SCIEX Biologics Explorer protein characterisation software

07 September, 2021 | AB Sciex Australia Pty Ltd

SCIEX's Biologics Explorer software enables users to acquire insights from their high-resolution protein characterisation data, and to therefore reach decisions quickly and confidently on the most important critical quality attributes for biopharmaceuticals.

ProSci single-domain antibodies

06 September, 2021 | Sapphire Bioscience

ProSci's sdAb products are designed to introduce a further capability to research regimens in the areas of immuno-oncology and immune checkpoints in addition to SARS-CoV-2 Spike.

Mercodia Mouse Insulin ELISA

03 September, 2021 | Sapphire Bioscience

Mercodia's Mouse Insulin ELISA provides a method for the quantitative determination of insulin in mouse serum or plasma and only requires a 10 µL sample volume.

Aviva Mycoplasma Detection Kit

03 September, 2021 | Sapphire Bioscience

Aviva's Mycoplasma Detection Kit is designed to specifically detect potential Mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

Eppendorf CellXpert CO2 incubator with 4- or 8-segmented inner doors

03 September, 2021 | Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The segmented inner doors of the CellXpert help to reduce the disturbance of the incubation conditions, thus improving reproducibility of culturing results.

Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop FEG-SEM

01 September, 2021 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The FEG-SEM offers floor-model performance on a desktop microscope, with loads of added benefits that make it fast and easy to operate.

SCIEX P/ACE MDQ Plus capillary electrophoresis system

01 September, 2021 | AB Sciex Australia Pty Ltd

The product offers fast and practical high-resolution separation for quantification of charged and polar analytes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific SPD Integrated SpeedVac kits

01 September, 2021 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The SPD Integrated SpeedVac kits are designed to take sample concentration to a higher level, as each kit is a completely self-contained unit.

Proteintech IHCeasy Ready-to-use IHC Kits

01 September, 2021 | United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

The IHCeasy Ready-to-use IHC Kits from Proteintech are designed to provide all the antibodies and reagents required to stain tissue samples, including the primary antibody.

Camfil Quad Pulse Package compact dust collector

01 September, 2021 | Camfil Australia Pty Ltd

The Quad Pulse Package PX is a space-saving cleaning unit requiring a single primary HEPA filter cartridge.

WPI MICRO-ePORE pinpoint cell penetrator

01 September, 2021 | Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd

The MICRO-ePORE pinpoint cell penetrator from WPI is a simple and versatile system that can be used for efficient microinjection of a diverse array of components and biomolecules into oocytes and pre-implantation stage mammalian embryos.

Vaisala VaiNet RFL100 wireless CO2 data logger for incubator monitoring

01 September, 2021 | Vaisala Pty Ltd

Vaisala's latest life science environmental measurement solution combines the company's carbon dioxide probe GMP251 with the wireless RFL100 data logger.

Pluto collaborative life sciences platform

30 August, 2021 | Pluto Biosciences

The Pluto platform is designed to simplify secure, collaborative data sharing and bioinformatics analysis for academic, biotech and pharmaceutical organisations.

HEMCO Inline Fume Scrubber

27 August, 2021 | HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO's Inline Fume Scrubber can be used for removing highly corrosive and acid fumes from individual laboratory fume hoods.

HEMCO neutralisation tanks

27 August, 2021 | HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO's neutralisation tanks are designed to dilute and neutralise laboratory waste and concentrated corrosives.

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