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Nanophotonics enables a new kind of optical spectrometer

31 January, 2013

By bringing nanophotonics technology to traditional optical spectroscopy, a new kind of optical spectrometer with functions of sensing and spectral measurement has been demonstrated by a research team at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Carl Zeiss Corona Plus VIS-NIR spectrometers

15 January, 2013

The Corona Plus range of sturdy, compact VIS-NIR spectrometers from Carl Zeiss has been specially designed for use under industrial conditions.

How the kilogram has put on weight

08 January, 2013

Post-Christmas and most of us are feeling the overindulgence. But take heart - experts at Newcastle University, UK, have shown even the kilogram itself has put on weight.

Rigaku ZSX Primus sequential WDXRF spectrometer for lubricating oil analysis

12 December, 2012

Rigaku Corporation has announced an application report on the Rigaku ZSX Primus sequential WDXRF spectrometer. Application Note #5003 demonstrates quantitative analysis of lubricating oil in accordance with ASTM method D6443-04.

World’s smallest reaction chamber

07 December, 2012

Scientists from New Zealand, Austria and the UK have created the world’s smallest reaction chamber, with a mixing volume that can be measured in femtolitres (million billionths of a litre).

Unravelling complex biomolecular structures

30 November, 2012

A new mass spectrometer developed by Utretch University’s Heck Lab and Thermo Fisher is offering new insight into molecularly complex biomolecules.


22 November, 2012

The AB SCIEX QTRAP 6500 system features multicomponent IonDrive technology, which introduces a series of advancements that increase the quantity of ions produced while enhancing the way ions are transmitted and detected.

Driving high sensitivity in biomolecular MS: improving this key parameter enables novel applications and powers additional techniques.

21 November, 2012 by Bruce Thomson, Chief Scientist, AB SCIEX

Mass spectrometry has become a key tool for the analysis of biomolecules in applications that range from discovery of biomarkers to the analysis of drug metabolites. While many of the analytical benchmarks of the mass spectrometer - limit of quantitation or LOQ, signal-to-noise or S/N, dynamic range, mass resolution - are important for these applications, the absolute sensitivity is a key factor that drives these characteristics.

Thermo Scientific EQuan MAX Plus LC-MS system for water and beverage analysis

15 November, 2012

The EQuan MAX Plus is a turnkey, automated LC-MS system for water and beverage analysis, designed to allow immediate user productivity and reduce human error by automating manual procedures.

Spectro Spectroblue ICP-OES spectrometer

06 November, 2012

The Spectroblue, for inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), was designed to meet critical elemental analysis demands such as those required by environmental laboratories, process laboratories and research institutes.

Outwitting the drug counterfeiters

12 October, 2012

Drug counterfeiting is so common in some developing countries that there is a greater probability of getting a fake drug than a real one, but new technology may put an end to this global pandemic.

Thermo Fisher Scientific DIA proteomics capability for Q Exactive mass spectrometer

05 October, 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a data-independent acquisition (DIA) proteomics capability for the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive high-performance quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS. The feature allows the mass spectrometer to collect MS/MS spectra on virtually all ions in a sample.

Using mass spectrometry to identify proteins at pg/mL levels

24 September, 2012

By combining two well-established analytic techniques and adding a twist, researchers have been able to identify proteins from blood with as much accuracy and sensitivity as the antibody-based tests used clinically. The technique should be able to speed up development of diagnostic tests and treatments based on proteins specific to certain diseases.

Fat science - Wollongong Uni and AB SCIEX form lipid analysis partnership

21 September, 2012

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and AB SCIEX have formed a research partnership to develop lipid analysis capabilities, including the most definitive and comprehensive identification of double bond position in lipids.

ANU sells time machine

18 September, 2012

A SHRIMP IIe advanced geochronology instrument manufactured by ANU spin-off Australian Scientific Instruments has been purchased by Polish and Japanese researchers to investigate the geochronology of the Earth.

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