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GeneCopoeia OmicsArray antigen microarrays

01 January, 2022

GeneCopoeia's OmicsArray antigen microarrays are protein microarrays engineered for several powerful applications, including autoantibody detection, biomarker profiling and characterisation of protein–molecule interactions.

BioTek Synergy Neo2 and Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Readers

05 August, 2021

BioTek's Synergy Neo2 and Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode readers are now available with temperature control up to 70°C.

Optimising Workflow in the Lab to Achieve Better Results

04 August, 2021 by Jane Budvietas

Automating processes can help improve workflow and streamline results.

Enzo Life Sciences Absorbance 96 Plate Reader

08 March, 2021

Enzo Life Sciences has launched the Absorbance 96 Plate Reader, the first personal microplate reader to the market for use with the company's ELISA and assay kits to simplify laboratory workflow.

Illumina Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip

12 February, 2021

Illumina's Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip has been designed to simplify biomarker discovery for epigenetic researchers using model organisms.

Agilent BenchCel Microplate Handler

10 June, 2020

The Agilent BenchCel Microplate Handler is a compact microplate storage and automated microplate handling system designed for integration with a variety of laboratory devices.

Greiner Bio-One cell culture microplates

15 May, 2020

Greiner Bio-One has various microplates available, including tissue culture microplates, with a wide variety of surface treatments that suit every need.

GeneCopoeia OmicsArray protein microarrays

21 January, 2020

GeneCopoeia's OmicsArray protein microarrays are powerful tools for many applications, including autoantibody detection, biomarker profiling and characterisation of protein–molecule interactions.

Restek Resprep PLR SPE products

14 January, 2020

Laboratory professionals can simultaneously remove phospholipids and proteins in a single, simple procedure with Resprep PLR (phospholipid removal) SPE products.

GeneCopoeia miProfile exosome miRNA qPCR arrays

01 November, 2019

GeneCopoeia's miProfile exosome miRNA qPCR arrays profile the expression of exosome-related miRNAs, which are carefully chosen for their close exosome correlation based on a thorough literature search of peer-reviewed publications.

3M Petrifilm Plates and Plate Reader

15 October, 2019

The 3M Petrifilm Plates and Plate Reader are designed to distil the complexity, variability and manual labour of microbial testing into a simple and consistent method.

BioTek Instruments 405 TS microplate washer

11 July, 2019

BioTek Instruments has added further capabilities to its 405 TS microplate washer, designed to improve laboratory workflows, simplify the user experience, and provide more time-saving convenience and value for applications such as cell-based assays, ELISAs, bead washing and more.

3Brain BioCAM DupleX bidirectional microelectrode array platform

25 June, 2019

The BioCAM DupleX, from 3Brain, is a fully bidirectional microelectrode array (also known as a multi-electrode array/MEA) platform for 2D and 3D in vitro electrophysiology.

Biolog MitoPlates for mitochondrial function assays

28 November, 2018

The Biolog MitoPlate S-1 and MitoPlate I-1 enable a comprehensive scan of mitochondrial function, leading to a comprehensive assay approach.

Blackrock Microsystems MicroFlex Array

07 November, 2018

The MicroFlex Array from Blackrock Microsystems is a flexible, polyimide-based multi-electrode array for acute and chronic preparations. The array is optimised for isolated single-unit, multi-unit and local field potential recordings.

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