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Abcalis Multiclonal Recombinant Secondary Antibodies

10 August, 2022

Multiclonals consist of defined mixtures of carefully selected individual recombinant monoclonal antibodies, recognising different epitopes on all four different subclasses of human IgG.

GeneTex ion channel antibodies

09 August, 2022

GeneTex offers a wide selection of antibodies to support ion channel research, with IHC-validated and/or ICC/IF-validated antibodies to facilitate research efforts in this field.

The Native Antigen Company monkeypox antigens

26 July, 2022

The Native Antigen Company has moved to develop a series of monkeypox antigens to support research into this disease.

Bio-Rad Laboratories anti-brentuximab vedotin and anti-secukinumab antibodies

14 July, 2022

The anti-brentuximab vedotin and anti-secukinumab inhibitory antibodies are available in Fab (fragment antigen-binding) and fully human IgG1 formats with different affinities.

HUABIO phospho-specific recombinant antibodies

07 July, 2022

Phospho-specific antibodies can be used to detect the phosphorylated form of the target protein by binding to the site-specific phosphorylated amino acid.

GeneTex vision and retina antibodies

06 July, 2022

GeneTex offers a large selection of antibodies for vision and retina research. It offers IHC-validated and/or ICC/IF-validated antibodies.

Absolute Antibody Prometheus antibody humanisation service

17 June, 2022

Absolute Antibody has expanded its Prometheus antibody humanisation service to offer humanisation from non-murine origin species, including rabbit antibodies and single-domain camelid nanobodies.

The Native Antigen Company human coronavirus antigens and antibodies

12 May, 2022

Native Antigen has rapidly expanded its range of SARS-CoV-2 recombinant antigens and antibodies.

'Mini antibodies' treat mice for inflammation

03 May, 2022

Normal antibodies provide additional stimulation to the immune system and can therefore exacerbate inflammation — a property that nanobodies lack.

Merck ZooMAb recombinant antibodies

20 April, 2022

ZooMAb antibodies use recombinant technology, which offers an endless and consistent supply while reducing the use of animals in research.

Bio-Rad Laboratories anti-cemiplimab antibodies

15 April, 2022

Bio-Rad Laboratories has introduced a range of antibodies that are specific to cemiplimab (Libtayo) and inhibit the binding of the drug to its target, human programmed death receptor-1 (PD-1).

Everest Biotech prostate cancer antibodies

08 April, 2022

Everest Biotech's prostate cancer antibodies range includes PSA, AMACR, ERG and essential biomarkers.

GeneTex pyroptosis antibodies

07 April, 2022

GeneTex has a range of antibodies for the study of pyroptosis and inflammation biology.

AdipoGen Life Sciences PANoptosome Human Antibodies Starter Set

07 March, 2022

AdipoGen Life Sciences' PANoptosome Human Antibodies Starter Set is an all-in-one solution to study the three key modes of programmed cell death using the western blotting application.

LSBio IHC-plus antibodies

04 March, 2022

LSBio's IHC-plus antibodies have been tested and identified as being optimal for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) against FFPE human tissues.

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