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RETSCH SR 300 and SK 300 rotor mills

28 July, 2015

The RETSCH SR 300 and SK 300 rotor mills are claimed to have been greatly improved with regard to performance, handling and flexibility. Due to their robust design, the rotor mills are suitable for applications in the laboratory as well as for small-scale production.

LLG uniTEXER Vortexer with universal attachment

29 May, 2015

The LLG uniTEXER Vortexer, with a single carrier head, accommodates common consumables such as vials, test tubes, cylinders and conical tubes within the lab. The mixer can replace a vortexer that requires multiple heads in order to be as flexible and versatile as the unit, according to the company.

Asynt ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor system

15 May, 2015

For a wide range of exothermic and large-scale reactions, Asynt's ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor system is said to improve reproducibility of results, increase selectivity and reduce potentially unwanted side reactions as a result of its ability to provide fast mixing and dispersion.

Grant Aqua Pro orbital and linear shaking bath

09 March, 2015

The Aqua Pro from Grant offers an integration of orbital/linear motion in one water bath, saving space and time in the laboratory. Simply rotate the tray carrier 180° and the motion completely changes.

Omni THq digital homogeniser

06 March, 2015

The THq digital tissue homogeniser from Omni offers reproducibility and reliability. Using brushless motors, the device is quiet and maintenance-free.

Omni THq digital homogeniser

06 March, 2015

The THq digital tissue homogeniser from Omni offers reproducibility and reliability. Using brushless motors, the device is quiet and maintenance-free.

Stuart tube rollers

16 January, 2015

Stuart has updated its range of tube rollers. The products are suitable for laboratories that have demand for rolling as a form of mixing.

MP Biomedicals FastPrep-24 5G high-speed benchtop homogeniser

12 December, 2014

The FastPrep-24 5G high-speed benchtop homogeniser offers both speed and performance for the lysis of biological samples. It can be used for the simultaneous homogenisation of up to 24 samples in 40 s.

Hielscher Ultrasonics UP50H/UP100H ultrasonic processors

18 November, 2014

Ultrasonic processors, developed by Hielscher Ultrasonics for use in the laboratory, use electric excitation to generate ultrasound which is transferred to the liquid medium via various sonotrodes. The processors are suitable for manual mode as well as use on a stand.

Precellys Evolution homogeniser

14 October, 2014

The Precellys Evolution homogeniser is said to feature improvements in ease of use, durability and quiet operation. It also has the power to disrupt tough samples completely in just a few seconds.

LABWIT ZWYR premium shaking incubator

30 September, 2014

LABWIT ZWYR premium shaking incubators deliver precise performance and 24/7 operation for various applications of sample preparations, culture growth, visualisation for gel staining and so on. The units are available in benchtop, horizontal, double-layer and stackable models, offering high performance and application versatility.

Bertin Technologies Cryolys, Precellys 24 and Precellys 24-Dual for temperature-controlled homogenisation

08 September, 2014

The Cryolys is a cooling system which keeps samples at 4°C during homogenisation - suitable for the extraction of thermosensitive molecules such as RNA, native-state proteins and metabolites. The unit is compatible with the Precellys 24 and Precellys 24-Dual.

Ditabis 3D Shaker 3DL 05

02 September, 2014

The 3D Shaker 3DL 05 features a large, non-slip platform to mix samples with a smooth 3D motion. The 3D motion causes very little foam to form in the samples, making the platform suitable for use in DNA extractions as well as colouring and decolouring of gels in life science sectors.

Thermo Scientific RT2 hotplate stirrer

23 August, 2014

Thermo Scientific provides an ergonomic, low-profile, digital-display hotplate stirrer equipped with a PT1000 sensor for precise and real-time temperature measurement for sensitive experimental procedures.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Tube Revolver

22 August, 2014

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced its variable speed tube mixer. The product's small footprint, flexible design and simple display are said to help increase flexibility and effectiveness.

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