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IKA C-MAG HS 10 IKAMAG magnetic stirrers

15 August, 2012

The C-MAG HS 10 IKAMAG magnetic stirrers with heating and ceramic heating plate offer good chemical resistance.

LABWIT Scientific ZWY-2403 Series incubator shaker

15 August, 2012

The ZWY-2403 Series incubator shaker can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals with tripled culture capacity while only occupying the same footprint of a single shaker.

IKA Vortex 1 test tube shaker

14 August, 2012

The Vortex 1 test tube shaker with touch function and infinitely adjustable speed from 1000-2800 rpm is designed for mixing small test samples.

IKA M 20 Universal batch mill

07 July, 2012

The M 20 Universal batch mill is suitable for the dry grinding of hard and brittle substances. The product’s double-walled grinding chamber can be cooled with water through two hose adapters.

IKA T 18 basic Ultra-Turrax disperser

06 July, 2012

The IKA T 18 basic Ulta-Turrax disperser is suitable for volumes of 1-1500 mL (H20). The device features electronic speed control, with a wide speed range (up to 24,000 rpm, starting softly), allowing the user to work at high circumferential speeds.

IKA lab dancer test tube shaker

06 July, 2012

The IKA lab dancer is a test tube shaker designed for mixing small test samples with a touch function.

IKA RO 15 power IKAMAG magnetic stirrer

05 July, 2012

The RO 15 is a multiposition magnetic stirrer with 15 stirring positions, without heating. The stainless steel surface covers the unit, allowing easy cleaning and providing protection against the penetration of liquids.

IKA RW 47 D overhead stirrer

05 July, 2012

The RW 47 D overhead stirrer is said to be the most powerful IKA stirrer for laboratories, pilot plant stations and small-scale production. It is suitable for stirring tasks up to 200 L (H2O), with two speed ranges for highly viscous media and intensive mixing.

IKA A 10 basic laboratory mill

02 June, 2012

The A 10 basic is suitable for low-loss grinding of soft, hard and brittle substances. Three interchangeable cutters are available and the product features electronic overload protection.

IKA Vortex 3 orbital shaker

02 June, 2012

The Vortex 3 shaker is suitable for short-time operation (touch function), activated by pressing the shaker attachment; or continuous operation, with low self-heating due to self-ventilation of the motor.

IKA big squid IKAMAG leaves magnetic stirrer

01 June, 2012

The big squid IKAMAG leaves magnetic stirrer now comes in updated designs. The product has good chemical resistance due to its glass top and synthetic bottom made of TPC-ET, and it is made of recyclable materials.

IKA RW 20 digital overhead stirrer

31 May, 2012

IKA overhead stirrers accommodate a range of applications and are suitable for lower to high viscosities. Operation is high energy, safe, silent and vibration free, with a constant power-drive meaning the stirrers can process stirring quantities of up to 200 L.

Torrey Pines Scientific ST15, HS15, ST19 and HS19 stirring hot plates and stirrers

22 May, 2012

Torrey Pines Scientific has announced its latest line of multi-position analog stirring hot plates and stirrers featuring five or nine stirring positions.

IKA A 11 basic analytical mill

06 May, 2012

The A11 basic analytical mill is a batch mill for two different grinding procedures.

IKA Ultra-Turrax Tube Drive disperser unit

05 May, 2012

The Ultra-Turrax Tube Drive allows the user to disperse, stir, homogenise and grind using a single drive unit with hermetically sealable disposable sample tubes.

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