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Thermo Fisher Scientific GIBCO CTS LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System

13 May, 2019

The GIBCO CTS LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a complete lentivirus production solution designed to produce high-titre lentiviral vectors.

Megazyme analytical testing products

25 March, 2019

Megazyme offers high-purity, ultrastable products used in analytical testing across a range of industries — from cereals and food manufacturing, to biofuel and animal feed, to wine, beer and dairy products.

GeneTex EasyBlot reagents and kits

06 February, 2019

A broad range of EasyBlot reagents is available for detecting various hosts: rabbit, mouse, rat, goat or sheep.

Point of Care Diagnostics medical supplies and equipment

04 June, 2018

Point of Care Diagnostics' new website,, enables hospitals, laboratories and researchers to order critical equipment, chemicals and pathology supplies more easily.

Entering a new era in specialty gases production in Australia

01 May, 2018

As Australia builds a more knowledge- and research-based economy, BOC is committed to investing in its national infrastructure and supply network to meet growing demand for specialty gases now and into the future.

Artificial enzymes use light to kill bacteria

05 April, 2018

Made from tiny nanorods, the newly developed 'NanoZymes' use visible light to create highly reactive oxygen species that rapidly break down and kill bacteria.

Enzo Life Sciences Nupherin transfection reagent

20 March, 2018

Nupherin, from Enzo Life Sciences, is a peptide-based transfection reagent that combines a non-classical nuclear localisation sequence (M9) with a nucleotide binding domain, thereby helping to transport DNA into the transfected cell's nucleus.

Chemists challenged to help curb mercury poisoning

08 February, 2018

Mercury poisoning through artisanal and small-scale gold mining is increasing — but Dr Justin Chalker believes that chemists can provide cheap and effective solutions to curb the damage.

Advanced Analytical Technology High Sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kits for cfDNA quality control

19 December, 2017

Advanced Analytical Technology's line of High Sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kits for its Fragment Analyzer Automated Capillary Electrophoresis System can measure the size and concentration of the three common cfDNA fragments using only 2 mL of sample.

Enzo Life Sciences HIGHDEF chromogens for IHC and ISH

26 September, 2017

Enzo's HIGHDEF chromogens are substrate-chromogen systems designed to be used for immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridisation with alkaline phosphatase (AP) or horseradish peroxidase (HRP).

Merck SOLu-Trypsin enzyme for mass spectrometry

03 July, 2017

Merck's Advanced Proteomics Grade SOLu-Trypsin is a solution-stable enzyme for mass spectrometry. Designed to be stable in solution when refrigerated, the enzyme can be used immediately without preparation.

Peak Scientific Infinity XE 50 Series nitrogen generator

03 July, 2017

Peak Scientific has unveiled its Infinity XE 50 Series nitrogen generator. Designed to cater for numerous applications across a typical laboratory, from a single source solution, the series provides a variable flow of nitrogen gas ranging from 11 to 432 L/min and at purities up to 99.5%.

AdipoGen Life Sciences Notch signalling research reagents

31 May, 2017

AdipoGen Life Sciences brings a comprehensive range of Notch signalling reagents to the market. The reagents are suitable for scientists requiring tools for cancer, T cell and developmental biology research.

INTEGRA Biosciences reagent reservoirs

24 April, 2017

INTEGRA Biosciences offers a range of multichannel reagent reservoirs that feature re-usable bases. The environmentally friendly design allows users to re-use the sturdy base and only replace the disposable inserts.

AdipoGen inflammasome signalling reagents

21 April, 2017

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a range of products for use in inflammasome and inflammation research, including antibodies, ELISA kits, inhibitors, activators and proteins.

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