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Neurodegenerative disease reagents

07 April, 2009 by

Biomol International supplies a comprehensive range of reagents that can be used in various aspects of neurodegenerative research. Areas of application include: Alzheimer’s (tau proteins and antibodies, BACE reagents, DSK3 and CDK5 reagents and neprilysin); Parkinson’s (synuclein antibodies and proteins, Parkin antibody, tyrosine hydroxylase antibodies and dopamine antagonists); Huntington’s (glutamate and NMDA reagents, HDAC inhibitors, HATs, IGF1 reagents and Akt reagents); and Multiple Sclerosis (myelin basic proteins, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, monoamine transport inhibitors and cannabinoids).

Instrument-grade acetylene

06 April, 2009 by

Coregas has invested in a new $20 million liquid nitrogen plant extension at Port Kembla and a new acetylene facility (the nitrogen plant is already operational).

Organics and drug discovery products

06 April, 2009 by

The full range of Acros Organics products together with Maybridge Building Blocks and Screening Collections is now available from Chem-Supply.

Trypsin inhibitor

06 April, 2009 by

Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CTI) from Haematologic Technologies is not only an inhibitor of trypsin but is also a specific human factor XIIa inhibitor when tested in blood-clotting experiments.

Single-wall carbon nanotubes

06 April, 2009 by

SWeNT’s single-wall carbon nanotubes consist of a hollow cylinder of carbon with a diameter of approximately 1 nm.

Human plasma proteins

08 January, 2009

Haematologic Technologies is a primary manufacturer of high-quality coagulation proteins and research reagents.

Purified solvents

01 January, 2009

The Seccosolv solvents are ready-to-use products of high purity and with minimal water content. They are produced with distillation methods that result in consistently high dryness and batch-to-batch consistency.


08 October, 2008

BIOMOL International offers a comprehensive listing of products in the field of Endocannabinoid research. The company also manufactures other molecular tools which modulate levels of Endocannabinoids or block their uptake.

Organics and drug discovery products

01 August, 2008

The full range of Acros Organics products together with Maybridge Building Blocks and Screening Collections is now available from Chem-Supply.

Karl Fischer reagents

01 July, 2008

Apura, the latest generation of reagents from Merck, can be used for all Karl Fischer applications.

Foam reduction agent

01 July, 2008

The FoamAway irradiated AOF (animal origin free) is a sterile, ready-to-use antifoaming reagent that contains no components of human or animal origin.

Fluorescent peptide targets

01 July, 2008

Organelle and Cellular Lights reagents are recombinant baculoviruses that, on entry into mammalian cells, direct the expression of fluorescent proteins (cyan, green, yellow, orange and red) fused to peptide targeting sequences.

Quantitative PCR reagents

01 July, 2008

The Brilliant II QPCR and QRT-PCR reagents provide improved performance on the Stratagene Mx systems. They offer improved performance with earlier threshold cycle (Ct) detection across a wide dynamic range.

Active recombinant kinases and associated substrates

08 April, 2008

To facilitate further development of new kinase inhibitors, BIOMOL offers over 120 active recombinant kinases and associated substrates for inhibitor screening or selectivity studies.

Transfection reagent

06 August, 2007

Lipofectamine LTX Reagent offers a solution for gene expression as it is a plasmid DNA-specific transfection reagent that can provide the same level of reproducible and efficient gene expression in a wide range of cell lines, including primary and disease-related cells. Lipofectamine LTX Reagent is synthesised from 100% animal origin-free components, making it easy to validate the absence of zoonotic diseases, such as BSE or viruses, in experiments or cell lines. A certificate of origin may be obtained.

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