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Fibre laser microscope for analysing molecules in cells

10 July, 2020

A new microscope is said to generate far less noise than customary designs, and its compactness and stability make it suitable for use in hospital operating rooms.

Thermo Scientific Krios Rx cryo-transmission electron microscope

19 June, 2020

The Thermo Scientific Krios Rx is a high-end cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM) designed specifically for ease of use and enhanced automation.

JEOL JSM-IT800 Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope

03 June, 2020

JOEL's JSM-IT800, with the Intelligence Technology (IT) platform, incorporates the company's In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun for various applications from high-resolution imaging to fast elemental mapping.

Thorlabs Chrolis 6-Wavelength High-Power LED Source

22 May, 2020

Thorlabs' Chrolis 6-Wavelength High-Power LED Source is a 6-colour light engine for fluorescence excitation applications. The configurable design combines the light from six user-chosen high-power LEDs into a single 3 mm liquid light guide.

Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Laser PFIB

20 May, 2020

The Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Laser PFIB system is an advanced focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) with a fully integrated femtosecond laser that quickly characterises millimetre-scale volumes of material in 3D with nanometre resolution.

3D imaging tech makes fluorescence microscopy more efficient

06 May, 2020

Hong Kong researchers have developed a new optical imaging technology that they believe will push the boundaries of living cells research.

Portable imaging microscope for digital pathology

01 May, 2020

The Grundium Ocus portable whole slide imaging microscope gives any hospital, clinic or laboratory the capacity to scan slides in-house and access the pathologist or researcher remotely.

Self-aligning microscope detects molecular interactions

20 April, 2020

The ultraprecise microscope is capable of detecting interactions between individual molecules within intact cells. RCM (1.1) imaging system

02 April, 2020

The RCM (1.1) from is an upgraded version of the RCM (1.0) imaging system. It is suitable for small labs with limited budgets but demanding tasks, particularly when high sensitivity and resolution are desired from the imaging system.

JEOL NeoScope JCM-7000 benchtop SEM

01 April, 2020

The NeoScope JCM-7000 from JEOL produces high magnification up to 100,000x with large depth of field.

Ultra high resolution microscopy cameras

19 February, 2020

The latest Jenoptik GRYPHAX® ultra high resolution microscopy cameras are the ideal cameras for optimal microscope imaging.

3D microscopy reveals new phenomena in living cells

17 January, 2020

Combining image analysis with a 3D microscopy technique allows researchers to quantify new or little-understood cell biology phenomena, according to Swiss scientists.

Quantitative phase imaging with a standard microscope

29 November, 2019

Researchers have shown how a standard microscope can be adapted to provide even more information, thanks to the use of an innovative optical component and a reconstruction algorithm.

Nikon Eclipse Ci upright microscope

01 November, 2019

The Eclipse Ci upright microscope offers simultaneous, motorised switching of objective lens, condenser and light intensity.

3D and 4D holotomographic imaging of unstained specimens

01 November, 2019

The quest to find high-resolution intracellular imaging techniques that do not require any expression of artificial genes has led to the upsurge in development of unlabelled techniques.

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