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Mercodia Lispro NL-ELISA

04 April, 2019

Mercodia's Lispro Northern Lights (NL)-ELISA provides a chemiluminescent method for the quantitative determination of insulin lispro.

Why and what are HCP ELISAs?

01 April, 2019

ELISAs are the workhorse of HCP quantitation, but they aren't perfect.

Cayman Chemical NETosis Imaging Assay Kit

29 March, 2019

Cayman Chemical's NETosis Imaging Assay Kit provides a simple staining protocol for visualising the process of NETosis kinetically ex vivo and in vitro.

Minimally invasive lung cancer screening method

26 February, 2019

A new screening technique for non-small-cell lung cancer helps assess whether immune checkpoint inhibitors would be a suitable treatment method for individual patients.

AdipoGen PD-1/PD-L1 ELISA Kits

22 February, 2019

AdipoGen has released PD-1/PD-L1 (Programmed Cell Death Protein-1/Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1) ELISA Kits for the detection of PD-1 and PD-L1 in biological fluids.

Enzo Chromogenic Western Blot Kit

21 February, 2019

Enzo's Chromogenic Western Blot kit (Anti-Mouse) allows for quick, visual reading of western blots in unpurified cell extract.

Neogen ANSR Listeria Right Now detection system

18 January, 2019

The Neogen ANSR Listeria Right Now system is able to detect low numbers of Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes, in 1 h with no enrichment.

Lonza PyroTec PRO for automated endotoxin detection

17 January, 2019

The PyroTec PRO, from Lonza, is a fully automated, plate-based robotic solution for endotoxin detection. The system has been designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing requirements of QC testing laboratories for fully automated processing of simple to complex sample matrices.

Mercodia Insulin ELISA

18 December, 2018

The Mercodia Insulin ELISA is a high-quality enzyme immunoassay for the specific quantification of human insulin in serum or plasma.

EpiGentek EpiQuik CRISPR/Cas9 Assay ELISA Kit (Colorimetric)

07 December, 2018

The EpiQuik CRISPR/Cas9 Assay ELISA Kit (Colorimetric), from EpiGentek, is suitable for specifically quantifying CRISPR-associated protein 9 (Cas9 and dCas9: S. pyogenes) in purified Cas9 nuclease and whole cell extracts isolated from tissues and cultured cells of various species.

Solus One Salmonella next-day detection

09 November, 2018

Solus One Salmonella offers laboratories a single enrichment step method to screen samples for Salmonella spp in just 24 h.

Abcam CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA kits

01 November, 2018

CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA kits have been developed using a fluorescent substrate to provide improved linearity over an extended dynamic range when compared to TMB substrate.

Cayman Chemical Efferocytosis Assay Kit

24 October, 2018

Cayman Chemical's Efferocytosis Assay Kit is a convenient tool to study modulators of efferocytosis, pro-resolving mediators and cross presentation.

Cayman Chemical 2′3′-cGAMP ELISA Kit

09 October, 2018

Sensitive and direct measurement of cGAMP levels in cell lysates is now possible with Cayman's 2′3′-cGAMP ELISA Kit.

Cayman Chemical ferroptosis research tools

06 July, 2018

Cayman Chemical offers tools for detecting ferroptosis, a form of cell death caused by iron-dependent lipid peroxide accumulation.

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