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ProSci cytokine storm research antibodies and proteins

04 May, 2021

The cytokine storm is still a relatively recent discovery, scientifically speaking, and is actively being studied. ProSci enhances this type of research through supplying high-performance antibodies and recombinant proteins for investigating IFNs, ILs, TNF, chemokines, CSF and growth factors.

The Native Antigen Company recombinant SARS-CoV-2 spike mutants

01 May, 2021

To support the investigation of SARS-CoV-2 variants, The Native Antigen Company offers a growing range of recombinant mutant spike antigens.

Tick-transmitted brain disease may be treatable

15 April, 2021

Researchers have found antibodies capable of neutralising tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), a viral infectious disease transmitted by tick bites.

Aves Labs anti-green fluorescent protein antibody

14 April, 2021

Aves Labs' anti-green fluorescent protein antibody (GFP) is a highly cited chicken polyclonal antibody, having gained over 1300 citations worldwide.

Abcam recombinant antibodies

17 March, 2021

Abcam's recombinant antibodies overcome the limitations of traditional antibody production to provide a high level of consistency between batches, reproducibility, confirmed specificity and a long-term supply.

AdipoGen Life Sciences APO-1-3 and APO-1-1 apoptosis-inducing antibodies

16 February, 2021

AdipoGen Life Sciences' anti-Fas clones APO-1-3 and APO-1-1 are monoclonal antibodies that recognise human Fas and are capable of inducing Fas-mediated apoptosis.

Cancer drug delivered on a MOF

15 February, 2021

Loading a cancer immunotherapy drug onto a metal–organic framework improves both its delivery and its sustained release for treating leukaemia.

Researchers fast-track antibody development

10 February, 2021

Researchers have developed a method that fast-tracks the passage of biopharmaceuticals from the lab to clinical trials — from as long as two years to just six months.

Exalpha Biologicals Recombinant Mouse anti-human CD56/NCAM antibody

14 December, 2020

The antibody has been validated for use in flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry with both frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

Proteintech CoraLite fluorescent-dye conjugated antibodies

01 December, 2020

Proteintech's monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are now available directly conjugated with fluorescent dyes: CoraLite488, CoraLite594 and CoraLite647. They act as useful tools for immunofluorescence studies requiring multiplex co-labelling studies without the need for secondary antibodies.

ViroStat Marburg virus monoclonal antibodies

16 November, 2020

ViroStat has released several monoclonal antibodies to the Marburg virus — one of the causes of viral haemorrhagic fever.

GeneTex SARS-CoV/SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) spike antibody [1A9]

30 October, 2020

GeneTex's SARS-CoV/SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) spike antibody [1A9] detects both SARS-CoV spike and SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.

AdipoGen Life Sciences tubulin products for neurodegeneration research

22 October, 2020

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad range of microtubule research solutions. This includes tubulin-specific antibodies, unique and validated post-translational modification-specific antibodies and Rab1-GTP and Rab6-GTP specific antibodies.

SYnAbs monoclonal antibodies

21 October, 2020

SYnAbs produces innovative monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens.

Accurate solution phase affinity profiling of a SARS-CoV-2 antibody in serum

13 October, 2020 by Viola Denninger, Sebastian Fiedler, Alison Ilsley, Heike Fiegler and Sean Devenish

The ability to accurately characterize the immune response against SARS-CoV-2 is of vital importance in managing the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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