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Is this the most water-repellent surface ever created?

10 November, 2023

Researchers have developed a new mechanism to make water droplets slip off surfaces, which promises to have implications wherever droplet-repellent surfaces are needed.

SPT Labtech firefly all-in-one genomics liquid handling platform

07 November, 2023

The platform was designed to transform NGS library preparation for genomics researchers by bringing together capabilities for precise pipetting, non-contact reagent dispensing, shaking and incubating within a compact benchtop design.

Enhancing liquid measurement precision with Coriolis sensor-based mass flow meters and controllers

16 October, 2023

The Burkert Type 8756 Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers (MFM/MFC), based on the Coriolis principle, are particularly suitable for the very precise measurement or control of small quantities of liquid that also require a medium-separated sensor.

WPI MICRO-ePUMP, μPUMP and PV850 Microinjectors

01 September, 2023

WPI Microinjectors use carefully regulated air pressure for injecting cells with fluid. Injected volumes range from picolitres to nanolitres.

Every drop counts — harnessing blood's analytical value

18 August, 2023 by Alexandra Sommer, Senior Product Manager Clinical Diagnostics at Tecan

This article highlights a novel approach that uses automation to precisely detect liquid-liquid interfaces, allowing the clean separation of blood at higher throughput compared to manual techniques.

Labnet BioPette Plus 4-pack pipette starter kit

01 August, 2023

Lightweight and well balanced, the BioPette Plus pipettes fit comfortably in either the right or left hand and offer low plunger forces.

PacificLab serological pipettes

01 July, 2023

PLP serological pipettes are sterile, plastic and disposable. They can be used as a pipette aid for the aspiration and dispensation of liquids.

Pacific Laboratory Products pipettors

01 May, 2023

Customers are welcome to select the size or sizes that suit their needs, with single- and multi-channel options in sizes including 10, 200, 1000, 5000 and 300 µL.

Neptune filter tips

01 May, 2023

Neptune's filter tips, available from Pathtech, are quality-tested pipette tips designed to consistently deliver precise sample measurements.

Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor

13 April, 2023

The Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor is a semi-automated and easy-to-use liquid handler for lab benches that are tight on space.

Unleash Your Potential with the new epMotion Automated Liquid Handlers

01 April, 2023

With a high degree of reproducibility, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use, the new epMotion will transform the way scientists conduct their experiments in the lab.

WPI NanoLiter2020 nanolitre injector with touchscreen controller

01 April, 2023

The NanoLiter2020 is a microinjector from WPI, designed to perform precision injections in the nanolitre range using a variety of glass micropipette sizes.

Eppendorf epMotion automated liquid handler

28 February, 2023

The updated product is designed to offer precision in liquid handling, with a user-friendly interface and customisable protocols.

INTEGRA 8-row and 12-column automation-friendly reagent reservoirs

09 February, 2023

The latest additions to the INTEGRA range of automation-friendly reagent reservoirs are especially designed for use with the VIAFLO 96, VIAFLO 384 and MINI 96 handheld electronic pipettes.

'Gel sheet' absorbs 3x more liquid than a paper towel

18 January, 2023

Researchers have used a hydrogel — a gelatin-like material in the form of a dry sheet — to craft so-called 'gel sheets' that absorb and hold liquid.

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