Lab equipment

'Smart Petri Dish'

15 June, 2006

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a ‘Smart Petri Dish’ that could be used to rapidly screen new drugs for toxic interactions or identify cells in the early stages of cancer circulating through a patient’s blood.

Electronic manual dispensers

07 June, 2006 | Supplied by: Eppendorf South Pacific Pty Ltd

The Multipette stream and Multipette Xstream electronic manual dispensers feature speed, precision, flexibility and the ability to dispense liquids/ materials with high vapour pressure and/or high viscosity without risk of contamination. The ergonomic design, coupled with easy operation, ensures nearly effortless work.

Sterilising-grade PESfilters

07 June, 2006 | Supplied by: Millipore Pty Limited

Millipore Express SHR (sterile high-retention) filters provide sterilising-grade performance and mycoplasma removal across a range of applications including cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates and other biological fluids.

Purification portfolio

07 June, 2006 | Supplied by: Phenomenex Australia

Phenomenex has introduced its product portfolio for purifying synthetic oligonucleotides, Clarity BioSolutions.

Microwave digestion system

07 June, 2006 | Supplied by: Metrohm Australia & New Zealand

Anton Paar has introduced the Rotor 48MF50 for the Multiwave 3000 microwave platform system.

Benchtop centrifuges

05 May, 2006 | Supplied by: John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

The Sigma 3-18 and 3-18K high-speed benchtop centrifuges have maximum speeds of 16,000 and 18,000 rpm.

Turbidity measurement

05 May, 2006 | Supplied by:

With the introduction of the Turbimax CUE21-CUE26 compact line, Endress+Hauser now offers an alternative for turbidity measurement in drinking water and service (grey) water applications, while conforming to ISO and EPA standards.

Pressure calibrator

05 May, 2006 | Supplied by:

With the CPH 6000 process calibrator, routine tasks in the field such as testing or calibrating pressure measuring instruments and pressure switches, are said to be made far easier.

Laboratory labelling system

05 May, 2006 | Supplied by:

The latest addition to Brady's line of laboratory portable printing solutions is the Labxpert Laboratory Labelling System. The Labxpert printer reduces the time required to create labels while producing legible, durable, professional labels for lab samples at an affordable price.

Food grade hand pump

07 April, 2006 | Supplied by:

The Carbuset AP 25F manual food pumps are suitable for decanting liquid foodstuffs and are approved for contact with all foodstuffs, in compliance with European standards.

Cell harvesting and blood separation

07 April, 2006 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter has introduced an adapter that spins 50 mL conical tubes in the Allegra X-15R and X-12 Series benchtop centrifuges. The adapter accommodates 28 tubes per run in a BioCertified, self-balancing rotor and is suitable for cell harvesting and blood separation applications. The adapter runs at up to 5250 x g in the Aries 4 x 750 mL self-balancing rotor, which detects and automatically corrects for imbalance, continuing the run without shutdown.

DNA amplification system

08 March, 2006 | Supplied by: Pacific Laboratory Products

Pacific Laboratory Products (formerly Proscience/Tech-Pro divisions of Radiometer Pacific) has extended its range to incorporate Agilent's bioconsumables and the genomics/molecular biology products of Bioneer.

Flu chip can identify strains in hours

09 February, 2006

A novel Flu Chip, developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder, that can determine the genetic signatures of specific influenza strains from patient samples within hours may help world health officials combat coming epidemics and pandemics.

Non-cyclic defrost freezers and fridges

08 February, 2006 | Supplied by: Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The Sanyo range of biomedial freezers comes in a range of sizes and ensures samples, reagents and extractions are kept safe from damaging freeze/thaw cycles that can occur in domestic style, cyclic defrost units.

Hematocrit tubes

16 January, 2006 | Supplied by:

Drummond Scientific offers a choice of either plastic or plastic-coated hematocrit tubes to improve blood collection safety.

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