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Researchers discover a new disease and its genetic cause

10 December, 2018

Researchers have discovered a new human disease and the gene responsible for it.

Protein engineering in focus at Lorne Proteins

04 December, 2018

2018 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Professor Frances Arnold will deliver a special evening lecture on protein engineering at the 44th Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function.

Zapping tumours in less than a second

03 December, 2018

Two potential treatments — one using X-rays, the other using protons — aim to reduce the side effects of radiation therapy by vastly shrinking the length of a typical session.

Doctors swallow Lego for science

29 November, 2018

"My child swallowed a piece of Lego, how long will it take to exit?" Six fearless Australian paediatricians recently ingested Lego heads in order to answer this burning question.

What can flying insects contribute to neuroscience?

20 November, 2018

How can extraordinarily rapid insect responses occur when the body's pre-motor pathways run into a bottleneck linking messages from the brain to the wings and body?

2018 Metcalf Prizes — winners announced

16 November, 2018

Dr Heather Lee and Enzo Porrello have received the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia's 2018 Metcalf Prizes.

Rare cancer trial results released

14 November, 2018

Genomic profiling could benefit many Australians with rare cancers, according to results from a pilot study for rare cancers.

UNSW to analyse DNA samples from 15,000 aspirin trial patients

09 November, 2018

UNSW scientists are conducting genetic analysis of DNA samples from ASPREE trial participants.

Genetic network linked to autism uncovered

05 November, 2018

Researchers have uncovered a network of more than 200 genes involved in controlling alternative splicing events that are often disrupted in autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Doe, a deer, a feral deer

22 October, 2018

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions has brought together five state and territory governments, three local councils, three universities and three private environmental groups to form Australia's largest deer management research collaboration.

Questions raised about swine flu vaccine

24 September, 2018

An investigation published by The BMJ raises fundamental questions about the transparency of information surrounding the safety of GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix vaccine used in 2009–2010.

Molecular details of key migraine initiator revealed

14 September, 2018

Melbourne researchers have revealed that a key player in the initiation, and pain, of migraines is a neuropeptide called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP).

New tool paves way for more targeted treatments for cancer, DMD

31 August, 2018

Researchers have developed a new selection tool that facilitates delivery of smart drugs into cells to battle hard-to-treat diseases such as cancer and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

New method helps diagnose cancer with malaria protein

27 August, 2018

A new method helps detect early-stage cancer tumour cells in the blood using a malaria protein.

Gene study finds humans helped drive golden staph's success

09 August, 2018

Humans have been identified as the original hosts for the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as golden staph, according to an international study.

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