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Identifying wine based on chemical signature

11 December, 2023

By applying AI tools to existing data, researchers have successfully identified the chemical mark of red wines from seven major estates in the Bordeaux region.

TdB Labs blue dextran

13 October, 2023

Blue dextran is used in affinity chromatography, allowing for the identification of proteins (purified or in crude cellular extracts) and improving the purification procedures for various proteins.

3M Polisher ST anion exchange purifier

29 September, 2023

The 3M Polisher ST is intended to reduce host cell protein (HCP) impurities, viruses and other negatively charged contaminants in flow-through polishing chromatography of biopharmaceutical process streams.

RedShift Bio HaLCon Analyser for on-demand protein titre measurements

01 September, 2023

The HaLCon Analyser is an advanced, fit-for-purpose, liquid chromatography platform designed to provide protein titre results equivalent to traditional protein A, HPLC with a faster and easier platform method.

Waters XBridge Premier GTx BEH SEC columns for gene therapy applications

08 August, 2023

The Waters XBridge Premier GTx BEH SEC columns are designed to double the speed of measuring the potency and safety of adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors.

Waters Alliance iS HPLC System

22 March, 2023

Waters has introduced the Alliance iS HPLC System, designed to reduce compliance risk by adding proactive error detection, troubleshooting and ease of use.

Malvern OMNISEC multi-detection to monitor stability and aggregate formation

01 March, 2023

Using the Malvern Panalytical OMNISEC multi-detection SEC system, the addition of a light scattering detector enables absolute molecular weight measurements.

IonOpticks Aurora Frontier UHPLC column for proteomics applications

29 November, 2022

IonOpticks' Aurora Frontier UHPLC column has been designed with the goal of revolutionising the field of proteomics, achieving more than 10,000 proteins per sample.

Thermo Scientific EXTREVA ASE Accelerated Solvent Extractor

28 October, 2022

The product can automatically extract and concentrate analytes of interest from solid and semi-solid samples in a single instrument, eliminating manual sample transfer for a walk-away sample-to-vial workflow.

Thermo Scientific Vanquish Analytical Purification LC system

13 October, 2022

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Analytical Purification LC system is designed to combine the separation power of analytical LC with precise fractionation to generate high-purity products or for the isolation of contaminants.

Thermo Scientific μPAC HPLC columns

31 August, 2022

The columns provide ultrahigh resolution to extract the maximum amount of information from complex samples with low-flow chromatography.

The Smart Behind Separations: GC 2400 Platform with Detachable Touchscreen

16 August, 2022

Discover the GC 2400 Platform, offering innovative technology that enables access to real-time information on the go.

Thermo Scientific Transcend DSX-1 UHPLC system

05 August, 2022

The Thermo Scientific Transcend DSX-1 integrated sample prep and UHPLC system eliminates disc punching typically associated with dried matrix (spot) cards, and optimises sample extraction and recovery of multiple matrices.

3M Harvest RC chromatographic clarifier

02 August, 2022

The product enables a single-stage clarification process of low- to high-density cell culture (> 40 million cells per mL) with high recovery.

Bio-Rad Laboratories EconoFit chromatography column packs

30 June, 2022

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched its EconoFit low-pressure prepacked chromatography column packs to support resin screening experiments in the development of protein purification workflows.

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