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Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris GC 240 mass spectrometer

22 April, 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a gas chromatography (GC) high-resolution mass spectrometer (MS) with high mass resolving power, sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

Enabling new levels of quantification

15 April, 2021

The SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 LC-MS/MS System is QTRAP ready, and designed to achieve high levels of sensitivity while retaining quantitative performance.

New technique for better doping detection

12 April, 2021

US scientists report the use of ion mobility–mass spectrometry to help regulatory agencies detect existing dopants and future 'designer' compounds.

Waters BioAccord LC-MS System

23 March, 2021

Waters has introduced a peptide multi-attribute method (MAM) workflow for the Waters BioAccord LC-MS System, enabling drug development, manufacturing and QC scientists to monitor efficacy and safety through the analysis of critical quality attributes (CQAs) of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other protein-based drugs.

Waters ACQUITY RDa Detector mass spectrometer

11 March, 2021

Waters has released the ACQUITY RDa Detector featuring SmartMS, a time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) for small molecule analysis for pharmaceutical, academic, food and forensics applications.

Graphene keeps cells viable in new nanoimaging technique

24 February, 2021

Scientists are using graphene to keep living, wet cells viable in an ultrahigh-vacuum environment, enabling high-resolution visualisation of the undistorted molecular structure.

Peak Scientific Genius XE SMZ nitrogen gas generator

19 February, 2021

Peak Scientific's Genius XE SMZ has been designed to provide a long-term gas solution for Shimadzu high-flow LC-MS/MS systems.


18 February, 2021

JEOL has released the JMS-T2000GC AccuTOF GC-Alpha gas chromatograph–time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The product achieves three times the mass resolving power and mass measurement accuracy of the previous AccuTOF GCx-plus, by using an ion optics design that achieves high sensitivity and data acquisition speed.

Anton Paar Cora 5001 series Raman spectrometers

26 January, 2021

Anton Paar has announced the Cora 5001 series of Raman spectrometers, with innovative features such as an autofocus that provide good usability, speed and quality of results.

Thermo Scientific Neoma Multicollector ICP-MS system

04 December, 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific has designed an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) instrument to enable scientists working in earth sciences, nuclear safeguards and biomedical research to conduct high-precision isotope ratio analysis across a wide range of applications.

Bruker MPA II multipurpose FT-NIR analyser

01 December, 2020

The MPA II is a powerful tool for developing sophisticated calibration methods for laboratory or process needs, yet also an easy-to-use and robust QA/QC instrument for routine work.

Smiths Detection IONSCAN 600 trace detector

17 November, 2020

Smiths Detection's IONSCAN 600 is a portable trace detector used at airports, ports and borders, prisons and defence facilities to detect and identify a wide range of military, commercial and homemade explosives threats, as well as common illegal/controlled narcotics.

Waters RADIAN ASAP System

05 November, 2020

Waters has introduced the RADIAN ASAP System, a novel direct mass detector engineered for non-mass spectrometry (MS) experts to conduct fast analyses of solids and liquids with minimal sample prep.

PerkinElmer QSight LC/MS/MS system for complex samples

29 October, 2020

PerkinElmer's QSight LC/MS/MS system, with the QSight LX50 UHPLC, has been designed to provide the capability and confidence required to analyse the most challenging samples, all in a compact, easy-to-use design.

Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection

29 September, 2020

By using the Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection, clinical research, forensic and anti-doping toxicology, laboratories can easily and rapidly optimise their liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods for targeted screening and quantification.

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