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Zupera SS-KB-SH Series stainless steel shelf keyboards

06 August, 2010 by

Zupera’s SS-KB-SH Series stainless steel shelf keyboards are based on the Crown-KBT Series keyboards mounted in a custom-designed brushed stainless steel shelf enclosure. Specifically designed for harsh kiosk and industrial environments, these input devices have wipe-clean fascias and key-tops and can meet IP68 static or IP65 specifications when moving (key pressed or trackball rotating).

Hengstler Tico 772 electronic multifunctional counter

05 August, 2010 by

The Hengstler Tico 772 electronic multifunctional counter is an AC version of the versatile counter.

Ecotech WinAQMS data acquisition system

05 August, 2010 by

Ecotech’s WinAQMS data acquisition system (DAS)is a fifth-generation data gathering and control system that has been specifically designed for use in ambient air, meteorological and emission monitoring applications.

SoftGenetics NextGENe sequence analysis software bar-code tool

15 June, 2010

SoftGenetics has added a bar-code tool to its second-generation sequence analysis software, NextGENe. The software allows biologists to analyse the vast amount of data generated by next-generation sequencing systems using preprogrammed applications, an easy-to-use interface and algorithms, and quickly process the sequence and quality files on standard Windows 64-bit operating system hardware.

Mecmesin Emperor tension and compression testing software

07 June, 2010 by

Mecmesin Emperor software for tension and compression testing has been designed for use in quality control laboratories where the mechanical properties of manufactured products need to be assessed on a routine basis.

SimBiology pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling

06 April, 2010 by

The latest version of the graphical and programmatic tool for computational systems biology and pharmacokinetics, SimBiology, provides new features and enhanced performance capabilities, including multiple dosing schemes, for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modelling and simulation of biological systems.

Kaluza Flow Cytometry Software

04 February, 2010 by

Kaluza Flow Cytometry Software can be used for multiparametric data analyses. The dynamic, intelligent workflow is claimed will save hours of analysis time

Advantech multifunction USB-4702 DAQ

03 February, 2010 by

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has introduced an 8-channel, 12-bit, 10 kS/s multifunction USB DAQ module for testing, laboratory, student or training use. The USB-4702 is a specialised low-cost unit that has no casing whatsoever and is intended for users looking for basic functionality.

Bio-Rad Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR+ System

30 November, 2009 by

An emerging trend in molecular biology is the move away from ethidium bromide staining and UV visualisation to the use of optimised fluorescent stains and less harmful illumination.

Online manuals, instructions, data sheets and informational documents

13 November, 2009 by

Beckman Coulter’s Chemistry and Automation product chemistry and automation manuals, instructions, data sheets and informational documents are available online at

Data management and e-research

10 November, 2009

Through its Super Science initiative, the federal government is recognising the importance of information technology as an innovation driver.

Convert mobile phones to data collectors for free

03 November, 2009

Mobile phones are on the verge of becoming powerful tools to collect data on many issues, ranging from global health to the environment.

Protecting privacy in DNA research

25 August, 2009

A team from the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Tel Aviv University and University of California, Berkeley have developed a mathematical formula to determine which SNPs can be publicly accessed without compromising information about the participation of any individual in the study.

Data transformation tool

10 August, 2009

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible data transformation tool for automated data acquisition and point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise.

High-density thermocouple module for data acquisition

10 August, 2009 by

The National Instruments NI 9213 adds high-density thermocouple measurements to the NI C Series platform. Using the NI 9213, users can create a compact, modular data acquisition system to collect data from up to 16 independent thermocouples. The NI 9213 takes up less space than standard instrumentation in a measurement system and provides more channels for measurement with a sampling rate of 75 samples/s/channel, making the device both compact and efficient for high-channel systems.

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