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Outwitting the drug counterfeiters

12 October, 2012

Drug counterfeiting is so common in some developing countries that there is a greater probability of getting a fake drug than a real one, but new technology may put an end to this global pandemic.

Thermo Fisher Scientific DIA proteomics capability for Q Exactive mass spectrometer

05 October, 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a data-independent acquisition (DIA) proteomics capability for the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive high-performance quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS. The feature allows the mass spectrometer to collect MS/MS spectra on virtually all ions in a sample.

Titertek-Berthold Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer

03 October, 2012

With the Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer - for DNA, RNA, protein and more - even the smallest samples can be easily pipetted into the measurement position.

Using mass spectrometry to identify proteins at pg/mL levels

24 September, 2012

By combining two well-established analytic techniques and adding a twist, researchers have been able to identify proteins from blood with as much accuracy and sensitivity as the antibody-based tests used clinically. The technique should be able to speed up development of diagnostic tests and treatments based on proteins specific to certain diseases.

Fat science - Wollongong Uni and AB SCIEX form lipid analysis partnership

21 September, 2012

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and AB SCIEX have formed a research partnership to develop lipid analysis capabilities, including the most definitive and comprehensive identification of double bond position in lipids.

ANU sells time machine

18 September, 2012

A SHRIMP IIe advanced geochronology instrument manufactured by ANU spin-off Australian Scientific Instruments has been purchased by Polish and Japanese researchers to investigate the geochronology of the Earth.

Monitoring post-flood water quality with mass spectrometry

12 September, 2012

AB SCIEX has announced that the University of Queensland (UQ) is using the company’s mass spectrometry technology to analyse how the devastating floods of 2011 have affected water quality in Australia. Two of 12 AB SCIEX instruments installed at UQ are dedicated to environmental monitoring efforts.

Rigaku Supermini200 WDXRF spectrometer

06 September, 2012

Rigaku has announced the release of the Supermini200 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer, an enhanced version of the Rigaku Supermini benchtop WDXRF spectrometer.

Doping detection stays a neck ahead

10 August, 2012

While the eyes of the world may currently be focused on the Olympics, human sport is not the only area where drug testing is routinely carried out. Horse racing is a massive worldwide industry and regular testing is essential to maintain its integrity.

Shimadzu LCMS-8080 liquid chromatography mass spectrometer

08 August, 2012

Shimadzu has launched a high-end liquid chromatography mass spectrometer - the LCMS-8080 - which delivers good sensitivity, high-quality data and fast cycle times.

Shimadzu LCMS-8040 system

01 August, 2012

By incorporating ion optics and collision cell technology, the LCMS-8040 provides high multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) sensitivity. A five-fold increase in sensitivity has been achieved by improving ion focusing and minimising ion losses between multipole lenses.

Catching the drug cheats

30 July, 2012 by Janette Woodhouse

Rams testicles gave athletes in ancient Greece a testosterone boost, 1896 Paris-to-Bordeaux cyclists combined heroin and cocaine in a speedball, sprinters at the Berlin Olympics experimented with nitroglycerine in an effort to dilate their coronary arteries … athletes have been experimenting with performance-enhancing drugs and techniques for a long time.

Detecting new designer drugs

17 July, 2012

A new method of drug testing developed by researchers at RTI International makes it possible to detect a wider range of synthetically produced ‘designer’ drugs.

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8030 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

16 July, 2012

With single quadrupole instruments, interference from complex matrices can be problematic. Shimadzu’s GCMS-TQ8030 triple quadrupole GCMS/MS offers a solution to these challenges and more.

Put a spectrometer in your pocket before you go shopping

29 June, 2012

A prototype infrared spectrometer that can be mass produced and is about the size of a sugar cube could soon be an option in your smartphone. Users will be able to ascertain food quality, forgeries and more as they shop.

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