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Real-life flux capacitor inspired by Back to the Future

30 May, 2018

A real-life version of Back to the Future's flux capacitor will have important applications in communication technology and quantum computing.

Chasing the DNA of the Loch Ness Monster

25 May, 2018

The story of the Loch Ness monster is one of the world's greatest mysteries.

New lab to advance augmented reality research

15 May, 2018

CSIRO's Data61 has opened a new facility purpose-built for applied research into novel augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D web technologies.

One-click analysis of gene expression data derived from 556 tissues, cells

08 November, 2017

A group of international researchers has developed a web tool, RefEx, that can easily search gene expression data available in public databases.

One giant leap for Australia as national space agency announced

27 September, 2017 by Lauren Davis

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham surprised attendees at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide by announcing the government's plans to establish Australia's very own space agency.

New chip design for quantum computing

11 September, 2017

UNSW engineers have invented a new architecture for quantum computing that promises to make the large-scale manufacture of quantum chips both cheaper and easier than previously thought possible.

Cancer cells may streamline their genomes to replicate faster

26 June, 2017

A recent study, conducted in both human and mouse cells, has revealed that cancer cells might streamline their genomes in order to proliferate more easily.

Join the search for exploding stars

17 May, 2017

The Australian National University (ANU) is inviting citizen scientists with an interest in astronomy to join a search for exploding stars called supernovae.

Conquering epilepsy with computer science

24 April, 2017 by Vijay Iyer, MathWorks

Around 25,000 Australians are diagnosed with epilepsy each year.

Wrong way, turn back: oddball asteroid 'playing chicken' with Jupiter

03 April, 2017 by Lauren Davis

Asteroid 2015 BZ509 is the only asteroid in the solar system known to have a clockwise, retrograde orbit around the Sun while at the same time sharing a planet's orbital space.

Plan(et) 9 from outer space

28 March, 2017

The Australian National University (ANU) is launching a search for a new planet in our solar system, and you're invited to help make this historic discovery.

Telescope captures the birth of a black hole

02 March, 2017

UWA's Zadko Telescope has captured the explosion that gave birth to a black hole 12 billion light years away, which took place before the Earth and Sun existed.

The crystals that power Earth's magnetic field

24 February, 2017

Japanese researchers have been investigating the source of energy driving the Earth's magnetic field, hidden deep within its core.

In the red corner: the world's first middleweight black hole

14 February, 2017

Astronomers have announced evidence for the existence of a 'middleweight' black hole — otherwise known as the missing link between relatively small, stellar-mass black holes and the supermassive black holes that lie at the centre of some galaxies.

What's killing our galaxies?

08 February, 2017

Across the universe, galaxies are being killed, and scientists want to know whodunnit.

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