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Omicron BrixXLAB multichannel desktop laser

27 June, 2022

The four separately controllable laser channels can be equipped with the same or different wavelengths from 375 to 1550 nm (one wavelength per channel) with up to 10 W/channel.

Join webinar recording: Ensure quality in blood plasma intermediate ultrafiltration

01 April, 2022

Learn how Vaisala compact refractometers can provide accurate in-line measurements of protein concentrations in blood plasma applications.

'Light tweezers' used to trap and move viruses

09 November, 2021

Light can be manipulated to act as 'tweezers' and can precisely 'move' a single virus to target a particular part of a cell.

Virus-sensing chip inspired by butterfly wings

25 October, 2021

Inspired by butterfly wings, an international research team has discovered a new way to concentrate light on a chip.

Powerful nanolasers 'trap' light energy

14 September, 2021

The research team created a device that works like 'inside out' noise-cancelling headphones and which traps energy and prevents it from escaping.

Thorlabs QSL103A Q-Switched Picosecond Microchip Laser

17 August, 2021

Thorlabs has announced a passively Q-switched laser producing 500 ps pulses centred at 1030 nm.

From superflimsy to ultrastiff: transforming graphene

03 June, 2021

An experimental technique called optical forging can make graphene ultrastiff, increasing its stiffness by several orders of magnitude.

Tiny optical device brings atoms to a standstill

26 January, 2021

US scientists have miniaturised the optical components required to cool atoms down to a few thousandths of a degree Celsius above absolute zero.

World record for laser transmission through the atmosphere

25 January, 2021

Australian and French scientists have set a world record for the most stable transmission of a laser signal through the atmosphere.

Thorlabs SL10 series MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Wavelength Laser Sources

12 November, 2019

Thorlabs has released the SL10 series of its MEMS-VCSEL Swept-Wavelength Laser Sources. The light sources feature a high coherence length of over 100 mm and include an active power control that maintains constant output power over the lifetime of the laser.

Lonza Lucetta 2 Luminometer

20 March, 2019

The Lucetta 2 Luminometer is a single-tube system designed to simplify and accelerate mycoplasma detection in cell cultures.

Researchers activate drugs using infrared light

07 March, 2019

Scientists have successfully activated molecules located inside cell tissues using two-photon excitation from infrared light lasers, with an efficiency of almost 100%.

Chromacity 520 ultrafast laser system

06 March, 2019

The Chromacity 520 ultrafast laser system provides more than 500 mW in the visible region. The product features an air-cooled, compact, ultrafast ytterbium fibre-based laser delivering high performance with turnkey operation.

Laser vision thanks to flexible films

03 May, 2018

Ocular lasers, or lasers on the eyes, may now be possible with the development of an ultrathin membrane laser using organic semiconductors.

Omicron LightHUB+ Plug&Play Laser Light Engines

11 April, 2018

Omicron has released a range of LightHUB+ Plug&Play Laser Light Engines, equipped with up to six user-upgradable wavelengths in a compact and rugged design.

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