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Zebrafish toxicity analysis

05 June, 2009

The Cellomics ZebraTox v3.0 BioApplication software provides a solution that automates the imaging and quantitation of zebrafish (D rerio) embryos after a toxic insult allowing users to measure the gross effects of compounds in the organism.

Interactive image visualisation software

05 June, 2009 by

The Bitplane Imaris 6.2 image visualisation software provides a set of features for working with 3D and 4D multi-channel images of sizes ranging from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes. The easy-to-use system allows users to conveniently load, process and visualise images acquired from almost any confocal and wide field microscope to view image data in both 3D and 4D.

Bitplane Imaris 6.1 3D and 4D image analysis software

08 April, 2009

The Bitplane Imaris 6.1 3D and 4D image analysis software for microscopy includes a visualisation and creation wizard, integration of a completely revised statistics tab, image processing of large time series and recently introduced features for the filament tracer.

Hyperspectral imaging

07 April, 2009

The Cytoviva Hyperspectral Imaging System (HSI) from Scitech provides spectral analysis of materials and biologicals imaged with the CytoViva Nano-scale Optical Microscope.

Microbiology imaging software

07 April, 2009 by

The Synbiosis ProtoCol V1.4 colony counting and inhibition zone sizing software is designed to save microbiologists time by automating many routine plate-based image analysis tasks.

Image analysis software package

09 February, 2009

SciTech has Introduced the Image-Pro Plus version 6.3 image analysis software package for fluorescence imaging, quality assurance, materials imaging, and various other scientific, medical and industrial applications.

Measuring molecules to improve drug design

06 February, 2009

CSIRO has developed and patented Differential Aberration Correction (DAC) microscopy, a microscopy method that claims an improvement on FRET.

Surface imaging and analysis software

06 March, 2008

Pico Image is a modular atomic force microscope (AFM) imaging and analysis software package designed for AFM users working in a wide range of research applications. Pico Image analyses image data and generates dynamic, highly detailed surface analysis reports with power and ease.

Gel documentation and analysis system

07 July, 2006

From basic fluorescence to powerful chemiluminescence gel imaging applications and 2D gel imaging and analysis, PerkinElmer builds on its reputation for state-of-the-art instrumentation, reagents, software and laboratory support services to bring you a high-performance family of bio-imaging systems.

Focusing on the tiniest things

20 June, 2006

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a technique to get closer look at individual atoms within crystal molecules.

A new 'phase' for biological imaging

30 December, 2005

Researchers have demonstrated a practical x-ray device that provides 2- and 3-dimensional images of soft biological tissue with details that are ordinarily hard to discern with conventional x-ray imaging.

Particle image analyser

08 December, 2005

The Morphologi G2 high sensitivity particle image analyser uses digital image analysis and automated microscopy to measure both particle size and particle shape.

Live cell camera

10 October, 2005

The Ixon DV885 is the latest addition to the Andor family of EMCCD (electron multiplying) cameras. The Ixon camera features high sensitivity, which makes it suitable for live cell imaging applications.

Large detection array digital camera

18 July, 2005

The QImaging Retiga 2000R combines the same features afforded by the Retiga 1300R camera line with a larger pixel array (1600 x 1200) for increased field of view and total well capacity.

Imager enhanced

16 March, 2005

Raytek has enhanced its ThermoView Ti30 thermal imager, making it easier for beginners to achieve professional results.

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