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Waters GlycoWorks glycan analysis kits

29 January, 2013

Waters Corporation has introduced three GlycoWorks kits for glycan labelling and sample preparation. The line of consumable products brings together everything needed for the preparation of glycans for analysis.

TOKU-E EvoPure ultrapure antimicrobials

23 November, 2012

EvoPure is a product line of highly purified single antibiotic fractions (>99% pure) from TOKU-E.

ChromoTek GFP-Trap and RFP-Trap reagents

22 November, 2012

GFP-Trap and RFP-Trap are efficient reagents for functional and biochemical studies of fluorescent proteins. Columns contain either agarose or magnetic beads specific to RFP or GFP.

Cobalt-graphene could be a viable replacement for platinum catalysts

19 October, 2012

There’s a new contender in the race to find an inexpensive alternative to platinum catalysts for use in hydrogen fuel cells - a graphene sheet covered by cobalt and cobalt-oxide nanoparticles.

Enzo Life Sciences small molecules

22 August, 2012

Enzo Life Sciences offers more than 1500 catalogue small molecules, including regulators of key enzymes and cell signalling pathways. The company’s collection of over 30 focused compound libraries brings its complete offering of biologically active small molecules to over 3000.

Merck SupraSolv solvents N,N-Dimethylformamide and Dimethyl sulfoxide for headspace gas chromatography

19 July, 2012

Merck has introduced N,N-Dimethylformamide and Dimethyl sulfoxide, two SupraSolv solvents designed to meet the  requirements of headspace gas chromatography: high purity and low concentrations of residual solvents.

Enzo Life Sciences assays and reagents for personal care product development

01 July, 2012

Enzo Life Sciences offers a large selection of assays and reagents that facilitate personal care product development and toxicity testing.

Promega NanoLuc Luciferase

05 June, 2012

Promega Corporation has announced the launch of a novel luciferase that is claimed to be smaller, brighter and more versatile than any current bioluminescent enzyme. These attributes of the NanoLuc Luciferase provide capabilities in reporter assays with potential in biologically complex applications that require greater sensitivity.

VWR Amersham ECL Select Western blotting detection reagent

27 May, 2012

Amersham ECL Select is a highly sensitive reagent for chemiluminescent Western blotting detection. It is the most sensitive of these reagents in the Amersham ECL product family.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Fisher Chemical UHPLC Gradient Grade Solvents

19 May, 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a range of Fisher Chemical UHPLC Gradient Grade Solvents that minimise baseline noise and reduce pump blockages, even at high pressures.

Thermo Fisher Scientific ultrapure Fisher Chemical Optima LC/MS grade reagents

15 May, 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced three ultrapure Fisher Chemical Optima Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) grade reagents that modify the mobile phase to minimise background noise and enhance MS detection.

Enzo Life Sciences CGH labelling kits

08 May, 2012

Enzo Life Sciences CGH labelling kits generate high-quality DLR scores (0.09-0.12) which are said to exceed industry standards.

ChromoTek GmbH Nanotraps reagents for studies of fluorescent proteins

27 April, 2012

ChromoTek GmbH has developed a class of efficient immunochemicals, Nanotraps - a format of binding proteins that are very small, highly stable and offer good reliability.

VWR International BDH Prolabo HPLC solvents

10 April, 2012

BDH Prolabo solvents can be used for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and many other chromatographic applications.

SurModics IVD BioFX TMB Enhanced HRP Membrane Substrate (EPSM)

20 March, 2012

BioFX TMB Enhanced HRP Membrane Substrate (ESPM) is the latest addition to SurModics IVD’s range of immunodiagnostic reagents.

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