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High-salt diet weakens the immune system

31 March, 2020

Excessive salt intake significantly weakens an important arm of the immune system, scientists have shown.

Microbiome could help assess precancer risk in HPV patients

30 March, 2020

Gardnerella bacteria in the cervicovaginal microbiome may serve as a biomarker to identify women infected with HPV who are at risk for progression to precancer.

Govt funding to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine research

27 March, 2020

A funding injection of up to $17 million could help cut the timeline for an effective vaccine for COVID-19 by six months.

Brain architecture more complex than previously thought

19 March, 2020

Researchers have discovered distinct layers of astrocytes across the cerebral cortex that provide the strongest evidence to date of their specialisation across the brain.

Revealed: how the immune system fights back against COVID-19

19 March, 2020

Researchers have mapped immune responses from one of Australia's first COVID-19 patients, showing the body's ability to fight the virus and recover from the infection.

Why do obese mothers have obese babies?

17 March, 2020

Maternal obesity increases the risk for obesity and metabolic perturbations in their offspring, but what are the mechanisms?

New cancer treatments can activate tuberculosis infection

13 March, 2020

New checkpoint inhibitor treatments for cancer can activate tuberculosis in some patients — an infection that used to kill one in three people in the UK.

Our own immune cells damage the blood–brain barrier

11 March, 2020

Microglia regulate the permeability of the brain's protective barrier in response to systemic inflammation — but the process can sometimes go wrong.

Immune system makes men more susceptible to obesity

02 March, 2020

Researchers have uncovered differences between the male and female immune system that may explain why men are more susceptible to obesity and metabolism-related associated diseases.

What causes cellular ageing — and how can we suppress it?

27 February, 2020

US and UK scientists have discovered that mitochondria trigger senescence, the sleep-like state of aged cells, through communication with the cell's nucleus.

When it comes to IVF, men have biological clocks too

26 February, 2020

Fertility experts have shown that IVF success rates drop as men age, debunking the myth that only women experience declining fertility as they get older.

Probiotics found to alleviate chronic stress in mice

21 February, 2020

A recent study took a systematic approach to test the efficacy of 12 candidate probiotics strains from 10 species/subspecies of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus on stressed mice.

Baby born from egg matured in the lab and frozen

20 February, 2020

Fertility doctors have announced what is claimed to be the first baby to be born from an immature egg that was matured in the laboratory, frozen, then thawed and fertilised years later.

Antimicrobials found in sheep poo and on human skin

19 February, 2020

The newly discovered antimicrobials fall into a class of small antimicrobial proteins called bacteriocins, which represent versatile alternatives to some commonly used antibiotics.

Four African countries license Ebola vaccine

18 February, 2020

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Ghana and Zambia have licensed an Ebola vaccine, just 90 days after its prequalification from the World Health Organization.

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