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anvajo Fluidlab R300 combined spectrophotometer and cell counter

01 July, 2024

Pacific Laboratory Products' anvajo Fluidlab R-300 combined spectrophotometer and cell counter is a handheld device for in-lab or remote use. Featuring a pocket-sized instrument and easy-to-use cuvettes or sample carriers for cell counting, it is suitable for all to use.

Chromotek Histone-Label for chromatin staining in IF and IHC

01 July, 2024

Chromotek's Histone-Label is a high-performance, ready-to-use chromatin staining probe that provides low background levels and effectively differentiates between euchromatin and heterochromatin throughout the cell cycle.

BioStatus DRAQ9 Far-Red Fluorescent Live-Cell Tracking Dye

05 June, 2024

BioStatus's DRAQ9 is a novel far-red fluorescent dye that labels membranous structures in the cytoplasm.

Invent Biotechnologies Minute Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation and Cell Fractionation Kit

04 June, 2024

Invent Technologies Minute kits are next-generation products for plasma membrane (PM) isolation and cell fractionation, offering convenience and consistency by eliminating uncontrollable variations associated with traditional homogenisation and density gradient centrifugation.

World Precision Instruments (WPI) KWIK-SIL and KWIK-CAST sterile silicone adhesives

01 June, 2024

When looking for a low-toxicity adhesive with some elasticity and good moisture resistance, a silicone adhesive is particularly suitable.

Dissociation of tumor tissue samples for single-cell genomics

30 May, 2024

Unraveling the diversity of cell types and understanding the complexity of the tumor microenvironment are critical milestones to advance cancer research and the development of both diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer.

Maximising Spatial Biology

16 April, 2024

An innovative new approach allows for the comprehensive examination of large tissue samples while retaining the ability to analyze specific regions in depth, all from the same specimen.

CST SignalStar Multiplex IHC for spatial biology

01 February, 2024

SignalStar Multiplex IHC has been designed to revolutionise spatial biology research by simultaneously identifying up to eight targets in tissue samples within a short two-day timeframe.

Platform helps accelerate synthetic and metabolic workflows

24 November, 2023

Ultrahigh-throughput, droplet-based screening had long been on Biosyntia's radar for its immense potential in cell factory development.

Phasefocus Livecyte T-Cell Killing Assay tracks cancer cells and quantifies T-cell interactions

01 November, 2023

Most T-cell therapies fail in in vivo models and in clinical studies and therefore there is a need to produce an in vitro model to test T cell therapies that is robust and reliable.

Logos Biosystems QUANTOM Tx for automated single bacterial cell count

01 October, 2023

QUANTOM Tx is an automated fluorescence-stained microbial cell counter with fluorescence imaging and analysis that counts bacterial cells as small as 0.3 μm, in around 30 s/sample.

WPI EVOM Auto for TEER measurements

01 October, 2023

WPI's EVOM Auto combines TEER technology with high-throughput screening capabilities, resulting in the automated measurement of resistance in 96-well cell culture plates.

Small-scale bioreactor helps create cultivated meat

26 September, 2023

Magic Valley scientists have utilised an Applikon bioreactor in the process of creating cultivated meat that is completely free from animal by-products.

Logos Biosystems LUNA automated cell counters

01 July, 2023

Cell counters from Logos Biosystems are equipped with high-quality optics and sophisticated software, designed to allow cell concentration and viability data to be captured quickly and precisely.

GeneTex tumour markers

12 June, 2023

A tumour marker is a substance produced, or induced, by cancer cells that can be detected in body fluids or tumour tissues.

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