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IKA T 25 digital Ultra-Turrax dispersers

07 April, 2012

IKA Ultra-Turrax dispersers have three types of shaft bearings and are suitable for volumes of 1 to 2000 mL (H2O).

IKA KS 4000i control incubator shaker

02 April, 2012

The incubator shaker KS 4000i boasts speeds of up to 3000 revolutions/min during continuous operations. The unit has precise integrated PID temperature control (use of two PT 1000 temperature sensors), with a junction box in the workspace allowing for the connection of an additional temperature sensor.

IKA C-MAG HS 7 IKAMAG magnetic hotplate stirrer

02 April, 2012

The HS series is a powerful magnetic hotplate stirrer. The product’s motor is capable of stirring quantities of up to 10 L (H2O), yet is said to require 25% less energy than other products.

IKA RCT basic IKAMAG safety control magnetic stirrers

02 April, 2012

IKA has a range of magnetic stirrers to handle various quantities, either with or without heating capabilities. Used with open or closed vessels, it is claimed the stirrers precisely and effectively regulate the set temperature with the help of a contact thermometer. They also enable multiple syntheses in up to 36 vessels simultaneously.

IKA MF 10 basic Microfine grinder drive

02 April, 2012

IKA batch mills and inline mills are suitable for impact and cutting grinding. A powerful drive means the mills can attain speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions/min, with grinding results of 5 mm particle size or 0.25 mm defined ultimate fineness.

Aktivlab Sea Star shaker

07 February, 2012

The Sea Star shaker by Aktivlab caters to flasks and beakers ranging from 250 mL to 1 L, offering a speed range of 20-300 rpm.

Schuett homogen-plus semiautomatic homogeniser

26 November, 2011

The Schuett homogen-plus semiautomatic homogeniser is suitable for tough tissue samples that are difficult to homogenise and for gentle homogenising of biological samples. It features a robust, vibration-free, high-torque drive unit capable of 3000 rpm. Users are able to utilise their existing Eppendorf laboratory test tubes with the included quick grip clamp or a full range of consumables is available specifically designed for the homogen-plus.

Kartell technoKartell Model TKO magnetic stirrer

19 August, 2011 by

The technoKartell range includes the Model TKO traditional magnetic stirrer without a heating element. It features a double symmetrical magnet, ensuring a self-centring stirring action. This stirring magnet is driven by a DC motor, with adjustable speeds ranging from 100 to 1100 rpm.

Fritsch Pulverisette 25 power cutting mill

03 August, 2011 by

The Fritsch Pulverisette 25 power cutting mill is suitable for course crushing of soft to medium-hard dry materials such as plastics, wood, coal, nonmetallic waste, grains, animal feeds, dried meat, bones, tobacco and confectionery. It has a maximum feed size of 120 x 85 mm and a throughput of up to 85 L/h.

Bertin Technologies Precellys 24 Lysis and homogenisation unit

17 April, 2011 by

The Bertin Technologies Precellys 24 Lysis and homogenisation unit facilitates high-throughput cell lysis and homogenisation of animal, human, microorganisms, plant or soil samples prior to DNA, RNA or protein extraction. It is designed to handle 1-5000 mg of soft or hard tissues.

Distek Symphony 7100 bathless dissolution instrument

07 April, 2011 by

The Distek Symphony 7100 bathless dissolution instrument is a third-generation unit with an innovative set of capabilities aimed at enhancing both the user experience and instrument functionality.

Edwards Instrument Company Incu-Shaker Mini incubator

23 February, 2011 by

The compact Incu-Shaker Mini incubator has, despite its small footprint, a large 30 x 25 cm workspace that accepts several platforms for use with a variety of flasks, tubes and other common vessels.

Edwards Instrument BenchMixer vortex mixer

23 February, 2011 by

The BenchMixer vortex mixer with Q-Drive technology provides smooth, instant vortexing of even the largest sample sizes, including full 50 mL tubes.

Next Advance Bullet Blender tissue homogeniser

13 October, 2010

The Next Advance Bullet Blender is a vortexer, a cell disruptor and a tissue homogeniser all in one unit. It enables users to disrupt or homogenise 24 samples at a time, by incorporating technology which forcefully agitates samples thousands of times per minute, inducing vigorous motion of the substances inside the tubes.

Scientific Industries Vortex-Genie 2 tube-holding accessory

07 October, 2010 by

The Scientific Industries Vortex-Genie 2 accessory range now features a tube holder for more vortexing versatility.

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