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Two respiratory diseases share the same inflammatory profile

10 April, 2024

New research provides a significant advance in our understanding of lung inflammation in children with wheeze and suppurative lung disease.

Oral bacteria accelerate pancreatic cancer in mice

05 April, 2024

A new study suggest there's a real possibility that gum disease could be connected to the risk of pancreatic cancer, emphasising how bacteria directly affect this link.

Breakthrough antibiotic for mycobacterial infections

04 April, 2024

The antibiotic candidate, named COE-PNH2, has been optimised to target Mycobacterium abscessus (Mab) — one of the most prevalent mycobacteria species.

Nanoparticle therapy fights tumours in mouse models

03 April, 2024

A nanoparticle-based therapy has successfully stimulated an immune pathway that eradicated tumours in mouse models of various cancer types.

NSW, Qld announce RSV immunisation programs for infants

27 March, 2024

The government-funded programs have been designed to ensure infants and young children at the highest risk of severe disease from RSV are protected at the right time.

Gut bacteria appear important for overcoming milk allergy

26 March, 2024

Gut bacteria are thought to help reduce allergic reactions to some foods, but little is known about the link between these bacteria and oral immunotherapy for milk allergy.

A new pathway for reversible male birth control

25 March, 2024

Most experimental male birth control drugs use a hammer approach to block sperm production, but this one is much more subtle.

Middle-age obesity caused by changes in neuron shape

22 March, 2024

Previous studies have suggested that middle-age weight gain is caused by a decline in overall metabolism due to aging, but the mechanism behind this has been unclear.

How does sleep stimulate the immune system?

20 March, 2024

According to a German research team, sleep promotes the potential of immune cells — so-called T cells — to migrate towards lymph nodes.

Microplastics in the body are passed on during cell division

19 March, 2024

A study of cancer cells in the gastrointestinal tract has found that micro- and nanoplastic particles remain in the cell for much longer than previously assumed.

Lockdowns affected gut microbiome, allergies in newborns

15 March, 2024

Lockdowns imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic had a surprisingly beneficial impact on the gut microbiome development of babies born during these periods.

Zika virus vaccine used to battle brain cancer

14 March, 2024

Scientists at Duke-NUS Medical School have found a way to use the Zika virus to destroy brain cancer cells and inhibit tumour growth, while sparing healthy cells.

Researchers find the mutation that makes E. coli so dangerous

13 March, 2024

The mutation effectively gives affected bacteria the green light to spread further into the body and infect more organs.

WA infants to be offered immunisation against RSV

08 March, 2024

The TGA has registered the RSV antibody Beyfortus (nirsevimab) for the prevention of RSV-related lower respiratory tract disease in all infants entering their first RSV season.

Protein discovery provides a target to treat IBD

08 March, 2024

The protein BECLIN1 appears to be integral to gut health, providing an important lead in the search for a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

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