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Abcam RabMAb recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies

12 October, 2017

Abcam has combined the advantages of its RabMAb rabbit monoclonals with recombinant technology to deliver high-performance antibodies.

ProSci Risk-Free Antibody Sets

11 October, 2017

ProSci's Risk-Free Antibody Sets consist of several monoclonal antibodies (20 µg each) against a single target, allowing selection of the best clone for specific applications. Antibodies were developed using recombinant proteins expressed in mammalian cells to best recognise the native proteins.

AdipoGen Life Sciences FuncAbs functional antibodies

20 September, 2017

Antibodies displaying an agonist or antagonist activity (functional grade antibodies) are powerful tools for mimicking or blocking physiological functions in vitro and in vivo. AdipoGen Life Sciences offers an extensive range of functional antibodies (FuncAbs).

Vector Laboratories VectaFluor Duet immunofluorescence double-staining kit

08 September, 2017

Vector Laboratories introduces the VectaFluor Duet kit, offering convenient, ready-to-use immunofluorescence double labelling. The kit is suitable for use with a wide range of frozen and FFPE tissue samples, combining primary and secondary antibodies to streamline workflow.

Agrisera photosynthesis antibodies

16 August, 2017

Agrisera offers a large collection of validated antibodies. The company has antibodies for a range of important targets in the thylakoid membrane and beyond, including the Rubisco antibody.

GeneTex knockout/knockdown validated antibodies

21 July, 2017

GeneTex is conducting knockdown-based validation as a fundamental component of its antibody quality assurance process. To date, the compnany has evaluated over 500 products covering research topics such as apoptosis, metabolism, epithelial–mesenchymal transition and neurodegenerative diseases.

GeneTex Cancer Immune Checkpoint Antibodies

29 May, 2017

GeneTex has over 60 Cancer Immune Checkpoint Antibodies to choose from, including key targets such as CTLA4, FOXP3, LAG3, OX40L and PD-L1, with validations across various applications.

Antibodies found to control seizures in epileptic mice

24 May, 2017

Japanese researchers have reported the effect of a particular type of monoclonal antibody on epilepsy in mice, with promising results.

GeneTex dengue virus antibodies

15 March, 2017

GeneTex offers a comprehensive catalogue of antibodies to dengue virus (DENV) structural and non-structural viral proteins.

Innova Biosciences LATEX Bead Conjugation Kits

16 January, 2017

Innova Biosciences has introduced a range of LATEX Bead Conjugation Kits. The simple-to-use, one-step kits are suitable for covalently conjugating antibodies, proteins and peptides (or any other biomolecule with an amine group) to specially treated latex beads without the need for extensive optimisation.

Cosmo Bio Histone H3 and modified Histone H3 antibodies

11 August, 2016

The versatile set of anti-histone monoclonal antibodies offered by Cosmo Bio is a valuable addition to any lab's epigenetic toolbox.

Secura® 124 Analytical Balance

19 July, 2016

$ 4,243.00

Zika virus antibody now available for research

13 May, 2016

Vanderbilt University has developed a Zika polyclonal antibody that recognises the human Zika envelope (E) protein and can be utilised for a range of applications to study the virus and its function.

MédiMabs MAP/RAP Amplification Kit

22 December, 2015

MédiMabs offers a rabbit antibody that acts as an immunohistochemical alternative to existing staining systems, suitable for use with mouse (MAP) or rat (RAP) primary antibodies.

Abcam knockout-validated antibodies

17 December, 2015

With the increasing need for highly specific antibodies, Abcam introduces KO validation as a standard quality control protocol for antibodies at scale.

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