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Laser scanning microscope for fast cancer cell detection

02 May, 2022

Using a combination of laser scanning microscopy and fluorescent tumour markers, doctors can detect any remaining cancer cells immediately after an operation.

Rotating laser light illuminates living cells

22 April, 2022

Researchers have found a way to make the smallest objects clearly visible without fluorescence, thanks to a process called 'rotating coherent scattering'.

Extend the life and performance of your microscope — without breaking the bank

19 April, 2022 by Craig Rappaport, Senior Sales Specialist, Life Science Microscopy*

The bounds of research microscopy are rapidly expanding while individual lab budgets are shrinking.

Nanosurf NaioSTM tabletop scanning tunnelling microscope

09 March, 2022

The NaioSTM, by Nanosurf, is a scanning tunnelling microscope that offers easy entry into the world of atoms.

Lumencor PEKA Light Engine

02 March, 2022

Lumencor's PEKA Light Engine provides a high-performance, mercury-free, turnkey alternative to conventional tungsten-halogen light sources for transmitted light microscopy, brightfield microscopy and other applications.

Building a microscope that sees with helium

23 February, 2022 by Stephane Marouani, Country Manager ANZ

Shooting small atoms at samples doesn't damage delicate specimens.

Microscopy method enables 3D adaptive optical imaging

22 February, 2022

Real-time, aberration-free, dynamic speckle microscopy has been realised by researchers using a compressed time-reversal matrix.

3D X-ray microscopy pioneered for plant imaging

13 January, 2022

US researchers have used X-ray microscope technology to image plant cells, whole tissues and even organs at unprecedented depths with cellular resolution.

Andor BC43 benchtop confocal microscope

01 December, 2021

A high-speed confocal microscope with a small footprint, BC43 is purposefully easy to use, allowing researchers to save time while capturing high-quality 3D images.

JEOL JSM-IT510 series scanning electron microscope

12 November, 2021

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) applications are expanding to include not only basic research, but also quality control at manufacturing sites.

Nikon Eclipse Ci-L plus upright microscope

01 November, 2021

The Eclipse Ci-L plus biological microscope from Nikon has been ergonomically enhanced in order to improve long-term comfort.

Crest Optics DeepSIM super-resolution confocal microscope module

29 October, 2021

Based on a multispot structured illumination system, the easy-to-use module can be used to study cellular structures up to an XY resolution of ~100 nm.

Colour-changing microscope slides can detect cancer

26 October, 2021

By modifying the surface of conventional microscope slides at the nanoscale, biological structures and cells take on a striking colour contrast which can be used to detect disease.

Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop FEG-SEM

01 September, 2021

The FEG-SEM offers floor-model performance on a desktop microscope, with loads of added benefits that make it fast and easy to operate.

CytoSMART Lux3 BR brightfield live-cell imaging system

11 August, 2021

CytoSMART Technologies has announced the CytoSMART Lux3 BR brightfield live-cell imaging system — a small brightfield microscope equipped with a high-quality 6.4 MP CMOS camera.

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