TOPTICA FemtoFiber ultra 920 laser system

23 October, 2020 | Lastek Pty Ltd

The FemtoFiber ultra series of compact laser systems, by TOPTICA, provide femtosecond pulses with high average power in the near-infrared range with good beam quality.

AdipoGen Life Sciences tubulin products for neurodegeneration research

22 October, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad range of microtubule research solutions. This includes tubulin-specific antibodies, unique and validated post-translational modification-specific antibodies and Rab1-GTP and Rab6-GTP specific antibodies.

SYnAbs monoclonal antibodies

21 October, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

SYnAbs produces innovative monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System

16 October, 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The modular, closed cell therapy processing system enables scalable cell therapy development and manufacturing. The system facilitates workflows from research through to GMP clinical development and commercial manufacturing.

Merck VirusExpress Lentiviral Production Platform

15 October, 2020 | Merck Pty Ltd

The platform helps to overcome lentiviral production challenges and can reduce process development time by approximately 40%, according to the company.

BioGX Xfree COVID-19 Direct RT-PCR test

14 October, 2020 | Ngaio Diagnostics

The Xfree COVID-19 Direct RT-PCR test is a complete test in a single vial, lyophilised in the BioGX Sample-Ready format. Just add water and the patient sample, and run the test on a validated real-time PCR instrument.

Cytiva Fibro PrismA antibody purification technology

12 October, 2020 | Cytiva

Cytiva's Fibro PrismA antibody purification technology has been designed to support the industry's drive for increased speed and flexibility, in order to advance the development of novel therapeutics.

Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Systems

09 October, 2020 | Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd

Bio-Rad Laboratories' CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Systems are suitable for research and genomic testing as well as in pathogen detection and infectious disease testing.

PixCell Medical HemoScreen haematology analyser

08 October, 2020 | Point of Care Diagnostics

PixCell Medical has received regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for its HemoScreen device, designed to make the most common complete blood count (CBC) test accessible locally when results are needed quickly.

PCR Biosystems NGSBIO Library Quant Kit for Illumina

08 October, 2020 | Custom Science Australia Pty Ltd

The kit contains all the components necessary for sensitive quantification of DNA libraries prior to next-generation sequencing (NGS) with Illumina platforms.

Navinci Diagnostics NaveniFlex immunostaining kits

06 October, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

NaveniFlex kits enable high-quality protein detection and analysis of proteins, protein interactions or protein modifications in cultured cells as well as in fresh-frozen and FFPE samples.

Scientifica SliceScope Pro 3000 electrophysiology system

05 October, 2020 | SciTech Pty Ltd

The SliceScope Pro 3000 electrophysiology system from Scientifica is a fixed microscope imaging system designed for in vitro electrophysiology and capable of accommodating advanced imaging, such as two-photon and confocal imaging.

Leinco Technologies COVID-19 ImmunoRank Neutralization MICRO-ELISA

02 October, 2020 | Jomar Life Research

Leinco Technologies collaborated with ADMA Biologics to develop the COVID-19 ImmunoRank Neutralization MICRO-ELISA — a 96-well ELISA-based assay for evaluating convalescent plasma, antibody therapies and determining the effectiveness of vaccines for COVID-19.

NanoString GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA)

01 October, 2020 | Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) is a reagent solution designed for comprehensive profiling of spatial biology using the NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) system.

Fluidic Analytics Fluidity One-W Serum for in-solution affinity profiling

01 October, 2020 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Fluidity One‑W Serum is a novel in-solution immunoassay platform that allows researchers to characterise and quantify antigen-antibody interactions directly in minimally diluted serum.

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