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DMT Starter System tissue organ bath system for education

17 September, 2020

The sleek Starter System by DMT is a tissue organ bath that teaches students about the variation in biological systems, as well as the importance of timing and order of drug addition.

GeneCopoeia ACE2 and lung stable cell lines for COVID-19 research

28 May, 2020

GeneCopoeia offers collections of cell lines expressing human host factors needed for SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as labelled cancer cell lines, which include five lung cancer cell line derivatives.

Abcam knockout cell lines and lysates

14 May, 2020

CRISPR-Cas9 knockout cell lines from Abcam provide scientists with off-the-shelf, single-gene knockouts so the user can confidently interrogate the relationship between genotype and phenotype without having to establish their own knockout cell line.

Sartorius Incucyte SX5 live-cell analysis system

07 May, 2020

Sartorius has launched the Incucyte SX5 live-cell analysis system, offering capabilities including novel optics, paired reagents and purpose-built software to enable researchers to draw insight from every live cell experiment.

Watch your brains quickly disappear — accelerate your research with X-CLARITY

11 February, 2020

Recent innovations have led to new tissue-clearing techniques that can be used to acquire high-resolution 3D images without the need to reduce samples to thin serial sections.

BTX ECM 2001+ Electrofusion and Electroporation System

04 February, 2020

The BTX ECM 2001+ Electrofusion and Electroporation System is suitable for improving hybridoma production including hybrid cell formation, dendritic-tumour cell fusions, nuclear transfer and hybrid plant applications.

Greiner Bio-One NanoShuttle-PL for magnetic 3D cell culture

13 January, 2020

The core technology of Greiner Bio-One's magnetic 3D cell culture is the magnetisation of cells with NanoShuttle-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro.

ACEA Biosciences xCELLigence RTCA eSight

01 January, 2020

The xCELLigence RTCA eSight is a versatile system that combines the power of ACEA Biosciences' label-free xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis technology with the benefits of live cell imaging in three colours: red, green and blue.

Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB DualBeam system

14 November, 2019

The Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB DualBeam system is dedicated to the preparation of thin, electron-transparent samples from biological specimens.

Abcam engineered knockout cell lysates

11 November, 2019

Abcam's engineered knockout cell lysates enable proteomic studies by providing researchers with 'true negative' controls.

GeneCopoeia premade labelled cancer cell lines

08 October, 2019

GeneCopoeia's premade labelled cancer cell lines are either dual-labelled with luciferase and GFP or single-labelled with GFP. Robust luciferase expression permits sensitive, non-invasive detection of cancer cell growth and progression in vivo, beginning soon after injection.

Gold Coast Biobank officially opened at Griffith University

03 October, 2019

The Gold Coast Biobank has accumulated over 10,000 biospecimens that are available for research purposes.

The next evolution in 3D stem cell culture

01 October, 2019

Based on the fact that cells respond just as strongly to signals they don't receive as those that they do, StemBioSys has invented the next generation of cell culture systems.

WPI MICRO-ePORE pinpoint cell penetrator

01 September, 2019

The MICRO-ePORE pinpoint cell penetrator from WPI is a simple and versatile system that can be used for efficient microinjection of a diverse array of components and biomolecules into oocytes and pre-implantation stage mammalian embryos.

CN Bio PhysioMimix microphysiological system

01 August, 2019

The PhysioMimix microphysiological system provides human-relevant data including comprehensive, 3D tissue culture-based data with real-time monitoring and analysis, allowing users to progress their research to clinical trials.

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