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Quantum computer leap

18 May, 2012

The main technical difficulty in building a quantum computer could soon be the thing that makes it possible to build one, according to new research from the Australian National University (ANU).

UQ start-up launches online collaborative research portal

10 April, 2012

Academics and student researchers can benefit from a new web-based application for performing qualitative analyses using Leximancer, a software platform developed by the Institute for Social Science’s Dr Andrew Smith and his team at The University of Queensland.

SII-TSTP01 Driver for the Thermo Scientific TruProcess Near-IR Analyzer

04 April, 2012

Symbion Systems has announced the release of its SII-TSTP01 Driver for the Thermo Scientific TruProcess Near-IR Analyzer. The driver enables the TruProcess instrument to be interfaced to the Symbion-DX and Symbion-RX software suites as well the Thermo Scientific GRAMS-RT suite for deployment in online chemical and pharmaceutical process analytical technology (PAT) environments.

NSW Scientist of the Year makes breakthrough in race to develop quantum computer

23 February, 2012

A team of world-leading Sydney scientists has made a major breakthrough in the race to develop the first quantum computer that will perform tasks a billion times faster than computers today. The team, led by 2011 NSW Scientist of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons, has built the world’s smallest transistor by precisely positioning a single phosphorus atom in a silicon crystal.

Join the cloud and make your computer part of a supercomputer

15 September, 2011

Members of the public are being asked to join the SkyNet community computing science initiative and contribute their spare computing power to process radio astronomy data.

Automation and parallelisation

05 September, 2011

Pharmaceutical and biomedical research are evolving to take advantage of the development of bioinformatic research programs, incorporating data from new high-resolution assays and technologies such as microarrays and fluorescent in situ hybridisation.

BioTek Gen5 Version 2.0 Data Analysis Software

08 August, 2011 by

BioTek continues to provide enhanced microplate reader control, data processing and export flexibility with the launch of Gen5 Version 2.0 Data Analysis Software. A new interface combines ease of use and memorable visuals with power and flexibility for increased productivity.

Thermo Fisher releases app for iPhone

17 February, 2011

A free GC Column Selector app for the iPhone has been released by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Biomatters Geneious Pro version 5.0 sequence analysis software

07 June, 2010 by

Biomatters has released version 5.0 of Geneious Pro, its powerful but user-friendly sequence analysis software. This upgrade allows full bacterial genome assembly for data generated by Illumina, 454, SOLiD, Helicos and other sequencers to be done on a desktop computer and features many improvements to visualise, browse and analyse the large volumes of data created with next-generation sequencing.

Detecting bad data

04 March, 2010

An innovative computational technique that draws on statistics, imaging and other disciplines has the capability to detect errors in sensitive technological systems ranging from satellites to laboratories to weather instruments.

Agilent GeneSpring GX data analysis

16 December, 2009 by

GeneSpring GX from Agilent Technologies provides statistical tools for fast visualisation and analysis of expression and genomic structural variation data.

Data disputing Santa's existence

16 December, 2009

Without some new science, the facts in this article cause us to wonder if Santa exists.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments PTM Finder software

20 November, 2009 by

PTM Finder software uses data mining to investigate post-translational modification in complex protein samples, including data for hypothetical, novel modifications. The software is designed to integrate with the Axima range of Maldi mass spectrometers.

CGH microarray software

07 April, 2009 by

Agilent DNA Analytics 4.0 software can be used for visually exploring, detecting and analysing patterns in microarray data. New in this release are: the ability to analyse more than 100 samples per experiment, a free genomic browser and copy number variation (CNV) analysis capability. These features join existing chromatin immunoprecipitation-on-chip (ChIP-on-chip), array-based comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH), and gene expression analytics capabilities.

Data collection and analysis for clinicians

07 April, 2009 by

BioTek Instruments has announced a software tool for clinical laboratories using the ELx800 and ELx808 microplate readers. Gen5CL Data Collection and Analysis Software combines the convenience and security of preprogrammed clinical diagnostic assays with the power and flexibility of a PC-based application. The PC-based interface provides greater flexibility in data analysis and output options than onboard microplate reader programs, including LIS system compatibility and data/protocol storage.

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