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Cellbox Ground and Flight live cell transport incubators

01 December, 2023

The Cellbox serves as a live cell transport incubator, specifically engineered for the secure transport of organoids, tissue patches, cellular 3D prints and other non-freezable cell types.

MGI MGICLab-LN55K automated liquid nitrogen storage system

30 August, 2023

The MGICLab-LN55K is a storage-type solution that can accommodate consumables in SBS standard formats with a capacity of up to 55,000 0.75 mL cryotubes.

HEMCO Flammable Storage Cabinet

26 October, 2022

The HEMCO Flammable Storage Cabinet is designed for the storage of flammable chemicals and is available in 30″, 36″ and 48″ widths. The standard size is 35″ high and 22″ deep.

Thermo Scientific Cytomat 24 automated incubators and storage systems

10 June, 2021

The automated incubators and storage solutions offer large capacity, fast access and a wide temperature range, while helping eliminate contamination issues in high-throughput environments.

Hamilton Storage Verso Q20 sample management system

21 May, 2021

The Verso Q20 offers many of the accommodating features of a large system in a compact footprint, so samples can be stored anywhere they are needed.

CellBox for temperature- and CO2-controlled live cell transport

01 September, 2020

CellBox is said to be the first portable CO2 incubator that enables safe shipping of intact cell/tissue constructs from one facility to another.

Camfil Airepure pass through boxes and hatches

01 July, 2020

Airepure Australia (a Camfil Group company) supplies quality laminar flow hoods and cleanroom air purity systems, including custom pass boxes and pass through hatches that enable the safe transfer and delivery of materials and equipment to and from a sterile area.

HEMCO Acid Storage Cabinet

10 January, 2018

HEMCO's Acid Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of corrosive chemicals.

Improving efficiency and safety in Australian labs

11 November, 2016 by Russell Urquhart, General Manager, G3Lab

Russell Urquhart looks at how the European Standard EN 14470-1 compares to those governing storage cabinets in Australia and how Australian consultants are using a risk-based alternative approach to the storage of hazardous products in laboratories and other facilities.

Award Plastics & Displays corrosive cabinets

14 September, 2016

Award Plastics & Displays' corrosive cabinets are made from chemical-resistant, industrial-grade PVC, unlike other cabinets which are made from steel and therefore corrode when corrosive chemicals spill. The corrosive cabinets are also said to be lighter for easier installation.

Interpath Services aluminium freezer racks

08 July, 2016

Interpath Services has available a range of Australian-made aluminium freezer racks for the research and life sciences market. All racks are suitable for use in freezers down to -80°C.

Asecos safety storage cabinets with drawers

07 April, 2016

Asecos safety storage cabinets with drawers are said to provide lab designers and users with more storage options than ever before.

Düperthal Supreme safety storage cabinets

16 January, 2015

The Düperthal Supreme line safety storage cabinets are suitable for the storage, use and emptying of pressurised gas cylinders. The line features fire resistance of 90 min for a temperature increase of 50 K, measured at the neck of the gas cylinder.

Heathrow Scientific microscope slide boxes

19 November, 2014

Microscope slide boxes from Heathrow Scientific are colour coded for easy identification. They are suitable for storage or transportation of standard size slides (76 x 26 mm) as they have a durable plastic outer case and are cork lined.

Socorex Twister Universal 336 pipette workstation

24 October, 2014

Socorex offers the pipette workstation Twister Universal 336, adapted to any laboratory configuration. The product provides storage space for six pipettes of most brands.

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