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CHROMagar C.difficile culture medium

04 July, 2014

CHROMagar C.difficile is a fluorogenic culture medium which is very sensitive and selective, especially designed to simplify and speed up the culture of C.difficile.

CHROMagar MH Orientation agar

04 March, 2014

CHROMagar MH Orientation is a chromogenic Muller Hinton agar which was developed to speed up result time by combining the chromogenic differentiation of the species in the sample and the antibiotic susceptibility test.

Ozeki Corporation Westase yeast cell lytic enzymes

29 January, 2014

Westase, manufactured by Ozeki Corporation in Japan, is prepared from the liquid culture supernatant of Streptomyces rochei DB-34. The product has complex lytic activity in yeast cells mainly consisting of -1,6 glucanase and -1,3 glucanase activity.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Microsart @media agar media dishes

26 January, 2014

The Microsart @media line of agar media dishes is for microbial limits testing according to the USP (Chapter <61>) and EP (Chapter 2.6.12). They are pre-filled with various agar media types, such as Tryptic Soy Agar or R2A Agar, sterile packaged and ready to use in combination with Microsart @filter units.

Corning culture vessels

05 December, 2013

Cell culture vessels, extending from open to closed systems, are available in various formats from Corning to meet research needs and support bioproduction.

Adherent cell cultivation is in the bag

14 June, 2013

How do you alter the inside of a closed bag without opening it? It’s not a trick question, as researchers in Braunschweig, Germany, have achieved just that.

Greiner Bio-One OneWell Plate

13 June, 2013

The OneWell Plate from Greiner Bio-One is an adherent cell culture treated plate. It is suitable for larger scale cultivation of cells in an SBS footprint format that is compatible with many automated systems.

PAA Foetal Bovine Serum Gold

13 February, 2013

Foetal Bovine Serum Gold from PAA is completely defined but is not a synthetic product, and contains no additives from other sera.

TAP Biosystems RAFT 3D cell culture system

14 August, 2012

The RAFT system, from TAP Biosystems, comprises a RAFT plate, reagents, plate heater and protocol for the production of collagen-based 3D cell cultures in a simple, consistent and reproducible format.

Neogen Soleris yeast and mould test

20 June, 2012

Neogen has developed a fast method to accurately detect yeast and mould in food products. The test can detect one colony forming unit (CFU) of yeast or mould per vial in 48 h or less - conventional methods take up to five days.

SAFC CHOZN Platform system

24 April, 2012

Sigma-Aldrich has announced that its custom manufacturing and services business unit, SAFC, is launching the CHOZN Platform system, a CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cell expression system that allows for faster, simpler selection and scale-up of high-producing clones for the production of recombinant protein drugs.

Lonza nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis

14 March, 2012

Lonza, with extensive experience in protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis, has an extensive range of products optimised for the unique requirements of most critical molecular biology techniques.

Lonza primary, diseased primary and stem cells

14 March, 2012

Lonza has available primary, diseased primary and stem cells. Research shows that non-transformed, non-immortalised cells isolated directly from tissue provide conditions that closely simulate a living model and yield more physiologically significant results.

Lonza Clonetics NHAC-kn-Normal Human Articular Chondrocytes

02 December, 2011 by

Clonetics NHAC-kn-Normal Human Articular Chondrocytes are performance tested and positive for type ll collagen and sulfated proteoglycans after differentiation.

Creating a more precise system for growing cells

31 August, 2011

When culturing cells, not only is the constitution of the media significant, so is the solid, physical environment. By using different patterned surfaces, researchers have found that they can use the surface itself to instruct the cells, which could be really useful for growing cells on a larger scale and differentiating them under defined conditions.

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