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Claisse ICP-OES catalyst and sample preparation method

07 April, 2011 by

Claisse has developed a method to prepare catalysts and high silica samples by fusion for ICP-OES analysis.

Enhanced peptide identification with a high-res MS

02 March, 2011

Analysis of biological samples frequently involves the identification of peptides from low amounts of complex samples. Confident identification of these peptides requires rapid generation of high-quality, high-sensitivity MS and MSMS data.

Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Ultra for GC-MS

07 February, 2011 by

The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra is capable of fast data measurement with sensitivity claimed to be five times higher than previous models. The unit offers improved applicability for comprehensive two-dimensional GC and ultra-high separation. In addition, it has eco-friendly features for saving consumption of power and carrier gas to minimise laboratory operating costs and environmental impact.

Waters Xevo G2 TOF mass spectrometer

03 February, 2011 by

The Xevo G2 TOF mass spectrometer with UPLC/MSE and QuanTof technology has been released.

BEL BELMass benchtop mass spectrometer

02 December, 2010 by

The BEL BELMass benchtop mass spectrometer features a high quantitative capacity. Even ammonia gas can be analysed easily by using the heat hose and dry diaphragm pump.

Andor Shamrock SR-750 spectrograph

25 November, 2010 by

The Andor Shamrock SR-750 spectrograph is based on Czerny-Turner optical design and is available as a prealigned detector/spectrometer option allowing for seamless integration of software, electronics, optics and detector.

Shimadzu LCMS-8030 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

19 October, 2010 by

The LCMS-8030 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer features innovative technology that includes an ultra-fast pulse counting detection system, high-speed UFsweeper collision cell, and an RF power supply that can switch conditions and achieve complete stability in microseconds.

Thermo Fisher ARL OPTIM’X XRF/ARL 3460 Advantage spectrometers

07 October, 2010 by

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched an integrated solution for the metals industry which combines the power of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) with optical emission spectrometry (OES). The solution optimises the Thermo Scientific ARL OPTIM’X WDXRF slag analyser in combination with the Thermo Scientific ARL 3460 Advantage OES metals analyser.

Ocean Optics SteadiQ temperature control accessory

07 October, 2010 by

SteadiQ is an accessory for Ocean Optics field-portable spectrometers. It is claimed to neutralise temperature conditions so spectrometer measurements can be more accurate.

Ocean Optics NIRQuest 512-2.2 spectrometer

06 October, 2010 by

Ocean Optics NIRQuest 512-2.2 spectrometer offers spectral response from 900-2200 nm. The spectrometer is suitable for a number of applications such as chemical analysis, moisture detection and optical fibre characterisation.

Metrohm Metrosep A Supp 16 anion exchange columns

06 October, 2010 by

Metrohm has introduced Metrosep A Supp 16 high-capacity anion exchange columns which have an inner diameter of 2 mm.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Nicolet iS5 spectrometer

06 October, 2010 by

The Nicolet iS5 entry-level FT-IR spectrometer is powered by OMNIC software. The spectrometer is designed for users seeking no-compromise, affordable and compact FT-IR spectroscopy to assist in their product assurance testing, basic troubleshooting and chemistry teaching.

Shimadzu/CovalX AXIMA MegaTOF mass spectrometry system

06 August, 2010 by

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has partnered with CovalX to offer the AXIMA MegaTOF mass spectrometer. The integrated MALDI solution is suitable for ultra high-mass applications, including protein complex characterisation, therapeutic protein aggregates, antibody-antigen interactions, polymer analysis and high-mass bioimaging.

Cold gases and 'hot' superconductors

13 July, 2010

There may be a relatively simple, shared explanation for equivalent behaviours of ultracold atomic gases and high-temperature superconductors.

Agilent Technologies triple quadruple GC/MS pesticide analysers

07 June, 2010 by

Agilent Technologies has introduced two triple quadruple GC/MS pesticide analysers. They are complete, factory-configured, highly sensitive and chemically tested systems that can identify a range of commonly analysed pesticide residues.

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