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Sydney Nanoscience Hub officially opens

20 April, 2016

The $150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub was officially opened as part of a two-day conference on the theme of nanoscale science and technology.

Chemical design without metals

08 December, 2015

Rice University scientists have synthesised dozens of small-molecule catalysts — tools that promise to speed the making of novel chemicals, including drugs — without the use of transition metals.

Giant Magellan Telescope ready for construction

24 November, 2015

Atop a remote mountain in the Chilean Andes, construction on the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) is about to begin.

The mystery of organic matter in lunar samples

30 October, 2015

Scientists have solved a mystery which has plagued NASA since the Apollo missions to the moon — the fact that samples of lunar soil brought back to Earth contained low levels of organic matter in the form of amino acids.

No sign of advanced alien civilisations

18 September, 2015

Professor Michael Garrett has used radio observations of candidate galaxies to show that advanced civilisations are very rare or entirely absent from the local universe.

Precisely testing the speed of light

15 September, 2015

Australian and German researchers have completed testing that has effectively measured the spatial consistency of the speed of light with a precision 10 times greater than ever before.

A re-usable system for launching satellites

11 August, 2015

The University of Queensland is developing a re-usable system that would make it cheaper and easier to launch satellites into space.

What does Einstein have to do with space travel?

11 August, 2015

One hundred years after Albert Einstein first penned his theory of general relativity, Professor Geraint Lewis says we're only now starting to scratch the surface of what the theory predicts.

Two giant leaps for mankind

17 July, 2015

It's been an exciting couple of weeks in the field of astronomy, with scientists both discovering new worlds and finding out more about old ones.

The sky's the limit: construction approved for the Giant Magellan Telescope

24 June, 2015 by Lauren Davis

June 2015 marked a major milestone in the field of astronomy, with construction approval announced for the highly anticipated Giant Magellan Telescope — the biggest optical telescope in the world.

Quantum tunnelling is an instantaneous process

01 June, 2015

An international team of scientists studying ultrafast physics has solved a mystery of quantum mechanics, finding that quantum tunnelling is an instantaneous process.

Reality does not exist until it is measured

29 May, 2015

Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have performed a famous experiment in quantum theory, created by the late theoretical physicist John Wheeler, which suggests that reality does not exist until it is measured.

How we found the source of the mystery signals at The Dish

27 May, 2015 by Emily Petroff, Swinburne University of Technology

Everyone likes solving a mystery, and the hunt for the source of strange signals detected by Australia's Parkes radio telescope is a classic. Although how "aliens" became involved in the story is more of a media mystery.

The hunt for gravitational waves begins

25 May, 2015

The Advanced LIGO project has been officially opened in the United States. The project aims to complete the search for the last missing piece of Einstein's general theory of relativity - gravitational waves.

The first experimental exploration of quantum phase transitions

18 May, 2015

Chinese and Australians scientists have published research experimentally exploring how quantum matter changes when it makes a 'quantum phase transition'.

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