performance, accuracy and output. It features a choice of drives, PIN process protection and minimal down time. 620 pumps are capable of 18 L/min and pressures up to 4 bar and have a control ratio of 2650:1.

Genome-wide RNAi library with cellular screening system

16 January, 2006 | QIAGEN Pty Ltd

Xantos Biomedicine AG and Qiagen have announced their partnership for co-marketing Qiagen's proprietary TOM-amidite chemistry-based genome-wide RNAi products with Xantos' automated cell-based screening platform, XantoScreen. By combining the capabilities of both companies' platforms users will be able to rapidly perform gene analysis and unravel the function and role of genes that are relevant to their area of interest.

Human live skin model

16 January, 2006 | Tissue Therapies Limited

Tissue Therapies has moved a step closer to avoiding animal testing for wound care and cosmetics companies with the development of a live skin model that emulates human skin. Under its R&D contract with QUT, Tissue Therapies has successfully created a human skin model useful for simulating burns and other wounds, and potentially for testing cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

DNA separation

16 January, 2006 | Cambrex

Cambrex's FlashGel System can be used to separate DNA in 2-7 mins while monitoring migration in real time on the bench under normal laboratory light conditions (no harmful UV illumination).

Pneumatic repair kit

08 December, 2005 | Griffiths Components Pty Ltd

Camozzi Pneumatics has released an emergency breakdown kit for pneumatic applications. It is portable to allow running repairs on most air applications at short notice.

Automated HPLC liquid handler

08 December, 2005 | John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

The Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler brings flexibility and performance to front-end automation in the laboratory. The GX-281 is specifically designed for semipreparative-to-preparative HPLC applications.

Stain and dye information

08 December, 2005 | Merck

The Stain Expert is a web-based application specifically developed to assist users with the retrieval of stain and dye information.

Point of care cardiac test

08 December, 2005 | Roche Diagnostic Systems

Roche Diagnostics has launched the Roche Cardiac proBNP test, a cardiac test for heart failure diagnosis and disease management that provides quick results on the spot. It supports rapid treatment decisions.

Particle image analyser

08 December, 2005 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Morphologi G2 high sensitivity particle image analyser uses digital image analysis and automated microscopy to measure both particle size and particle shape.

GeneFlash USB gel documentation system

08 December, 2005

Syngene has introduced the GeneFlash USB, claimed to be the first gel documentation system on the market to use USB memory device technology to accurately record gel images that are both PC and Mac compatible.

Programmable magnetic stirrer

08 December, 2005 | Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd

The Scientific Industries MultiMagStir Genie multi-position digital programmable magnetic stirrer has been upgraded. Identical in function to the original MagStir Genie, the lightweight and low profile four-position MultiMagStir Genie offers low- to high-speed stirring, including reverse and interval stirring. The stirrer is easily programmed for either manual or automatic use according to user preference. All parameters, including time, pause time, speed, stir direction and ramp rate, may be easily programmed in up to nine distinct steps and stored in memory for subsequent use. In addition, three power levels are available for precision stirring of various sample viscosities.

OH&S testing

08 December, 2005 | Chemical Safety International

ACOHS has released Labsafe - a web-based program designed for testing the occupational health and safety knowledge of staff and students.

Large capacity autoclaves

11 November, 2005 | Gallay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd

The Varioklav 65T Steam Steriliser from H+P has a deep square chamber so the total usable capacity is increased over the conventional round chamber design. The 65T can hold up to 18 x 1 L round laboratory flasks at one time. On top of this, the bench design allows smarter use of space.

Fast centrifugal partition chromatograph

11 November, 2005 | Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) is a separation method based on the liquid partitioning of compounds.

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