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bio molecular systems myra liquid handling system

23 November, 2018

The bio molecular systems myra liquid handling system features an integrated miniature camera and advanced vision technology.

INTEGRA ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

09 November, 2018

The INTEGRA ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot streamlines routine pipetting tasks.

GLP system laboratory automation system

01 August, 2018

The GLP system is specifically built to streamline laboratory workflows and develop intelligent solutions in the area of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes.

TTP Labtech dragonfly discovery automated liquid handling system

10 July, 2018

The dragonfly discovery is an automated liquid handling system that has been designed specifically for assay development and high-throughput screening.

Robot speeds up NZ uni's research efforts

07 May, 2018

The Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, has installed an automated liquid handling system to probe the atomic structure of proteins.

Precision Nanosystems NanoAssemblr series microfluidic-based nanoparticle manufacturing platform

01 May, 2018

The NanoAssemblr platform from Precision NanoSystems offers microfluidic-based technologies for nanomedicine development to introduce formulation opportunities that, in addition to being scalable, provide extensive control over the size optimisation and manufacturing process.

Krüss ADVANCE surface science software

23 January, 2018

ADVANCE software is designed to be a universal platform for all KRÜSS measuring instruments and now also supports the high-end K100 tensiometer. The software displays the logical workflow of scientific measurements on an intuitive user interface.

High-throughput screening just got 10 times faster

19 January, 2018

Scientists have made high-throughput screening process, often used in drug discovery, 10 times faster than previous methods.

LabCo electronic pipettor

01 January, 2018

The LabCo electronic pipettor is a versatile, motor-driven pipetting instrument designed to deliver precise performance in liquid handling. Its design and operation are based on the principle of air displacement and use disposable pipette tips.

Promega Maxwell modular automated nucleic acid preparation system

23 November, 2017

Promega has developed a modular automated liquid handling and purification system for its Maxwell nucleic acid preparation, which is said to offer labs more compared to large all-in-one instruments.

Creating 2D materials with liquid metal

23 October, 2017

RMIT researchers have used liquid metal to create two-dimensional materials no thicker than a few atoms that have never before been seen in nature.

GeSIM BioSyntheSizer 3.1 lab automation platform for chemical synthesis

27 September, 2017

The GeSiM BioSyntheSizer 3.1 is a compact lab automation platform designed for high flexibility. In the basic configuration, it masters several different chemical syntheses simultaneously.

Tecan clear Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable tips

04 August, 2017

Tecan has introduced a selection of clear Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable tips. The tips are intended for use with Air LiHa, Air FCA and Cavro ADP pipetting options, providing verified performance for applications that do not require capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD).

Dragon Lab DL-50-Pro dispenser and diluter system

26 July, 2017

The D-Lab DL-D50 Pro dispenser brings safety and precision to the laboratory. Syringe sizes on offer cover a range from 25 µL through to 25 mL to meet all diluting and dispensing applications, and syringes can easily be interchanged as methods alter.

World Precision Instruments (WPI) SMARTouch syringe controller

18 April, 2017

World Precision Instruments (WPI) has announced the SMARTouch controller, for use with up to two independently controlled UltraMicroPumps (UMP3).

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