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Axygen automation tips

01 June, 2022

Pacific Laboratory Products offers a comprehensive line of Axygen tips for Tecan, Aurora Biomed and PerkinElmer automation systems.

Ziath Acoustix adapter for Mohawk tube selector

13 May, 2022

Ziath has released an adapter kit that enables its Mohawk tube selector to quickly and easily pick and reformat tubes from Azenta Life Sciences' Acoustix racks.

How soft liquid droplets erode hard surfaces

13 April, 2022

It's common knowledge that slow-dripping water droplets can erode surfaces over time — but why can something seemingly soft and fluid make such a huge impact?

Eppendorf Research plus Move It 4.5 mm adjustable tip spacing pipette

01 April, 2022

The adjustable tip spacing pipette has a piston cylinder (no tubing) system for fast and easy tip spacing adjustment.

World Precision Instruments UltraMicroPump3 (UMP3) microinjection syringe pump

01 April, 2022

The UltraMicroPump3 (UMP3), from World Precision Instruments, is a versatile microinjection syringe pump that uses micro syringes to deliver picolitre to millilitre volumes.

Precision NanoSystems NanoAssemblr Spark for screening of nanomedicine formulations

01 March, 2022

The NanoAssemblr Spark offers the ability to formulate small-scale uniform particles using microlitre volumes quickly and reproducibly, with near complete sample recovery.

Enhancing liquid delivery on non-wetting surfaces

27 January, 2022

In diverse processes such as fertilisation, insecticide treatment and cooling, liquid delivery is compromised by the super-repellency of the receiving surfaces.

LabCo Electronic Pipette Filler

21 January, 2022

The LabCo Electronic Pipette Filler is a motorised pipette-filling device allowing fast aspiration and dispensing of liquid.

'Motorised' droplets activated by laser light

13 January, 2022

Physicists have examined a special system of colloidal particles, activated by laser light, that can act as an internal motor for self-propelling droplets.

KD Scientific Legato 100 and 200 series syringe pumps

18 November, 2021

The KD Scientific Legato 100 and 200 series syringe pumps are available in multiple models to provide the right pump for each user's application.

Eppendorf epMotion 96 semi-automated pipetting system

01 November, 2021

The Eppendorf epMotion 96 is a semi-automated liquid handling system designed for fast and precise pipetting in 96- and 384-well plates.

DuPont Liveo Pharma TPE tubing

15 October, 2021

DuPont's Liveo Pharma TPE Tubing is extruded pharma tubing based on thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology, dedicated to fluid transport and single-use bioprocessing applications.

BD SCF PremiumCoat Plunger Stopper

14 October, 2021

The product is a syringe plunger stopper for supporting the injection of biologics into subcutaneous tissue with a 1 mL pre-filled syringe.

Breakthrough in droplet navigation and manipulation

11 October, 2021

Researchers make a breakthrough in droplet manipulation, discovering a way to navigate liquids on a surface in the absence of external force or energy.

Eppendorf pipette service and calibration (ISO 8655 and ISO 17025)

01 October, 2021

The clearly designed calibration services thoroughly check pipettes inside and out, and replace wearable parts like O-rings in a timely manner.

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