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Twist Multiplexed Gene Fragments

17 June, 2024

Twist Multiplexed Gene Fragments offer a novel pooled format for up to hundreds of thousands of gene fragments, between 301 and 500 base pairs in length.

Gene therapy for frontotemporal dementia

13 June, 2024

A new therapeutic approach for treating frontotemporal dementia — an incurable brain disease — uses modified viruses to replace a missing protein in the brain.

ACROBiosystems target antigens for CAR-T therapy development

24 May, 2024

ACROBiosystems' growing list of proteins includes many fluorescent-labelled target antigens and pre-biotinylated proteins that are suitable for evaluating CAR expression.

Revvity Horizon Discovery Pin-point Base Editing Platform

24 May, 2024

The Horizon Discovery Pin-point Base Editing platform from Revvity, with its novel three-part design and strong safety profile, is designed to enhance base editing's capabilities by enabling simultaneous modification of several genes at once.

Cell-mapping project to uncover genetic fingerprints of disease

22 May, 2024

The $27m project will see researchers map 50 million human cells from 10,000 people to identify unique genomic fingerprints of autoimmune diseases, heart diseases and cancer.

Fast growth during puberty linked to long-term health conditions

20 May, 2024

Being taller at early puberty and experiencing quicker pubertal growth were associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation — an irregular and abnormally fast heart rate.

Gene editing could make quolls resistant to cane toad toxin

14 May, 2024

Scientists from Colossal Biosciences and The University of Melbourne have introduced genetic resistance against the cane toad toxin into marsupial cells.

Genetic cause found for rare neurological disease

09 May, 2024

The progressive neurological disease known as spinocerebellar ataxia 4 (SCA4) is a rare movement disorder with no known cure and, until recently, no known cause.

OGT SureSeq Myeloid Fusion Panel

07 May, 2024

The RNA-based SureSeq Myeloid Fusion Panel is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) tool for identifying key fusion genes implicated in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Researchers find the 'switch' that deactivates brown fat

06 May, 2024

Researchers have found a protein that is responsible for turning off brown fat activity, in a breakthrough which could help to address obesity and related health problems.

Personality influences the expression of our genes

18 April, 2024

An international research team has used artificial intelligence to show that our personalities alter the expression of our genes, and thus affect our health and wellbeing.

Gene discovery offers hope for new kidney disease treatments

15 April, 2024

Researchers have identified a gene that plays a crucial role in regulating energy supply to cells that drive kidney failure.

Inhibiting MERTK gene treats fibrosis in multiple organs

08 April, 2024

New research confirms the role of MERTK in multiple organ fibrosis and could lead to the development of much-needed anti-fibrotic treatments.

A novel technique for creating human artificial chromosomes

02 April, 2024

The new method allows human artificial chromosomes to be crafted quickly and precisely, which will speed up the rate at which DNA research can be done.

New England Biolabs NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq kit

01 April, 2024

NEBNext Enzymatic 5hmC-seq empowers researchers with the ability to unravel the complexities of epigenetic regulation, particularly the role of 5hmC in various biological processes and diseases.

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