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New microscopy technique assists with stem cell screening

18 April, 2019

Japanese researchers have found a new way to identify stem cells with the greatest potential for medical use. Their secret weapon? A new microscopy technique.

Scientifica SliceScope slimline upright microscope

25 March, 2019

Scientifica introduces the SliceScope — a stable, compact and slimline upright microscope. Its modular and versatile design enables it to be used for a range of neuroscience techniques.

Winemaking under the electron microscope

20 March, 2019 by Dr Cameron Chai

Electron micrographs provide a highly detailed view of structures relating to winemaking, revealing features that are largely invisible to winemakers and wine lovers alike.

Phi Optics gradient light interference microscopy (GLIM) for inverted microscopes

01 March, 2019

Multiple scattering limits the contrast in optical imaging of thick specimens. Gradient light interference microscopy (GLIM) is a quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technique that can address this issue.

Aurox unity laser-free confocal fluorescence microscope

01 March, 2019

Aurox unity is an all-in-one, compact, laser-free confocal microscope system designed for high-resolution confocal images comparable to those of significantly larger confocal microscopy systems.

Luxendo MuVi-SPIM single plane illumination microscope for light sheet microscopy

01 March, 2019

Luxendo's MuVi-SPIM is a single plane illumination microscope designed to facilitate rapid in-toto fluorescence imaging of biological specimens with subcellular resolution.

TESCAN S8000X Xe plasma FIB-SEM

25 February, 2019

The TESCAN S8000X Xe plasma FIB-SEM offers versatility, ultrahigh-resolution imaging and high-speed nanomachining capabilities. It combines TESCAN's BrightBeam SEM column with its iFIB+ focused ion beam column.

Powerful microscope captures 'haystack' nanoscaffold

15 January, 2019

Researchers have directly visualised, at the molecular level, a structure that is triggered in response to a cellular signal, expanding our understanding of how cells move.

Luxendo MuVi SPIM Cleared Sample Light-Sheet Microscope

21 December, 2018

The Luxendo MuVi SPIM (Cleared Sample) enables 3D imaging of optically cleared samples. It brings together light-sheet fluorescence microscopy and tissue clearing techniques and provides solutions in terms of sample mounting, sample size and optics to enable fast, high-quality 3D imaging of cleared samples.

Hitachi Ethos NX5000 FIB-SEM

10 December, 2018

The Hitachi Ethos FIB-SEM incorporates the latest-generation FE-SEM with beam brightness and stability.

Aus scientists to develop $500m project in Mexico

06 December, 2018

Two Australian scientists have been appointed to assist with the development of a $500 million-dollar synchrotron facility in Mexico.

Nikon Eclipse Ci upright microscope

01 December, 2018

The Eclipse Ci upright microscope offers simultaneous, motorised switching of objective lens, condenser and light intensity.

Leica Microsystems DM6 M LIBS microscope

22 November, 2018

The Leica Microsystems DM6 M LIBS microscope allows users to identify the microstructure composition of interest, then trigger the LIBS analysis with a single click.

ASI Imaging dual selective plane illumination microscopy for cleared tissue (ct-dSPIM)

05 November, 2018

The ASI Imaging dual selective plane illumination microscopy for cleared tissue (ct-dSPIM) allows for dual views (d) of large samples such as cleared tissue (ct).

Tomocube HT-2 Holotomographic microscope with 3D fluorescence imaging

01 November, 2018

The HT-2 facilitates three-dimensional fluorescence and optical diffraction tomography of live cells using structured illumination with minimal stress on cells.

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