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Australian patent search system revamped

12 November, 2014

AusPat, IP Australia's search system for Australian patents, has been revamped. The new design has taken over a year of planning, designing and testing, with changes based on user research and customer engagement.

Titian Software Mosaic 6.0 sample management software

03 October, 2014

Titian Software has launched Mosaic 6.0, the latest version of its sample management software. Suitable for the management of compounds, biologicals and reagents, the product includes intuitive interfaces for ordering and inventory searching and functions designed to streamline laboratory workflows.

iKey SB-101 Ultra-Thin keyboard

31 July, 2014

The iKey SB-101 Ultra-Thin keyboard has a depth of only 15.2 mm. The product is fully sealed and meets IP65 specifications.

VPTN Australian Research Infrastructure Network software

09 July, 2014

The Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN) has developed software that enables industry and researchers easy access to public research instruments and capability. The Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) facilitates access to capabilities located across various organisations.

Processing DNA data in 30 minutes

29 May, 2014

Software company Genalice is upgrading its next-generation sequencing (NGS) DNA data processing software Genalice Map. The product can process the DNA data of an entire human genome with 40x depth within 30 min on a commodity dual Intel Xeon E5 server.

Interworld Electronics ADP-1193 19″ stainless steel fully sealed LCD monitor

31 March, 2014

Interworld Electronics has released the ADP-1193 IP65 fully sealed VESA mount industrial LCD monitor. The product provides a 19″ colour TFT LCD screen with 1280 x 1024 pixel native resolution.

Promega Helix touch-screen interface for on-site stocking program

10 February, 2014

Promega has released a touch-screen interface for the Helix smart on-site stocking program. The touch screen provides researchers with easy access to relevant information about Promega products, including applications and protocols.

Data capture software for clinical research into mental health

03 February, 2014

Arcitecta is developing a product to improve the capture and management of data from clinical research worldwide. The work builds on the company's metadata management platform, Mediaflux, "but extends its capabilities for clinical research data capture and management", according Arcitecta Chief Technical Officer Jason Lohrey.

Interworld Electronics EKS-97-TP fully sealed medical and laboratory keyboard

30 January, 2014

Interworld Electronics has released the EKS-97-TP fully sealed keyboard for medical and industrial environments. The product provides 97 keys and includes 12 function keys, a 10-key numeric keypad and an integrated touchpad pointing device.

Protecting critical data assets from seismic events

24 January, 2014

Victoria University is one of New Zealand's most respected universities. Based in the seismically active area of Wellington and subject to several significant earthquakes in recent years, the university's Infrastructure Services team was tasked with the development of a disaster recovery (DR) data centre.

Sending messages via molecules

09 January, 2014

Researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK and York University in Canada have created a molecular communications system which can be used for the transmission of messages and data in challenging environments.

Validyne HD310 Data Acquisition System

28 November, 2013

The Validyne HD310 Data Acquisition System enables high-speed monitoring of multichannel nuclear power plant systems. The model's flexibility means the device can be modified or expanded to the changing requirements of the user's needs.

Genomic research is the name of the game

25 October, 2013

Computer scientists at McGill University have developed an online puzzle game, called Phylo, which also contributes to genetic research. The game has been played by 300,000 people over the past three years - now, its creators are making the players available to scientists around the globe.

Catlin Global Reef Record launched

25 September, 2013

The Catlin Global Reef Record is a free global database and standardised research tool relating to major coral reef ecosystems.

National geoscience data network in development

15 July, 2013

A national integrated geoscience data network is being developed by CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and AuScope. The network is designed to break down barriers and open access to Australia’s wealth of geoscience data.

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