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Abcam FirePlex-HT multiplex immunoassays

09 February, 2018

Abcam's FirePlex-HT immunoassays offer a no-wash workflow in 384-well plate format, enabling multiplex quantification of up to 10 protein analytes per well from as little as 6.25 µL of plasma, serum or cell culture supernatant.

Quanterix SR-X multiplex biomarker detection system

08 February, 2018

The SR-X benchtop instrument uses single molecule measurements to assess previously undetectable proteins — all in a benchtop format that can be easily integrated with existing automation platforms.

Innova Biosciences Check&Go! Conjugation Test Kits

18 January, 2018

The Innova Biosciences Check&Go! Conjugation Test Kits allow scientists to confirm the success of their antibody conjugation in one easy step.

Cayman Chemical MitoCheck Complex I–Complex V Activity Assay Kits

08 December, 2017

Scientists can analyse the activity of each complex in the mitochondrial respiratory chain with Cayman Chemical's MitoCheck assay kits, without the need to pre-incubate with antibodies and often without having to isolate mitochondria.

AdipoGen Life Sciences periostin (human) ELISA kit

07 December, 2017

AdipoGen's sandwich ELISA kit is highly sensitive, with the ability to detect 15 pg/mL, and has a range of 78–5000 pg/mL. It can analyse cell culture supernatant, plasma or serum in vitro for natural and recombinant periostin.

South Bay Bio ubiquitination TR-FRET kits

16 November, 2017

South Bay Bio's real-time TR-FRET ubiquitin conjugation assays are simple: the format is 96- or 384-well low-volume plates and assays are 'set and forget'.

Cayman Chemical Phagocytosis Assay Kit (IgG-DyLight 633)

15 November, 2017

Cayman Chemical's Phagocytosis Assay Kit employs latex beads coated with fluorescently labelled rabbit IgG as a probe for the measurement of the phagocytic processes in vitro.

Enzo Life Sciences PROTEOSTAT Aggresome Detection Kit

14 November, 2017

Enzo Life Sciences' PROTEOSTAT Aggresome Detection Kit provides a rapid, specific and quantitative approach to identifying inhibitors relevant to neurodegenerative disease in a cellular context.

NECi assay kits for monitoring nitrate and phosphate

27 October, 2017

NECi offers enzymes and enzyme-based test kits for the analysis of nitrate and phosphate in the laboratory or out in the field.

Cayman Chemical Cyclic AMP TR-FRET Kit

10 October, 2017

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) is an intracellular signalling molecule that is a key mediator in a variety of pathways, including glycogen metabolism, gene regulation and olfactory sensory transduction.

Cayman Chemical oxidative damage assay kits

22 September, 2017

Cayman Chemical has a complete range of assay kits to measure direct and indirect biomarkers of oxidative damage.

Abraxis Glyphosate strip test kits

01 September, 2017

The Abraxis Glyphosate strip test is a rapid immunochromatographic test designed solely for use in the qualitative screening of glyphosate in water and food samples.

QIAGEN and Clinical Genomics partner on liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer

23 August, 2017

QIAGEN has announced the implementation of the PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tube with Clinical Genomics' Colvera colorectal cancer (CRC) recurrence assay, enabling blood to be drawn and stored for several days before testing.

Mercodia Glucagon ELISA kit

18 August, 2017

Mercodia provides a sensitive and precise glucagon ELISA kit to examine physiological changes in glucagon, GLP-1 actions, therapies to suppress glucagon for T1DM and T2DM, glucagon analogues, renal disease and more.

AdipoGen Life Sciences ELISA kits

25 July, 2017

AdipoGen Life Sciences has released its latest ELISA kits. The sandwich ELISAs can be used for the quantitative determination of analytes in a range of biological fluids.

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