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Age-related impairments could be reversed

10 July, 2020

Two impairments of old age — frailty and immunity decline — can be halted and even partially reversed using a novel cell-based therapeutic approach.

Genetic malfunction triggers familial migraine

06 July, 2020

A genetic dysfunction in specific brain cells of the cingulate cortex area strongly influences head pain occurrence.

COVID-19 vaccine commences human trials in Adelaide

03 July, 2020

The Phase 1 trial will provide initial safety and immune response data on the vaccine and is being conducted at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Plant extracts found to be active against SARS-CoV-2

02 July, 2020

Scientists have shown in laboratory studies that aqueous and ethanolic extracts of specially bred sweet wormwood plants are active against SARS-Cov-2.

Immune cell may be key to activating energy-burning 'beige fat'

26 June, 2020

Eosinophils, a type of immune cell, could be important in activating a type of fat that burns energy instead of storing it.

Experimental whooping cough vaccine confers broad protection

25 June, 2020

Intranasal immunisation with the new vaccine not only induced excellent systemic responses but also strong local immune responses.

Human memory is improved by the promise of reward

23 June, 2020

Researchers have highlighted the lasting positive effect of a reward on the ability of individuals to retain a variety of information.

Happiness may protect you from gastrointestinal distress

22 June, 2020

Serotonin, a chemical known for producing feelings of wellbeing and happiness, can reduce the ability of some intestinal pathogens to cause deadly infections.

Respiratory infection response: a case of mistaken identity

17 June, 2020

Scientists have identified a previously unknown immune cell that plays a crucial role presenting antigens to other immune cells during respiratory virus infections.

UQ, CSL and CEPI partner on COVID-19 vaccine development

16 June, 2020

CEPI and CSL will fund the development and manufacture of The University of Queensland's molecular clamp-enabled vaccine for COVID-19.

State of hibernation induced in mice — are humans next?

15 June, 2020

Japanese researchers have found specific cells in the mouse brain that can trigger a hibernation-like state when activated.

Shorter courses of antibiotics prove equally effective

11 June, 2020

A shorter-than-standard course of antibiotics can be equally effective, and helps limit the development of resistance as a result.

COVID-19 vaccine trialled in Australian volunteers

08 June, 2020 by Lauren Davis

Australian clinical research organisation Nucleus Network has begun dosing participants in the first human trial for a COVID-19 vaccine in the Southern Hemisphere.

How cells remember their identity

05 June, 2020

Cancer is often the result of DNA mutations or problems with how cells divide, which can lead to cells 'forgetting' what type of cell they are or how to function properly.

More cells = more movement

02 June, 2020

New research has revealed that cell movement actually increases when there are more cells around, contrary to what scientists have always believed.

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