Lab equipment

Food grade hand pump

07 April, 2006 | Supplied by:

The Carbuset AP 25F manual food pumps are suitable for decanting liquid foodstuffs and are approved for contact with all foodstuffs, in compliance with European standards.

Cell harvesting and blood separation

07 April, 2006 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

Beckman Coulter has introduced an adapter that spins 50 mL conical tubes in the Allegra X-15R and X-12 Series benchtop centrifuges. The adapter accommodates 28 tubes per run in a BioCertified, self-balancing rotor and is suitable for cell harvesting and blood separation applications. The adapter runs at up to 5250 x g in the Aries 4 x 750 mL self-balancing rotor, which detects and automatically corrects for imbalance, continuing the run without shutdown.

DNA amplification system

08 March, 2006 | Supplied by: Pacific Laboratory Products

Pacific Laboratory Products (formerly Proscience/Tech-Pro divisions of Radiometer Pacific) has extended its range to incorporate Agilent's bioconsumables and the genomics/molecular biology products of Bioneer.

Flu chip can identify strains in hours

09 February, 2006

A novel Flu Chip, developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder, that can determine the genetic signatures of specific influenza strains from patient samples within hours may help world health officials combat coming epidemics and pandemics.

Non-cyclic defrost freezers and fridges

08 February, 2006 | Supplied by: Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

The Sanyo range of biomedial freezers comes in a range of sizes and ensures samples, reagents and extractions are kept safe from damaging freeze/thaw cycles that can occur in domestic style, cyclic defrost units.

Hematocrit tubes

16 January, 2006 | Supplied by:

Drummond Scientific offers a choice of either plastic or plastic-coated hematocrit tubes to improve blood collection safety.

Programmable magnetic stirrer

08 December, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Scientific Industries MultiMagStir Genie multi-position digital programmable magnetic stirrer has been upgraded. Identical in function to the original MagStir Genie, the lightweight and low profile four-position MultiMagStir Genie offers low- to high-speed stirring, including reverse and interval stirring. The stirrer is easily programmed for either manual or automatic use according to user preference. All parameters, including time, pause time, speed, stir direction and ramp rate, may be easily programmed in up to nine distinct steps and stored in memory for subsequent use. In addition, three power levels are available for precision stirring of various sample viscosities.

Microwave assisted organic synthesis

11 November, 2005 | Supplied by:

Anton Paar now offers an instrument for microwave-assisted organic synthesis. The Synthos 3000 is specially designed for the production of chemical compounds in the multigram range.

Large capacity autoclaves

11 November, 2005 | Supplied by:

The Varioklav 65T Steam Steriliser from H+P has a deep square chamber so the total usable capacity is increased over the conventional round chamber design. The 65T can hold up to 18 x 1 L round laboratory flasks at one time. On top of this, the bench design allows smarter use of space.

Ultrasonics S ultrasonic cleaning baths

11 November, 2005 | Supplied by: DKSH Australia Pty Ltd

The Elma Ultrasonics S ultrasonic cleaning baths range features: drainage taps and outlets on most models; engineered basket handles to reduce contact with cleaning solutions; solid basket sides to prevent item damage and improve safety; plastic cover to reduce noise; set cleaning period and remaining cleaning time are both indicated; degas feature - removing gas from cleaning solutions; sweep feature - homogenous sound field distribution; auto safety switch off after 12 h; carry handles on most models; lid can be used as a basket drip tray; cleaning tanks made of cavitation-resistant high quality stainless steel; optional heating 30-80°C in 5°C steps; and, heating - set and actual temperature displayed.

Vortex Wizard vortex mixer

10 October, 2005 | Supplied by: Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd

Based on infrared technology, the Vortex Wizard from Velp Scientifica detects whether a test tube is present and automatically activates the vortex action.

Membrane filters

10 October, 2005 | Supplied by:

Membrane filters are specially tested for microbiology. 0.45 µm white gridded membranes are tested for coliform, faecal streptococci and serratia marcescens. All 0.65 µm white gridded membranes are tested for complete retention and optimal recovery of faecal coliform and saccharomyces cerevisieae.

Fast filtration membrane

10 October, 2005 | Supplied by:

Researchers will experience fast filtration flow rates with Nalgene MF75 Filter Units and Bottle Top Filters, which incorporate the sterilisation-grade Pall Supor machV membrane. The membranes are composed of polyethersulfone (PES), the same material used for processing biological and pharmaceutical samples for drug discovery and basic research.

Clinical diagnostics syringe pump

10 October, 2005 | Supplied by:

Tecan Systems has launched the Cavro XLP 6000, a versatile high performance syringe pump. The pump is designed for precision liquid handling applications in the 5 µL to 25 mL range and is suitable for clinical diagnostics, life science research and analytical applications.

Cell adhesion and proliferation surface

14 September, 2005 | Supplied by:

Biomicroscopy solution provider, ibidi has launched ibiTreat, a surface modification for improved cell adhesion on µ-Slides, ibidi's microscopy carriers. ibiTreat enables optimal cell adhesion and proliferation and allows high resolution microscopy under perfusion conditions.

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