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Andor ZL41 Cell sCMOS camera

01 December, 2023

ZL41 Cell is the next generation in the Zyla sCMOS series from Andor, making it possible to transform a normal fluorescence microscope into a super-resolution microscope.

SMi Systems secures patent for single-molecule imaging tech

25 October, 2023

According to SMi, the patented technology consists of highly specialised optics that allow the company to view single molecules at unprecedented resolution.

PCO Imaging pco.edge 4.2 back-illuminated sCMOS camera for microscopy

01 October, 2023

The pco.edge 4.2 back-illuminated sCMOS monochrome camera comes with high resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels, a 6.5 x 6.5 μm2 pixel size for high-quality images and quantum efficiency up to 95%.

MRI scans found to improve prostate cancer diagnosis

06 September, 2023

Using MRI as a screening test alongside prostate specific antigen (PSA) density allows detection of cancers that would have been missed by the blood test alone.

Tau PET imaging can predict cognitive decline

21 August, 2023

Scientists wanted to determine which imaging modality — amyloid PET, glucose metabolism PET or tau PET — would best predict future cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

Teledyne Imaging Evolve 16 EMCCD camera with high sensitivity

17 July, 2023

The Evolve 16 is a high-resolution, back-illuminated EMCCD camera from Teledyne Imaging providing the highest sensitivity in the Evolve range for low-light applications such as single molecule imaging, TIRF microscopy and more.

Terahertz wave camera images the microscopic world

03 July, 2023

Scientists have demonstrated that a terahertz wave camera can capture 3D images of microscopic items hidden inside small objects, in what is reported to be a world first.

Ultrafast fluorescent imaging of living cells

21 June, 2023

Japanese researchers claim to have developed the world's fastest camera capable of detecting fluorescence from single molecules.

Grace Bio-Labs CoverWell imaging chambers

14 June, 2023

Grace Bio-Labs' CoverWell imaging chambers are designed to stabilise and support thick and free-floating specimens for confocal microscopy and imaging applications.

New technique for super-resolution images

19 May, 2023

Researchers have found that speckle structured illumination endoscopy can provide high-resolution images with a wide field of view and a large depth of field.

Bioengineering tiny hearts offers insight into heart disease

17 May, 2023

An Australian research team has succeeded in introducing a vascular system into tiny beating model human heart muscles.

Assessing donor hearts with laser speckle imaging

10 May, 2023

French researchers are using a new, non-invasive technique to visualise microvasculature in donor hearts and detect abnormal blood flow.

Excelitas pco.edge 6.2 LE long exposure sCMOS camera

28 April, 2023

The Excelitas pco.edge 6.2 LE sCMOS camera is optimised to realise long exposure times from milliseconds to minutes or even up to one hour.

Teledyne Imaging Evolve 10 high-sensitivity EMCCD camera

06 April, 2023

The Evolve 10 is a high-resolution, back-illuminated EMCCD camera from Teledyne Imaging providing high sensitivity for low-light applications.

Non-invasive imaging used to study atherosclerosis

05 April, 2023

Researchers used a non-invasive imaging method to better study atherosclerosis in mice, which helps them to better understand and treat narrowing of blood vessels.

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