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DNA testing reveals the true origins of honey

03 August, 2021

DNA testing of Australian honey can reveal where it was produced and its main floral sources, according to researchers from CSIRO.

Test to better detect early-stage ovarian cancer

30 July, 2021

A new test could help reduce the high mortality rate from ovarian cancer by dramatically improving the accuracy of early detection.

One-hour Hendra test developed for horses

23 July, 2021

Vets have developed a diagnostic point-of-care kit that is claimed to detect the deadly Hendra virus in horses faster than ever — in under an hour, rather than days.

Massive explosion explains star's mysterious metal elements

19 July, 2021

Astronomers have potentially discovered the first evidence of the destruction of a collapsed rapidly spinning star — described as a "magneto-rotational hypernova".

Blood test could help diagnose frontotemporal dementia

16 July, 2021

Blood-based measurement of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) can distinguish patients with frontotemporal dementia from those with primary psychiatric disorders or healthy individuals.

Huge prehistoric crocodile documented by Qld researchers

08 July, 2021

A new species of large prehistoric crocodile that roamed South East Queensland's waterways millions of years ago has been documented by UQ researchers.

Rapid malaria test kit useful for developing countries

07 July, 2021

The kit could facilitate the diagnosis of malaria in the field, as it is anticipated to be lightweight, easy to use and able to detect the disease in its early stages.

Blood test enables early detection of >50 types of cancer

06 July, 2021

Many of the cancers that the test is capable of detecting do not have screening tests available, such as liver, pancreatic and oesophageal cancers.

Black holes observed eating neutron stars "like Pac-Man"

02 July, 2021 by Lauren Davis

Scientists have for the first time detected black holes swallowing neutron stars — reminiscent of Pac-Man eating dots.

Aus to lead construction of powerful ground-based telescope

15 June, 2021

An international consortium has agreed to build and operate a ground-based telescope that will produce images sharper than space telescopes operating today.

Odour test sniffs out hard-to-detect cancers

15 June, 2021

The odour-based test sniffs out vapours emanating from blood samples and is able to distinguish between benign, pancreatic and ovarian cancer cells.

One-second test for COVID-19 biomarkers

25 May, 2021

Researchers have developed a rapid and sensitive testing method for COVID-19 biomarkers, claimed to provide results in just one second.

ESA to build second deep space dish in WA

06 May, 2021

The European Space Agency will collaborate with the Australian Space Agency on the construction of a deep space antenna at New Norcia, 140 km north of Perth.

Corals go hungry before they bleach

04 May, 2021

Long before signs of bleaching appear, prolonged spells of warm water cause heat stress that disrupts the nutrient cycling of the coral and its symbiotic algae.

Perovskite catalyst for CO2 conversion

29 April, 2021

TU Wien scientists have produced a special perovskite that is suitable as a catalyst for converting CO2 into other useful substances, such as synthetic fuels.

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