Bioside qualyfast DNA Extraction Kit

20 January, 2021 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The qualyfast DNA Extraction Kit, from Bioside, is a fast DNA extraction kit designed to detect Legionella in clear water samples. Extracted DNA can be directly used in downstream applications, including PCR and qPCR, without the need for further purification.

Lumencor SOLA light engines

19 January, 2021 | SciTech Pty Ltd

Lumencor's family of SOLA light engines provide modern solid-state illumination for microscopy and other life science applications. Now the company has further enhanced the SOLA light engine product line with the addition of active light output stabilisation, fully linear intensity control and electronic control interfaces on all models.

Mightex Polygon DMD pattern illuminator for targeted photostimulation

18 January, 2021 | SciTech Pty Ltd

Mightex's Polygon DMD pattern illuminator provides precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it a useful illumination tool for life science research.

Illumina Connected Analytics bioinformatics software

14 January, 2021 | Illumina Australia Pty Ltd

The software provides a comprehensive, private, cloud-based data platform that empowers customers to manage, analyse and explore large volumes of multi-omic data in a secure, scalable and flexible environment.

Thermo Scientific CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers

13 January, 2021 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers (CRF) are designed to safeguard sample safety and integrity using Type T thermocouples for real-time monitoring of chamber and sample temperatures.

Bollé Safety Ninka eye shield

01 January, 2021 | Bolle Safety AU Pty Ltd

Ninka protective eyewear is specifically designed for the healthcare and service industries, for use where there are dangers associated with splashes and droplets.

Malvern Zetasizer Advance range for nanoparticle size and concentration

01 January, 2021 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Zetasizer Advance family of light-scattering instruments offer the versatility to deliver fast and comprehensive particle size analysis.

Liebherr Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

01 January, 2021 | Andi-Co Australia

The 500- and 700-litre volume models offer extreme low temperatures of between -40°C and -86°C, allowing laboratories to cover a wide range of applications.

Nanosurf DriveAFM tip scanning AFM with photothermal actuation

01 January, 2021 | SciTech Pty Ltd

The DriveAFM, from Nanosurf, is a tip scanning atomic force microscope designed to deliver stable, high-end performance in biological applications.

Promise Advanced Proteomics DIGESTIF tryptic digestion quality control

21 December, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

DIGESTIF is a generic standard designed to release indicators peptides which reflect the efficiency of digestion step on any bottom-up proteomics experiment.

AdipoGen Life Sciences FGL1 (human) ELISA Kit

18 December, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

AdipoGen Life Sciences has developed a highly sensitive (1.8 pg/mL) and specific FGL1 (human) ELISA kit that can be used for the quantitative measurement of FGL1 in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant samples.

Hylec Controls vaccine freezer storage

17 December, 2020 | Hylec Controls Pty Ltd

Hylec Controls' range of vaccine freezer storage includes upright freezers, chest freezers and mobile freezers for storage down to -86°C.

CellBank Australia HeLa H2B-GFP and HeLa H2B-GFP cell lines for chromatin research

16 December, 2020 | CellBank Australia

CellBank Australia has released two cell lines for the study of chromatin architecture and dynamics. The HeLa derivatives are genetically modified to carry fluorescently tagged histone H2B proteins.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems TaqCheck SARS-CoV-2 Fast PCR Assay

15 December, 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Applied Biosystems TaqCheck SARS-CoV-2 Fast PCR Assay uses raw saliva samples and is designed to simplify lab workflows using instruments that are widely available to deliver data quickly.

Exalpha Biologicals Recombinant Mouse anti-human CD56/NCAM antibody

14 December, 2020 | Sapphire Bioscience

The antibody has been validated for use in flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry with both frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

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