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Ditabis 3D Shaker 3DL 05

02 September, 2014

The 3D Shaker 3DL 05 features a large, non-slip platform to mix samples with a smooth 3D motion. The 3D motion causes very little foam to form in the samples, making the platform suitable for use in DNA extractions as well as colouring and decolouring of gels in life science sectors.

Thermo Scientific RT2 hotplate stirrer

23 August, 2014

Thermo Scientific provides an ergonomic, low-profile, digital-display hotplate stirrer equipped with a PT1000 sensor for precise and real-time temperature measurement for sensitive experimental procedures.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Tube Revolver

22 August, 2014

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced its variable speed tube mixer. The product's small footprint, flexible design and simple display are said to help increase flexibility and effectiveness.

Retsch Emax ball mill

27 June, 2014

The Emax is a ball mill for high-energy milling. The combination of high friction and impact results in very fine particles within a short amount of time.

Heidolph MR Series magnetic stirrers

19 May, 2014

Heidolph offers safe, convenient magnetic hot plate stirrers with a typical operational life span in excess of 10 years. The stirrers are suitable for smooth to intense mixing and heating of low-viscosity fluids or decomposing organic and inorganic substances.

IKA RCT standard safety control package

26 February, 2014

The IKA hotplate magnetic stirring package includes a magnetic stirring hotplate, contact thermometer and stand. The product can heat and stir up to 2 L at 1500 rpm to a maximum temperature of 450°C.

Retsch Grindomix GM 300 knife mill for cryogenic grinding

21 February, 2014

The Retsch Grindomix knife mill can be used for the rapid and reproducible size reduction and homogenisation of dry as well as moist, oily or fatty sample materials.

Precellys Minilys personal tissue homogeniser

01 February, 2014

The Minilys is part of the Precellys range of homogenisers that use bead-beating technology. It is designed to homogenise, lyse or grind tissue as hard as bone and as soft as brain in just seconds for subsequent efficient and improved extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, drugs or live cells (eg, bacteria, viruses from soil, tissue).

Kinematica Microtron MB 550 and MB 800 mixers

07 January, 2014

The Kinematica Microtron MB550 and MB800 mixers are designed for mixing, cutting, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying and reducing the size of high-volume loads of dividable materials.

Phoenix Instruments RS-TR 5/10 Roller Mixer

06 January, 2014

The RS-TR 5/10 Roller Mixer from Phoenix Instruments provides a tube roller suitable for gentle mixing, utilising a rocking and rolling action to mix samples. The product is easily adjustable for speed control, using a knob on the analog model (RS-TR 5) or a digital LCD on the RS-TR 10 model.

Omni Beadruptor 12 bead mill homogeniser

30 July, 2013

The Beadruptor 12 from Omni International is specifically designed for the grinding, lysis and homogenisation of biological samples prior to molecular extraction. It features the options and flexibility of larger bead mill homogenisers.

Thermo Scientific MaxQ incubator shakers

09 October, 2012

Thermo Scientific MaxQ shakers deliver good performance and around-the-clock operation. The shakers are suitable for a variety of sample preparation applications, from growing cultures for protein expression to staining gels for visualisation and much more.

IKA Eurostar power control-visc P7 overhead stirrer

16 August, 2012

The IKA Eurostar power control-visc P7 overhead stirrer is suitable for stirring and mixing tasks in the lab - for lower to high viscosities. The overhead stirrers are said to easily process stirring quantities of up to 200 L.

LABWIT Scientific ZWY-2403 Series incubator shaker

15 August, 2012

The ZWY-2403 Series incubator shaker can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals with tripled culture capacity while only occupying the same footprint of a single shaker.

IKA C-MAG HS 10 IKAMAG magnetic stirrers

15 August, 2012

The C-MAG HS 10 IKAMAG magnetic stirrers with heating and ceramic heating plate offer good chemical resistance.

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