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Ocean Optics NIRQuest fibre-optic near-infrared spectrometer

03 February, 2010 by

NIRQuest from Ocean Optics is a fibre-optic near-infrared spectrometer easily adaptable for cost-effective online process control measurements from 900-2500 nm. A diverse range of applications includes moisture detection in grains and meats, materials characterisation of semiconductor components, bacterial detection in food and beverage production, and chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals.

Glass Expansion U-Series glass concentric nebuliser

20 January, 2010 by

The U-Series glass concentric nebuliser features a sample channel that is uniform from the entry point to the tip, reducing blockages and washout time, and increasing sample throughput.

FOSS XDS MasterLab NIR System

20 January, 2010 by

The FOSS XDS MasterLab NIR System provides NIR analysis for rapid non-destructive measurements of solid dosage forms and solids in vials.

Genesys 10S Vis & 10S UV-Vis NS BioMate 3S spectrophotometers

26 November, 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Genesys 10S Vis, Genesys 10S UV-Vis and BioMate 3S spectrophotometers have been designed to deliver high-quality data for both research and routine analysis. The models offer local instrument control with embedded software that is simple and straightforward for routine samples, yet also has functionality for more demanding analysis.

Bruker maXis, ultrafleXtreme, amaZon and solariX

20 November, 2009 by

Bruker Daltonics has released its latest life science mass spectrometry tools.

iCAP 6200 ICP spectrometer application note

14 November, 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific has published an application note to illustrate the capabilities of its iCAP 6200 ICP spectrometer for the analysis of toxic trace elements in children’s toys.

710-ES series of ICP-OES instruments

13 November, 2009 by

Varian has announced a series of productivity enhancements for its 710-ES series of ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer) instruments.

NMR automation products

30 September, 2009 by

Varian has launched a suite of products to enhance the flexibility and automated use of its 400-MR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) system. The collection of tools comprises the OneNMR probe, a choice of two autosamplers and an easy-to-use, user-centric software package. Designed with enhanced sample throughput and streamlined data management in mind, it is claimed that each piece can improve laboratory workflows on its own.

Trace element analyser

17 September, 2009 by

The Agilent Technologies 7700 Series Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) trace element analyser provides high data integrity, is simple to operate and occupies a small amount of bench space.

Cartesian geometry EDXRF

17 September, 2009 by

Rigaku has introduced a benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer, the Rigaku NEX CG, that delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types with minimal standards.

ICP operating cost reduction

17 September, 2009 by

Glass Expansion has released the Niagara Plus accessory for ICP-OES and ICP-MS equipment. The Niagara Plus utilises flow injection technology to reduce the laboratory’s environmental footprint, halve the operating costs and double the sample throughput.

FTIR spectrometer

10 August, 2009 by

The Spectrum 100S infrared (FTIR) spectrometer offers increased productivity and enhanced sensitivity for the analysis of even difficult samples.

Near infrared transmission analyser

10 August, 2009 by

The Series 2000 near infrared transmission analyser is a diode array spectrometer that uses a selection of sample cells to collect near infrared transmission spectra through liquid, suspensions and emulsions, such as lotions and creams. The Series 2000 scans the wavelength range from 720-1100 nm in transmission and transflectance modes. Organic molecules containing O-H, C-H and N-H bonds exhibit strong NIR absorbance bands within this region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Near infrared transmission analyser

18 June, 2009

The Series 2000 Near Infrared Transmission Analyser is a powerful spectrophotometer designed for use in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, plastics, polymers, textiles, chemical and biofuels industries.

Imaging spectrograph

09 June, 2009 by

The Shamrock SR-500i imaging spectrograph is an addition to Andor’s existing range of spectroscopy detection solutions. The instrument will offer users enhanced multi-track capabilities and imaging quality for simultaneous multi-fibre-optic probing and direct-coupling micro-spectroscopy applications.

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