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Platform helps accelerate synthetic and metabolic workflows

24 November, 2023

Ultrahigh-throughput, droplet-based screening had long been on Biosyntia's radar for its immense potential in cell factory development.

Phasefocus Livecyte T-Cell Killing Assay tracks cancer cells and quantifies T-cell interactions

01 November, 2023

Most T-cell therapies fail in in vivo models and in clinical studies and therefore there is a need to produce an in vitro model to test T cell therapies that is robust and reliable.

anvajo Fluidlab R300 combined spectrophotometer and cell counter

01 November, 2023

Pacific Laboratory Products' anvajo Fluidlab R-300 combined spectrophotometer and cell counter is a handheld device for in-lab or remote use. Featuring a pocket-sized instrument and easy-to-use cuvettes or sample carriers for cell counting, it is suitable for all to use.

Logos Biosystems QUANTOM Tx for automated single bacterial cell count

01 October, 2023

QUANTOM Tx is an automated fluorescence-stained microbial cell counter with fluorescence imaging and analysis that counts bacterial cells as small as 0.3 μm, in around 30 s/sample.

WPI EVOM Auto for TEER measurements

01 October, 2023

WPI's EVOM Auto combines TEER technology with high-throughput screening capabilities, resulting in the automated measurement of resistance in 96-well cell culture plates.

Small-scale bioreactor helps create cultivated meat

26 September, 2023

Magic Valley scientists have utilised an Applikon bioreactor in the process of creating cultivated meat that is completely free from animal by-products.

Logos Biosystems LUNA automated cell counters

01 July, 2023

Cell counters from Logos Biosystems are equipped with high-quality optics and sophisticated software, designed to allow cell concentration and viability data to be captured quickly and precisely.

GeneTex tumour markers

12 June, 2023

A tumour marker is a substance produced, or induced, by cancer cells that can be detected in body fluids or tumour tissues.

Readily3D Tomolite 3D volumetric bioprinter

01 June, 2023

The Tomolite is a 3D bioprinter produced by Readily3D for rapid, contactless, high-viability, tomographic bioprinting. It uses volumetric bioprinting technology to produce bio-ink/organic parts using liquid feedstock.

Plant scaffolds created for cultured meat

10 May, 2023

Researchers have 3D-printed an edible cell culture scaffold using common plant proteins, allowing for more sustainable lab-grown meat.

Magic Valley launches cultivated pork product

03 May, 2023

Agrifood startup Magic Valley has introduced its cultivated pork product, designed to provide the same flavour experience as traditionally farmed pork.

Bio-Rad Laboratories StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow Dyes

14 February, 2023

Designed to offer high brightness with narrow excitation and emission profiles for precise resolution, the dyes expand research capabilities across the blue (488 nm) and yellow (561 nm) lasers.

Cayman Chemical CaspGLOW Fluorescein Active Caspase Staining Kit

06 January, 2023

The CaspGLOW Fluorescein Active Caspase Staining Kit from Cayman Chemical provides a convenient and rapid tool to assess caspase activation in live cells with validated protocols for fluorescence microscopy, fluorimetry and flow cytometry.

FBS-free methods for creating cultivated meat

16 December, 2022 by Lauren Davis

There's one small problem with the cultivated meat process as it currently stands: it's still reliant on animal products.

Erbi Biosystems Breez micro-bioreactor

12 December, 2022

Erbi Biosystems is the developer of the 2 mL Breez micro-bioreactor — a micro-scale, fully automated, functionally closed and continuous perfusion cell culture platform.

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