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Mantracourt T24-RA wireless potentiometer module

02 February, 2012

The T24-RA wireless potentiometer module is designed for the collection and processing of potentiometer related measurements such as provided by a linear displacement transducer. The module calculates the resistance and periodically transmits it to a remote receiver.

Web resource for biobanking

10 January, 2012

CryoFeed is a web-based information resource for researchers who cryopreserve biological specimens. The microsite, developed by Wheaton, is a place where scientists can find the latest biobank related news and technical tips for topics like sample containment, management (tracking, batching and storing) and processing. Visitors can sign up for free updates, post comments and suggest topics for articles.

Free software to speed drug development

05 December, 2011 by Jason Maderer

Pharmaceutical, organic electronic and catalysis researchers will be able to speed their development processes using the latest computer modelling software developed at Georgia Tech. The computer program can study larger molecules faster than any other program in existence and is designed to improve knowledge about why certain molecules are attracted to each other and how those relationships can be ‘tuned’ to improve drug development. Rather than selling the software, the developers have decided to distribute their code free of charge as part of the open-source computer program PSI4.

iKey FL-Series medical keyboards

02 December, 2011

Medical environments offer challenges for keeping keyboards and other technology free from infectious viruses and bacteria. By preventing cross contamination, iKey medical grade input devices protect patients and caregivers from MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases

NovaStor NovaBACKUP SMB version 12.5

28 November, 2011

NovaStor has released the latest version of its NovaBACKUP SMB product line for workstations, servers and virtual machines. Version 12.5 offers enhanced backup of critical data to NAS devices, making it easier to be compliant with corporate security policies.

Software keeps sensitive data confined in physical space

18 October, 2011

Virginia Tech researchers have created software to remotely put smartphones under lockdown.

Proving the authenticity and ownership of research-based IP

05 September, 2011 by

Recognising the need to demonstrate its timeline of discoveries and prove IP inventorship for legal defensibility, Australian pharmaceutical company Cancer Therapeutics CRC has invested in data authenticity protection.

TandD log-EZ wireless temperature and humidity data collector

17 August, 2011 by

The user-friendly log-EZ from TandD can be easily used to measure and record temperature and humidity in various places such as laboratories, production facilities, warehouses, office buildings, homes or any location where these parameters are important.

Arbor M1255 portable medical PC

03 August, 2011 by

The Arbor M1255 is a portable medical PC targeting mobile clinical assistant applications.

Be There Anywhere live browser-based interactive HD pathology

21 June, 2011 by

Be There Anywhere allows users to receive real-time high-definition video through ordinary internet connections without the need for special software and without the limitations and cost burdens associated with conventional telepathology systems. It only requires the compact iMedHD package and internet connectivity. The highly secure offering, with video-capture capabilities provides for real-time internet sharing and collaboration of true live high-definition images.

Radleys Control Software for jacketed reaction systems

19 June, 2011 by

Radleys’ Control Software allows chemists to datalog and control multiple devices including stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other devices. The software is designed to control jacketed reaction systems, including Radleys’ Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo, Lara CLR plus other popular reactor makes.

EVOC MCA-1001 mobile medical workstation

18 June, 2011 by

The EVOC MCA-1001 mobile medical workstation is suitable for wireless hospital networks using various healthcare information and patient record systems. Equipped with these mobile terminals on rounds, medical staffers are able to retrieve patients’ medical records and issue investigative requests such as pathology and radiology, streamlining the process and reducing possibility of error. The information stored in the terminals is readily shared among medical staff, ensuring greater accuracy and consistency.

Microstar Laboratories DAP 5000a data acquisition controller

16 June, 2011 by

The DAP 5000a data acquisition controller from Microstar Laboratories features Pentium-powered real-time processing under Windows.

Interworld Electronics MSR255 compact data logger

15 June, 2011

The MSR255 compact data logger, with up to five different sensors, four additional analog inputs and an easy-to-read LCD, is suitable for long-term data acquisition applications.

Qiagen ScreenGel software

16 April, 2011 by

Qiagen has launched ScreenGel software for convenient DNA fragment and RNA analysis with the QIAxcel multicapillary gel electrophoresis systems. The software combines the highest possible flexibility for researchers with the ability for standardised and reproducible operations in routine laboratories.

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