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Revolution in human health: End-to-end NGS workflow of Revvity

01 July, 2023 by Dohyun Kim

Revvity's complete NGS and other genomics workflows solutions improve the efficiency of your lab and offer flexibility should your needs change.

The truth about NGS and library prep: Find out what is inflating your costs

25 May, 2022 by Ashesh Saraiya*

Isn't it time we spoke the truth about the toll next-generation sequencing (NGS) is taking on your lab?

Crop modification via a bioactive spray

11 March, 2022

A new crop modification technique relies on a spray that introduces bioactive molecules into plant cells through their leaves.

One-step test to screen newborns for rare genetic disorders

03 February, 2022

Researchers have developed a test to screen for three rare genetic disorders simultaneously in newborns, enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment.

BioGenome Project to decode the genomes of all life on Earth

25 November, 2021

The Earlham Institute has boosted its capability in high-fidelity long-read sequencing to support the Earth BioGenome Project.

Illumina opens genomics lab in Melbourne Biomedical Precinct

23 November, 2021

The lab will make available the latest in DNA sequencing, array platforms and data analysis tools, all supported by specialist scientific expertise.

Three-in-one test developed for COVID-19 surveillance

05 August, 2021

A new type of COVID-19 test could help streamline the process of identifying COVID-19 cases, tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants and detecting co-infecting viruses.

Merck CRISPRi whole-genome libraries and pools

08 April, 2021

Merck has launched its CRISPR inhibition (CRISPRi) whole-genome libraries and pools to complement its suite of genome-editing products and technologies.

National COVID-19 tracking system based on genomics

22 September, 2020

Public health laboratories will aim to sequence the virus genomes of all positive COVID-19 tests in Australia and track COVID-19 using genomics across the country.

4basebio TruePrime Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit

17 July, 2020

The TruePrime Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit from 4basebio uses a novel method to achieve genome amplification from single or just a few cells.

Genomic diagnostics test available for blood cancer patients

13 July, 2020

Blood cancer patients at Melbourne's Epworth HealthCare and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre now have access to circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) genomic testing.

Rapid infection diagnosis in preterm babies

19 December, 2019

UK scientists have pioneered a new method for profiling the microbiome of preterm babies that can significantly speed up the identification of infections and indicate more effective treatments.

'Fingerprinting' individual human cells

18 December, 2019

By combining single-cell analysis techniques with machine learning algorithms, researchers have developed a method to 'fingerprint' human cells.

Peering into the epigenome like never before

06 December, 2019

scATAC-seq technology provides unprecedented opportunity to study the impact of epigenetic changes on development and disease.

Phase Genomics Hi-C proximity ligation kits

26 July, 2019

Phase Genomics applies Hi-C and other proximity-ligation methods to enable chromosome-scale genome assembly and metagenomic deconvolution, as well as analysis of structural genomic variation and genome architecture.

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