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3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates

04 April, 2011 by

3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates have been developed specifically to meet the needs of beverage manufacturers. The bacteria test can be used to detect four of the most common contaminants in drinks: heterotrophic count, coliform, yeast and mould and enterobacteriaceae.

Lonza Poietics osteoclast precursor cells and media

22 March, 2011 by

Poietics osteoclast precursors yield 70% conversion to mature and functional osteoclasts when differentiated using Poietics media.

Lonza BioWhittaker ProNS0 protein-free media

22 March, 2011 by

The BioWhittaker ProNS0 is a chemically defined, protein-free medium, with HEPES and Pluronic and without L-glutamine, phenol red or cholesterol.

Lonza PC-1 low-protein, serum-free medium

04 February, 2011 by

PC-1 is a low-protein, serum-free medium that can be used for the culture of primary cells and anchorage-dependent cell lines.

Lonza Clonetics human intestinal myofibroblasts

04 February, 2011 by

Clonetics human intestinal myofibroblasts, cryopreserved at passage 2 with 500,000 cells per vial, are available. The recommended media kit is SMGM-2 smooth muscle growth media.

Clonetics human cardiac fibroblasts from atrium and ventricle tissue

04 February, 2011 by

Clonetics human cardiac fibroblasts from atrial and ventricular tissue are isolated from adult heart tissue and cryopreserved at passage 2 with 500,000 cells per vial.

Poietics human osteoclast precursors

04 February, 2011

Osteoclasts are large, multinucleated cells that play an active role in bone resorption. The Poietics human osteoclast precursor cell system is designed for use in high-throughput research applications in osteoporosis, bone resorption and other bone-related diseases.

Poietics NHNP - normal human neural progenitor cells

11 January, 2011 by

Poietics normal human neural progenitor cells and media can be useful for research applications in drug development, neurotoxicity, neurogenesis, electrophysiology, CNS function and neurotransmitter disorders.

ProFreeze non-animal origin, chemically defined freeze medium

11 January, 2011 by

ProFreeze serum-free freezing medium has been specifically formulated for cryopreserving cells that have been propagated in serum-free media.

Hamilton BioLevitator benchtop 3D cell culture solution

24 November, 2010 by

The Hamilton BioLevitator is a convenient benchtop 3D cell culture solution that streamlines the cell culture process. It enables the culture of cells on the Global Eukaryotic Microcarrier (GEM) technology from Global Cell Solutions and provides all functions of a cell culture incubator, including controlled temperature and CO2 levels. Engineered to magnetically manoeuvre the GEM, the BioLevitator facilitates nutrient and gas exchange. In addition, its intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables simple control of the complete cell culture process.

Corning’s Synthemax and Osteo Assay surfaces

24 November, 2010 by

Corning Synthemax surface, a novel synthetic surface that supports the growth and differentiation of stem cells, is now available as a 6-well plate or 75 cm flask.

Lonza ProSieve colour protein markers

11 November, 2010 by

ProSieve colour protein markers contain sets of proteins and dyes for use as visible markers in SDS-PAGE gels to help monitor the efficiency of separation. In Western blotting they confirm transfer has occurred from the gel to the membrane.

Lonza BioWhittaker UltraDoma PF protein-free hybridoma medium

11 November, 2010 by

BioWhittaker UltraDoma with L-glutamine is a protein-free formulation designed for the cultivation of murine, human and chimeric hybridomas, myeloma growth and monoclonal antibody production.

Lonza Clonetics prostate smooth muscle cells

11 November, 2010 by

The Clonetics prostate smooth muscle cell system includes normal human prostate smooth muscle cells (PrSMC) and optimised growth medium.

Lonza Poietics rat mesenchymal stem cells

11 November, 2010 by

Poietics rat mesenchymal stem cells (rMSC) are isolated from bone marrow taken from the femur and tibia of female Fischer 344 rats.

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