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Brain imaging used to diagnose hearing impairment in infants

28 November, 2023

Non-invasive brain imaging has helped researchers to diagnose hearing impairments in infants and prescribe the most effective treatment as early as possible.

TOPTICA TopMode single-frequency diode laser series

26 October, 2023

TOPTICA has introduced wavelengths at 445 and 447 nm into its TopMode single-frequency diode laser series, suitable for high-resolution Raman spectroscopy, microlithography, multi-wavelength digital holography and interferometry.

Onsite microplastic detection kit developed

19 October, 2023

South Korean scientists have developed what they claim to be the world's first technology to rapidly and highly sensitively detect microplastics in the field.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Proteins: Meet Aurora, by RedShiftBio

17 October, 2023

Researchers constantly seek advanced technologies to better understand the intricacies of proteins, and one such groundbreaking innovation is the RedShiftBio Aurora Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) System.

Advancing food science with microfluidic modulation spectroscopy

10 October, 2023

Dr Woojeong Kim, a passionate researcher in the field of food science and engineering, shares her journey and contributions made in the realm of food research.

Shedding light on the origins of life on Earth

10 July, 2023

A new technology has been deployed to quite literally shed further light on an age-old question: what are the origins of life on Earth?

Thorlabs RASP1 and RASP2 Portable Coded-Aperture Raman Spectrometers

09 June, 2023

With the ability to measure Raman spectra in the fingerprint and high-frequency regions, the devices allow for the analysis of the chemical composition of both solid and liquid samples.

Frequency comb breathalyser detects COVID-19

27 April, 2023

Researchers have upgraded a breathalyser based on Nobel Prize-winning frequency comb technology and combined it with machine learning to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection.

JEOL Cryogen Reclamation System for NMR

18 April, 2023

JEOL's Cryogen Reclamation System offers a convenient and effective way to manage and maintain an NMR instrument's cryogen levels.

Hyperspectral imaging system patented

20 March, 2023

The technology makes it possible to obtain complete characterisations of the chemical composition of the sample being analysed.

MMS tracks stability and structure to assure the safety, efficacy and functionality of biotherapeutics

19 December, 2022

Meet Apollo, by RedShiftBio — your next-gen solution to the challenges of protein characterisation.

RedShiftBio Apollo for automated biomolecular structure, similarity and stability

01 December, 2022

Microfluidic modulation spectroscopy (MMS) is a new technique that should make it easier to exploit the inherent advantages of IR spectroscopy for measurements of secondary structure.

PerkinElmer MPS 320 microwave sample preparation system

05 October, 2022

The system delivers simple microwave sample preparation needed as a first step in any successful trace elemental analysis workflow.

JASCO FT/IR-4/6/8X spectrometers for the food and beverage industry

26 September, 2022

The FT/IR-4X is the entry-level model in the latest JASCO FTIR range (FT/IR-4/6/8X). These benchtop instruments are both powerful and compact in size.

NMR measurements without strong magnetic fields

12 September, 2022

Researchers have been able to extend the application range of ZULF NMR with the help of an inexpensive, rapid and versatile method of hyperpolarisation.

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